What’s the best canopy from E-Z Up




Multipurpose unit

Easy set up




The canopy measurement includes base or feet supports that have a 10 x 10 square feet footprint, which may cause disappointment to some customers.

The pop-up structure is not made to withstand strong winds.


Customer rating —> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Carrying a very affordable price tag, the EZ UP Sierra II offers a great buy for bargain hunters. It won’t cause you to break the bank just to acquire the unit. Selling at a terrifically lower price than other canopies, the Sierra II is one piece of equipment that you wouldn’t mind investing on.


  • E-Z up Sierra II reviews laud how the product is a pop-up unit that can be used for various recreational activities on the beach, in the backyard for barbecues and picnics, and for camping purposes. The fact that it is built with a rust-resilient steel frame with EZ-pull sliders and spikes means you can use it in minutes for trade shows, craft fairs, event registrations, etc. Have enough protection and shade from this lovely and attractive blue canopy right when you need them. The canopy holds up even better than other brands when it is held down to trees or rocks or with construction stakes.


  • This is the best canopy from E-Z up thanks to how it takes only a minute to set up due to its folding steel frame built without loose parts. Everything comes together smoothly, eliminating the need to use tools or ropes to assemble the canopy. The Sierra II makes a lightweight and convenient source of shade and protection and comes with roller bag for easy carrying.


  • Made of CPAI-84 fire resistant fabric, the canopy blocks 99 percent of UV rays. The white-powder coated steel use in its frame ensures durability, resistance to corrosion and chipping. EZ-pull sliders ensure rugged performance. The canopy offers sufficient rigidity for light winds, and provides a temporary shade against the elements. When going commercial grade just won’t fit into your budget, the EZ UP Sierra II is your best bet. Built better than earlier models, it gives sufficient shelter for your light-duty needs, making it the best canopy for this purpose.


When you want something lightweight and convenient to serve as shelter and shade, the EZ UP Sierra II is your best choice. It may not come loaded with canopy accessories but it makes an ideal unit for those who want nothing more than reliable shelter for trade shows, craft fairs, camping and beach parties and other outdoor activities. It comes with an affordable price and performs well for general purpose temporary shelter.


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