What’s the most appreciated scuba diving BCD from Cressi





Design and comfort

Provision for scuba diving BCD accessories



The Cressi Start BCD is not the lightest BCD that travelers can bring, according to some Cressi Start reviews. However, its positive qualities make that weight element a virtual non-issue.

Sizing standard tends to run one level higher but for those who are of average size, this is also not an issue.


Customer rating –> A+


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  • Perfect for novice as well as expert divers, the Cressi Start BCD is the perfect product to get when you’re on a budget. Buying it won’t leave a huge dent on your pocket. However, you are ensured that you’re getting genuine Italian-made premium scuba diving gear that doesn’t compromise quality for price.


  • The Cressi Start BCD easily fits the bill when you want more than an entry-level BCD but something built to exacting standards for the purpose it is made to serve. Get excellent quality and value from a BCD that genuinely feels like a bulletproof jacket due to its awesome durability and strength. It is made from 1000 and 500 Denier Cordura, which are actually next in line to heavy weight nylon ballistic fabrics with slightly higher denier ratings. You are assured of exceptional buoyancy even on smaller sizes of the Cressi Start BCD. It has been made to meet the demands of usage for rental in resorts and training in diving schools. The Cressi Start gives sport divers years of reliable functionality.


  • This BCD is a simple and highly functional product in jacket style, which ensures easy wearing, a nice fit, and great comfort to the wearer. The size marking on the shoulder makes it easy to pick out what you need. Three over-pressure relief/dump valves can be manually dumped, with two found on the right and left shoulders and the third on rear right of the air cell. The two similarly located ones are dumped using pull cords and the third uses a power inflator mechanism. Adjustable sternum straps help make a perfectly snug fit, along with the two torso adjustment straps fitted with buckles with quick release. Independently suspended from the air cell is the waist strap/cummerbund assembly, which allows the air cell to inflate away from the user, effectively preventing the diver from getting squeezed during inflation. The fully-padded back pack is designed to give support due to its rigidity, yet does not compromise the diver’s comfort thanks to its full cushioning.


  • Two plastic D-rings plus a pair of extra snap hooks can be used to attach accessories and instruments for diving. This best scuba diving BCD from Cressi is built with two large accessory pockets with Velcro closures for more storage space.


The jacket-style Cressi Start BCD could easily be the best scuba diving BCD when value for money is a priority. It feels like a bulletproof jacket due to its robust and durable quality. It offers a great fit and comes with an affordable price. The Italian-made gear has size markings on the shoulder, making it a perfect product for use in diving schools and rental facilities.


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