What is the best electric fireplace from Duraflame



Realistic charm

Elegant design

Worry-free installation

Offers heat-giving functionality

Offers convenience



One or two Duraflame 450 reviews mention the noise created by the fan blower, which has not been complained about by other happy users.

The unit has no programmable thermostat.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • Add a healthy dose of charm, warmth and ambience to any room with this best electric fireplace from Duraflame. You can actually gaze into the crackling fire without being startled by popping and sparks that suddenly come off it. The Duraflame 450 DFS-450-2 is a terrific investment when you want a traditional way of heating up a room without having to spend a fortune for intensive remodeling work.

  • This best electric fireplace has a charming picture window with exquisite arched frame detailing. It’s like a little window to the past. Thanks to its freestanding form, this electric stove can be transferred from one room to another so everyone can enjoy its soothing warmth during any part of the year.


  • Requiring no hook-ups, venting or piping, the Duraflame 450 DFS-450-2 is the perfect choice for every home. It works with or without heat so you can have all-season enjoyment of its functionality.


  • The Duraflame 450 DFS-450-2 has mechanical controls that allow you to have a maximum BTU of 4600 per hour, with 12.5 amps and 1400 watts of heating power for a room up to 400 square feet. It plugs directly into a standard 120-volt 3-prong AC outlet. It employs one clear 120-volt 40-watt E12 light bulb with socket base.


  • Before, you couldn’t enjoy heating at home without turning up the central heater system or remodeling your living space for a traditional fireplace. Besides costing thousands of dollars, such measures could also be quite inconvenient and impractical. Thanks to modern technology from Duraflame, homeowners can now enjoy superb year-round heating without having to go through the hassles of building an entire fireplace with chimney or paying through the nose for high utility bills.


Even if it doesn’t come with a truckload of electric fireplace accessories, the Duraflame 450 DFS-450-2 enhances the beauty of every home with its no-fuss installation and easy usability. You can rely on the heat-giving ability of this product without being bothered by recurring fuel purchases, noxious fumes and emissions and tedious clean-up work. Truly, this electric stove is worth the investment you make on it.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($110.79)