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Discounted Yamaha DGX 505 digital piano reviewMusic is the only place where our heart and soul find its true place and it seems that everyone loves the part of making this magic happen. If you love to play music with piano, then this is the place where you can find ideal, portable and top-notch pianos with sleek design as well as top features. If you’re looking for a grand series piano, then DGX 505 is the one that you’re looking for. Now, you’ll be able to get best digital pianos under $700 within your fingertips if you’re anxious to buy one. Yamaha has been putting much effort into their portable grand series line-up and this time they’ve introduced DGX 505 as an upgraded version of DGX 500. The refurbished version has made its way through many improvements as its predecessor was really popular and they are hoping to make a huge profit with this new product.


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According to Yamaha themselves, this product is their best creation and they are hoping that you can participate in this part too. It comes with wooden side panels, sustainable pedal and matching wood-made stand. It possesses as many as 88 light-weighted piano-styled keys which are much attractive and they are quite easy to use with lots of new features. For your comfort and efficiency, DGX-505 holds the capability of SmartMedia storage which includes 128 MB storage space for storing songs and styles. You can store hundreds and thousands of songs by recording them on MIDI files. You can also add Cards to increase your device memory and do lots of things there. It has a USB jack on its back through which you can transfer your songs to the computer. Transferring your files might be one of the easiest jobs since you won’t need to buy cables and other peripherals to play music.


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This discounted Yamaha DGX 505 digital piano review also holds the capability of displaying the score to a song which you can find from the internet. When you play any song, the notes automatically scroll themselves and it allows you to see any lyric to the song being played back. It also shows significant improvements on Yamaha Education Suite since you can hear song while following the notes which comes in the display. You can start recording right away with 6 track sequencer as well as a double push button. Learning to play piano will never be so effective through DGX 505 since it offers performance assistance technology which allows you to play different songs without making a single mistake on your own.

DGX 505 is for any beginner. Currently, Yamaha has discontinued this product line but you can get 2nd hand products from Amazon by spending almost $450- $550. Although, the price is much higher, but things can’t be much better when you get your hands onto 88 piano-styles keys to stroke your musical thoughts at their level best with 9 types of effects and an optional video series to learn more about. If you want to get more information on discounted Yamaha DGX 505 digital piano review then visit the link below.


“I wanted to teach my son how to play piano and because I can’t pay a small fortune in order to get a grand piano I bought him a digital one. I went for the Yamaha DGX 505 which was both affordable and also had some excellent capabilities. The first thing I looked when getting a digital piano was that it had a 88 piece keyboard, with keys that behaved just like grand piano one. This piano offers exactly that and combined with the sound it produces, you could say that my son is palying the closest thing to a grand piano. Also it offers assistance to pupils like my son which are just learning how to play it. When he will get better this Yamaha model has the capabilities to even record some of his creations if it will ever get to that. Some modern features are also present, like a USB port for instance. One other nice feature is that it is portable. In conclusion I must recommend it as a very cheap solution to a digital piano which is great for people who would like to learn how to play the piano.” – Edward Carrick


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