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One customer commented in Cressi Air Travel reviews that the product has just a single tank strap, which can cause the tank to slip or get lost while diving. However, the same customer found out that with the proper adjustment on the strap and its buckle, this no longer becomes a problem.

There may be a need for extra clips for stowed items in the pockets.


Customer rating –> B


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  • The Cressi Air Travel BCD tips the scales at just 5.5 pounds, making it a high performance travel BCD. The elastic air cell restraint system ensures a streamlined product that you can use for your dives. The power inflator is also streamlined to ensure good functionality without being heavy. The two-piece waistband is made elastic and adjustable, giving you a secure yet non-constricting fit.


  • To enable you to carry your diving essentials, the Cressi Air Travel BCD has a pair of zippered cargo pockets for stowing bulky items. The 4 stainless D-rings allow you to hang whatever essentials you have to carry on them. In addition, the two spring-clip holding rings provide a way to attach your things so you have everything handy while diving.


  • The Cressi Air Travel is made using 420 denier nylon, ensuring a sturdy and durable product that is resistant to puncturing, abrasion, and the punishment of the water when you dive. It won’t get ripped easily, ensuring you of protection to your covered torso. The padded back is made rigid to ensure optimum support where needed. The BCD has Lock-Aid integrated weight pockets for easy dumping, plus three exhaust valves for problem-free adjustment of buoyancy when in the water.


  • This BCD can be easily folded into a compact tote and can then be packed into your hand-carried luggage. The lightweight profile ensures that travellers to diving sites will not be burdened by heavy diving gear. The BCD also lets you bring your other diving equipment as it will not take up a lot of space. It is the ultimate in high performance travel BCDs, making it the best scuba diving BCD from Cressi in this aspect.


This lightweight BCD is an excellent product to bring with you to your diving destination. It folds to a compact package so you can carry it with you. The durable construction makes it a great entry-level BCD. This is the best scuba diving BCD when you want a simple and no-frills product for your next diving expedition.


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