What is the best car vacuum cleaner from Dyson



Suction power

Charging time

Lightweight but comes with car vacuum cleaner accessories

Easy emptying



Bulky design can make it a problem to work with the cleaning tool in small spaces.

This machine costs more than other models in the market. However, if price is not an issue, the performance is definitely worth it.


Customer rating —> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Built with a digital motor from Dyson, the Dyson DC34 Hand-held Vacuum offers three times as much power as other handheld vacuums. Dyson DC34 reviews cite its impressive suction power from bagless suction technology. The machine comes with 28 air watts, which is 6 watts more than other highly rated machines in this class. Activating maximum setting provides impressive 64 air watts for even more suction cleaning power, with no loss of suction.


  • 2-volt lithium ion battery has a short 3.5-hour charging time so you’re always ready to go. It offers a run time of 15 minutes on normal setting and 6 minutes on maximum setting.


  • The Dyson DC34 has been designed by people who truly know. Despite its bulky design, this is still the best car vacuum cleaner in this particular product category (handheld). The actual styling is unique despite its seeming lack of aesthetics. With the weight being focused more on the back, the machine promotes handheld control. The upright grip is executed in gun-style design, making it comfortable to hold. The trigger, although light to the touch, provides delay activation as it only makes the cleaning tool run when you hold it down for half a second. The machine comes with really useful accessories such as the Animal attachment, which is a four-inch wide motorized brush head that can pick up animal hair on carpets. The 8-inch crevice tool lets you reach into hard-to-access or tight spaces. The combination tool is a wide-angle tube that has a short bristle brush. This can be converted to a longer brush by sliding it forward, making it a great tool for general purpose dusting. The attachments employ a proper clasp mechanism instead of a friction fit to integrate with the main body of the vacuum cleaner. This guarantees a secure hold and easy changing.


  • Emptying the 0.35-liter bin is easy without being messy.


Boasting of easy handling, the DC34 is the best car vacuum cleaner from Dyson when it comes to price, form and function. Its powerful bagless suction is convenient, offering twice the suction power of any other cleaning device in its class.


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