What is the best french door refrigerator from Electrolux



Customizable settings

Custom-Design™ Organization System

Innovative theater lighting

PureAdvantage® Filtration Systems



Due to the internally located ice maker component, there may be a limited shelf space inside the unit.

Price is a primary concern for buyers who want the best french door refrigerator from Electrolux without having to spend too much. But quality for price is a common compromise that should be made when necessary, considering the product’s capability and features.


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Benefits Explained

  • Engineered with three customizable settings, the unit has been lauded in many Electrolux E23BC78IP reviews for effectively maintaining freshness in food in the revolutionary Custom Temp Drawer™. Keeping stored food in ideal serving temperature, the fridge helps food stay great tasting, fresh and juicy, perfect for gustatory enjoyment. Nine versatile preset selections offer great choices on adjusting temperature according to what is kept inside, keeping food items in optimum storage. These include White/Sparkling Wine, Cheese, and Fish/Shellfish. This effectively lessens freezer burn that alters food taste.


  • Keep your freezer well organized at all times even when it’s packed to full capacity. With this best french door refrigerator in your kitchen, you get a flexible tri-level freezer organization system that lets you put food in neatly and have easy access to them when you want to. No more digging and useless rummaging just to locate what you’ve stored. And with no build –up of frost, the shelves stay clear, providing good visibility that helps you find what you want. The 22.6 cubic feet of storage space accommodates a lot of food items. It is nowhere near small due to the sensible placement of the shelves. Large containers can be fitted into the bottom left hand side of the fridge.


  • With revolutionary Theatre Lighting, you are treated to transition LED illumination when you open the door. This Illuminates the interior of the unit with soft yet sufficient lighting, which helps you find what you want in less time. This also helps you check the condition and expiration dates of food items that you store so you can quickly determine if they are still fit for consumption or not. And since LED lighting does not take up a lot of internal space, you get more storage inside.


  • With Electrolux’s proven filtration system, you can enjoy clean and filtered cooling air that is circulated throughout the various zones of the fridge. This effectively prevents transfer of odor from one food item to another, keeping water and ice fresh, great tasting and clean at all times. Have ice and water ready for use at all times.


This lovely counter-depth refrigerator may not come with a host of french door refrigerator accessories but it performs as expected. Thanks to the efficient compressor, the freezer is always at 0°F and the refrigerator section at optimum cooling temperature of 37°F. With the innovatively designed shelving, storage of items is not a problem. There is always ample space inside for snacks, frozen food, cooked and raw food, fresh produce and beverages.


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