Which is the best electric fireplace from Dimplex



Environmentally-friendly operation

Reliable safety

Great alternative to other fireplace types

Design and engineering excellence

Great looks



More than one of the Dimplex CS-12056A reviews bewail the absence of a thermostat control for the unit. You can only switch between low heat and high heat. However, some users have been able to fix the issue with purchase of a plug-in programmable thermostat.

The metal heating coils can give off a certain amount of buzzing.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • Reminiscent of the wood stoves of the past, the Dimplex CS-12056A is truly the best electric fireplace from Dimplex thanks to operating on sustainable fuel and not on combustible sources of power. Thanks to this feature, the electric fireplace does not produce gas emissions and will not create messy ash and soot after use.

  • The fireplace/electric stove is built with a tempered front glass that is always cool to the touch, so you can install it in a room where children and pets can play safely while enjoying warmth from the unit.


  • Gas, gel and wood-burning fireplaces require venting and piping installation but the Dimplex electric stove can be installed anywhere in the house without any disruptive remodelling or modifications to the walls. It does not require repeated purchase of fuel to operate and some users have even been happy that it operates for just pennies a day. It is UL approved for use in Canada and the USA.


  • This is the best electric fireplace thanks to its patented engineering and design that help it meet all customer expectations by being a solidly-made, easy-to-assemble product, one that is also easy to run and maintain. You can tell that quality is built into the manufacture of this unit, with vigilant production stage monitoring till the finished product is crafted completely.


  • The remarkable CS12056A carries a traditional aura enhanced by natural-looking matte black finish plus delicate metallic highlights and damper-look slots. Truly a masterpiece of charm and elegance for any modern home, the electric stove inspires users to spend lovely evenings with their loved ones while reminiscing of days gone past and creating memories that last a lifetime.


No fancy electric fireplace accessories are shipped with the Dimplex CS12056A but it promises a huge level of functionality and year-round service to you. It uses no combustible fuel, will not produce harmful gas emissions and messy soot and ash after use. The electric stove makes a great investment for any beautiful home.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($99.99)