What is the best pool vacuum cleaner from Dolphin



Cartridge-type filter

Good cycle time

Excellent cable length

Plug-and-play functionality




Several users who submitted assessments of the product in Dolphin Nautilus reviews claimed that the unit is unable to clean steps and has trouble cleaning the angles of the pool.

The machine can be pretty heavy to lift out of the pool without using a lot of muscle.


 Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • This awesome best pool vacuum cleaner from Dolphin is built with a fine-porosity cartridge type filter that also has a spring clean-up filter. The component is easy to clean, with two types of screen in the filter system. One of those is meant to remove heavier debris including small leaves and others. The other collects fine debris such as sand, dust and small bugs. Since the filter is built into the cleaner, it doesn’t need to be attached to the pool’s filter any longer, so the pool pump and pool filter will not get clogged up. Having its own filter also means the Dolphin Nautilus eliminates the need to use chemicals and the backwash for the pool.

  • Thanks to the impressive cleaning efficiency of the Dolphin Nautilus, you only pay pennies for every hour of getting your pool cleaned. It cleans your swimming pool free of dirt, debris and bugs at a maximum of only three hours. Get a sparklingly clean pool with this unit that saves you time and money.


  • Thanks to its 60-foot swivel cable, the Dolphin Nautilus is able to climb walls and can even come part-way out of the pool while cleaning to work on the pool edges. Scrubbing, filtering and vacuuming all pool surfaces, the machine maximizes its exclusive swivel cable that helps prevent tangling, too.


  • With no need for hook-up or integration with the pool system, you simply plug the machine in and let it do its job. It does not have to hook up with the pool pump and filter, as it is self-contained. This ensures no clogging and backwashing.


  • This best pool vacuum cleaner is self-programmed to ensure optimal pool scanning. It is a self-contained unit that cleans the floor, walls and cove of your swimming pool. The product is ideal to use for in-ground residential pools measuring up to 50 feet long. It works quietly and does so very fast. The machine is able to set its program settings while ensuring optimum pool cleaning efficiency. The unit has auto-shut off so you can do other chores while it does its work.


Providing an affordable way to clean your pool without needing a lot of pool vacuum cleaner accessories, the Dolphin Nautilus handles the job efficiently and self sufficiently. With self-programmed ability, it maps out the pool floors, walls and coves in order to give you thorough cleaning. Surprisingly priced affordably, the Dolphin Nautilus is every pool owner’s best friend.


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