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According to one of the Cressi Aquapro reviews, the Aquapro 5 would be an even better product if it came with a trim weight pocket, which can encourage diving comfort and stability in the water while distributing weight optimally.

The Aquapro 5 can be hard to vent or is not made for quick release while diving but works well when leveled out.


Customer rating -> B+


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  • The updated harness on the Aquapro 5 makes it the best scuba diving BCD from Cressi. The harness gives proper load distribution whether in or out of the water. You can adjust buoyancy in any position with the presence of three exhaust valves. It is adaptable for moderate depth diving, drift diving, wreck dives, open water dives, rescue diving and night dives thanks to this BCD’s wide range of capabilities. It performs well in both warm and cold water. Divers will love how this innovative BCD provides minimal weight integration as well as combination of conventional weight systems and weight integration.


  • The low-profile weight/gravity integrated pockets load easily. Large Fastex buckles are on the gravity weight pockets, ensuring secure attachment. The external weight pockets can be unhooked quickly and have a 40mm safety buckle. The padded backpack is made rigid for optimum support, and has a carry handle for easy handling when the BCD is not in use. The air cell is stable in whatever diving condition, and even more so at the surface. The shoulder buckles on the jacket style Aquapro 5 release easily, enabling quick on and off when needed. The special harness design effectively eliminates squeeze when the Aquapro 5 is fully inflated. Three buoyancy valves enable multi-positional buoyancy adjustment. The BCD integrates a streamlined power inflator for hassle-free filling.


  • You can bring whatever scuba diving essentials you need thanks to the Aquapro 5’s rings and pockets. It has two technopolymer D-rings, 2 stainless steel D-rings, as well as a pair of spring-clip holding rings. The two zippered cargo pockets hold more of your diving essentials.


  • This jacket-style BCD is made of durable 420 Denier nylon. The fabric is dense and offers excellent resistance to abrasion as well as to puncture.


The moderately-priced Aquapro 5 from Cressi is an Italian-made BCD that offers great quality for the price. It holds well in both cold and warm water, and performs well no matter what diving purpose it is used for. You can use it for recreational and non-recreational diving adventures. Its buoyancy is optimal, helping you stay on level, as the best scuba diving BCD should be able to do. The Aquapro 5 has good harness design too.


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