Best Record Player from Electrohome

1.1 Electrohome Archer

Main advantage

The Electrohome EANOS300 is among the best record players in 2019, particularly if you have been looking for a retro-style unit that works with virtually all the audio devices you might be the owner of. It’s a net winner in regards to connectivity, but also in terms of sound quality, as the owners can make use of its built-in speakers.


Main disadvantage

In spite of the fact that over 500 people took the time to write 5-star reviews, there have been some individuals who have pointed out a minor issue. Some say that the tone arm is a tad flimsy and has a hard time playing new vinyls of which the grooves are wider than the ones of classic records.


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Main features explained


Works with all other audio devices

Aside from the fact that this player is very convenient in that it has a fully automatic turntable and built-in speakers, it also beats the game when it comes to connectivity. Although it has not been primarily designed to do this, it can play MP3 files using the USB port or the 3.5mm auxiliary input of any audio player you might have around the house. This device works with all generations of iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, and various unbranded smartphones or tablets. What’s more, if you ever feel like listening to a record all by yourself, you can do so easily with this option as it can be used with any pair of headphones.

1.2 Electrohome Archer


Increased audio performance

The main inconvenience of getting a record player nowadays is that most models on the market don’t come with built-in speakers. This means that the user has to own a set of speakers to connect to the device. However, the Electrohome EANOS300 eliminates this hassle altogether, as has built-in stereo speakers with full-range excellent sound. The sound quality might just as well be due to the wood acoustic cabinet, which seems to have been specially developed in order for the audio performance to be more than satisfactory.

Besides, the Electrohome EANOS300 comes with a unique type of needle, which can’t possibly damage any albums. It goes without saying that maintenance also has a say when it comes to protecting your records, so be sure that both the vinyl and the needle are clean before starting to use the unit.


Superb design

For some, this might not be the most important detail to consider when buying a new record player. For others, it might make all the difference. This system has been designed with the 1960s in mind, so if you’re a nostalgic or a great fan of the classics, you might want to have a look at this model. Its case gives you the feel of the golden times when the Beatles were playing on the radio.



This unit is the best record player from Electrohome, as it has acquired many positive user reviews and is highly spoken of in regards to exquisite design and audio performance.


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