Best Canon t3i lenses in 2018


The total quality and sharpness of image is entirely dependent upon the camera lens. Canon has been making some best camera lenses for years and holds good name in the market. If you are searching for best canon camera lens, our best camera lenses under $150 list will let you decide which canon lens is best for you.


EF 50mm f/1.8 II Canon t3i lens


Discounted Canon t3i lenses reviewsThis camera lens is designed especially for making professional shots of nature and close by things. It captures perfect shot of objects placed as near as just 18 inches and because of its extremely high focus power, even this small distanced object looks amazingly perfect in the image. This camera lens is also capable of auto-focusing so you don’t have to adjust the focus when you shift to another thing. Its ability to balance color always gives sharp and bright color images. This lens has standard size of 50mm. It is 2.7 inches in diameter. This camera lens is the proof of Canon’s efficiency in making these products. It is extremely light-weighted; the lens weighs only 4.6 ounces. It is among the lightest lenses of Canon. To make the image sharper and clear, this camera lens has traditional Gauss-type optical. This design and type allows it to focus the image perfectly even when lens is opened widely.

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“Reading a lot of magazines regarding photography led me toI know that this lens from EF was one of the most popular ones across the US. I reached the time when I needed to upgrade my camera so I purchased it for myself. One of the reasons why I bought it was the quality auto-focus capability which helps me a lot so I get the best photos possible. While being so resourceful it also has a very light weight so it is comfortable for me to carry my camera with me. I really recommend getting this lens because it is a very reliable one.”  – Robert  Hunter


EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS II Canon t3i lens


This camera lens is highly efficient in its functions as compared with other lenses of the same class. It is capable of capturing distant and far away objects very sharply and clearly like no other lens. A very distant object can also be focused and zoom making the surrounding blur. It is up to you how you want to use it. It is presented with image stabilizer that makes it highly proficient in functionality. It is good for near objects also. The shortest distance for its focusing for perfect image is 3.6 feet. Most of the colored lenses face color aberration issues when reach some zooming level that makes image less sharp while focusing. To correct this error and make this lens chromatic aberration free, it is made from UD-glass lens element that allows it to have sharp image at every zooming point. Amazing features of this lens have given it place at the top in any discounted Canon t3i lenses reviews.

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“For my Canon camera this lens was the best upgrade I could have made. It provides excellent zoom capabilities and at the same time it can take very good quality pics of objects that are very near. It is very good for portrets I must add. Although it has quite a large size, its weight is very low. The price for this lens is another thing that attracted me to it because it is so affordable if you take into consideration its features.” – Daniel Hughes


EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Canon t3i lens


This discounted Canon t3i lenses review has some of the best features of this Canon camera lens. This camera lens 75-300mm telephoto zoom that lets your imagination captures whatever you like and focuses on the thing that you found most attractive. With this lens you can take pictures of distant object clearly and sharply. It is ideal for nature and wild life photography and also for any other moment that you want to make alive forever in photos. The closest best picture distance that this camera can focus is 4.9 feet. This canon Camera has the perfect zooming because it is equipped with advance zooming mechanism. Its zoom is smooth and makes high definition image always. Zooming distance doesn’t affect image sharpness. This lens has diameter of 2.8 inches and length of 4.8 inches. It weighs only 16.8 ounces. Along with providing the perfect images, this professional camera lens has very affordable rates.

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“This camera lens was so worth the money I paid for it because now I have the opportunity to do so much better quality photos than with my old lens. The telephoto zoom ranges from 75mm to 300mm which allows me to have so many advantages when it comes to focusing on objects that are far away. My advice is to get this lens if you are looking for an upgrade to your camera.” – Wayne Coleman