What is the best washer and dryer from Electrolux



Specialty cycles

Large- capacity drum

Front-loading dryer with Gentle Tumble Dry technology

Awesome drying action and IQ-Touch controls



Electrolux Laundry Bundle reviews mention that the Electrolux EIMED60LT dryer has no filter indicator that provides visual alert to change the lint filter. A clogged filter light should easily address this concern. However, the lint screen works effectively.

Needs to be vented to the outside using a duct connected to the dryer.


Customer rating —> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Wash cycle gets customized with the washer’s five soil levels and five spin speed settings. The Perfect Steam Option on both the washer and dryer units affirms that these are the best washer and dryer from Electrolux. This technology present in both machines adds steam to the cycle. In the washer, this results to whiter whites and greatly improves stain removal. In the dryer, this helps freshen clothes up and eases out wrinkles. 11 Wash Cycles include customizable My Favorite setting, Fast Wash, and deep-clean sanitize cycle aside from 7 specialty wash options such as Fast Steam Clean, Steam Pre-Wash, Pet bed and Jeans. The 11 Dryer Cycles include Delicate, Fast Dry and Heavy Duty, which ensure optimal care for an array of fabric types.


  • The stainless steel drum ensures durability, a smooth surface that won’t snag clothes and resilience to rusting, which can impact on washer performance. The stainless steel drum of the dryer is made resistant to rusting, abrasion and chipping, thereby protecting clothes from damage. The large 8.0-cubic-foot capacity of the dryer and the 4.3 cu. ft. capacity of the washer let you wash and dry more clothes with each load. The patented Aqualux wash system works gently on garments while also achieving incredible cleaning results. Luxury Quiet sound system on the washer is complemented by the Perfect Balance system to keep loads balanced and ensure quiet and smooth running. The same feature on the dryer unit reduces noise while drying.


  • The Gentle Tumble Dry system of the front-loading dryer tumbles clothes gently with exceptional temperature control that works to protect fabric while drying. Front-loading machines ensure ease of use, making this bundle the best washer and dryer


  • IQ-Touch Electronic controls with an LCD Display Screen keep all your washing and drying options and cycles visible, making it easy to select an option. The dryer is engineered with five easy-to-select temperature settings that provide the proper heat, without over-drying your clothes. The Exact Dry moisture sensor measures moisture in the drum during a cycle and then performs automatic adjustment of the drying time and temperature for optimal fabric care.


You don’t need to be worried that this laundry combo does not have all the bells and whistles or a large number of washer and dryer accessories to make it a top seller. It already is. Once you understand the concept of front loading washing and drying units, you’ll agree that there’s certainly a lot going for this laundry bundle. Eleven cycles in the washer unit as well as the dryer unit provide all the fabric care you need.


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