2.1 Dexton 6' Great Plains TeepeeBenefits

This is the best teepee tent from Dexton for children, thanks to its kid-friendly construction and quality.

The Dexton Great Plains Teepee reviews express happiness that the unit is both easy to set up and take down.

The teepee is designed to be easy to decorate so children can easily personalize it.

The teepee tent comes with the necessary teepee tent accessories to enable easy set-up and decorating by kids.

The unit gives children the genuine opportunity to play their favorite game using the tent.



Some parents have noted that the tent has a characteristic smell, which easily goes away when washed with unscented detergent in cold water.

This product is intended for use by small children only.

This product is not designed for use on hardwood floors and can’t be pegged to the ground like a camping tent.


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Benefits Explained

–The DX-1006 is the best teepee tent thanks to its cotton and wood material, which are safe for children. The product material is both water- and fire-resistant, ideal for adventurous kids who want to enjoy a small space to play in the corner of their bedroom or out in the yard. The teepee tent complies with CPAI 64 and ASTM F-963 standards, testifying to child-safety quality and craftsmanship. It weighs only 14 pounds, enabling problem-free carrying. The tent is perfect for kids ages 3 or older.

2.2 Dexton 6' Great Plains Teepee

–This is easy to set up so children can have fun immediately after it comes out of the box. All that mom and dad have to do is to make sure the poles are all nicely attached with the pegs and slots inside the connection joints, absolutely eliminating the need to use tape to secure the components together. The product can be easily transported as it folds down easily, presenting no issues when taken apart.

–Children will love being able to decorate this lovely plaything using oil-based or permanent latex paint, helping them personalize it according to how they prefer. Let them explore their artistic abilities by encouraging them to use the canvas material as a convenient paint surface.

–The teepee tent comes with poles, pegs and slots for out-of-the-box set-up. It includes Native American patterns so your children can decorate the panels as they choose. This Great Plains teepee offers a unique way for children to learn about history with your able guidance.

–The tent carries an authentic Native American design that will make kids feel the excitement of a genuine Cowboys and Indians game. It can also serve as a sanctuary inside your kid’s room, where you can tell him stories and encourage him to tell you his.



Parents who want the best teepee tent for kids have the perfect product in the Dexton 6′ Great Plains Teepee. Made of quality materials and craftsmanship, the teepee tent lets your child enjoy Cowboys and Indians games with his friends, or just establish a connection with you when you swap stories with him inside the tent.


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