What’s the best washer and dryer from EdgeStar



Unique washing and drying features

Ventless system

Solid construction

Remarkable cycle settings



Clothes can feel moist to the touch when taken out of the tub after drying. This is a result of accumulated humidity in the tub. This issue is easily resolved when clothes are given a quick shake after completion of the dry cycle.

Dryer takes a long time to do its work, but that’s to ensure thorough and satisfactory drying. This has been noted in many EdgeStar CWD1510W reviews.


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Benefits Explained

  • The EdgeStar 2.0 Cu. Ft. Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer utilizes advanced cyclonic action drying technology, a ventless condensation drying method that is just like that used in many other laundry bundle brands. When the machine performs drying work, it forces air through the condensing chamber in a cyclonic motion. This movement helps in better circulation of air within the space and also allows the machine to extract moisture from within the chamber for better drying efficiency. Unlike other machines that just tumble the load in the drum, the EdgeStar CWD1510W works as the best washer and dryer should by infusing the drying cycle with increased velocity of airflow that helps speed up the drying process. This means fewer wrinkles on the clothes and less waiting for you. The condensation-type drying method takes longer than conventional forced air drying systems but is more effective.


  • Ventless system means problem-free installation in condos and apartments that do not have provisions for plumbing and venting for washing appliances. This special system also lets you use the machine for any manner of application, as there is always enough space to put the machine in. With the presence of a power outlet and a water faucet, it should be ready to go.


  • The tub is made using premium quality polyurethane that keeps the heat radiation and noise to a bare minimum. The cabinet has a depth and width of just two feet, which makes it perfect for setting up within a limited space when necessary. The machine has a unique textured workspace top that offers a clean space for clothes while giving you a flat area you can use to multitask.


  • The innovative cycle settings ensure there is always the right adjustment for every type of load. Choose from a variety of customizable settings using the front-mounted control panel with intuitive dial and push-button control interface. The machine offers three soil level settings so you can achieve optimum washing. It has self-clean setting that prevents growth of mold and mildew while keeping the machine clean and fresh for the next laundry job. Seven wash cycles, five spin speeds and three wash-and-rinse temperatures deliver the right kind of cleaning and fabric care your clothes need. Even without too many washer and dryer accessories, the EdgeStar CWD1510W is a versatile machine.


If you want the best washer and dryer from EdgeStar, you’ve found it in the EdgeStar CWD1510W. It has a 15-pound wash capacity and 7.71-pound dry capacity, ensuring fewer loads and faster laundry completion. With its customizable settings on all cycles, automatic door lock and triple compartment dispenser for bleach, detergent and fabric softener, you have convenient washing and drying on hand all the time.


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