What is the best garage door opener from Direct Drive



This complete garage door opener kit includes a rail for a 7 foot and an 8 foot door height.

The innovative door opener does not use chains, belts or screws to work—instead it only has one moving part which is embedded into the rail.

Tests have shown that the device can be used up to 100,000 times without signs of wear or any interruption in its movement.

With a safety beam sensor, you can be confident that objects, pets, and children will not get hurt while the door is closing.



When looking at the Direct Drive 1042V001 reviews, consumers are disappointed that this particular unit model is not compatible with Homelink opener buttons that are in their vehicles, although the device itself is Homelink compatible.

Another complaint a customer had is in regards to the release mechanism. The customer found that the mechanism will not always release, thus “trapping” them inside the garage. While the customer did get the door repaired and it is a rare occurrence, it is something worth mentioning.


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Benefits Explained

  • As one of the best garage door openers from Direct Drive, the complete installation kit features a strong ¾ horsepower motor, rails that can accommodate garage doors that are 7 to 8 feet in height. The kit also includes several garage door opener accessories such as two 2-button transmitters and an interior wall station.

  • Unlike other garage door openers that uses multiple chains, belts, or screws to lift the door, the Direct Drive door opener only has a single moving part. The motor glides silently along the chain that is embedded in a sturdy steel rail. Since the chain is inside the rail, it is incredibly quiet and perfect for homes that have living spaces above the garage.


  • Homeowners who purchase this garage door opener are pleasantly surprised by how long this garage door opener can continue to function smoothly. Direct Drive has turned to an independent testing institute to run the device through a cycle test. Results show that the unit can be used up to 100,000 times without any changes in how the door opens and closes.


  • The garage door opener shoots an invisible beam of light across the opening of the garage when the door is open. When something crosses this beam of light as the door is closing, the door will reverse, thus the obstruction is safe from harm.


While you may be looking for the best garage door opener, keep in mind that the Direct Drive 1042V001 opener is a quiet device that has safety features and is Homelink compatible. The strong traveling motor and the single moving part makes this opener an excellent option.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($261.84)