Top convertible car seats in 2019


Your child’s safety will be a major responsibility for you to handle for years after he is born. One of the first issues you are going to address is transportation safety. During the first few months when you will be going back and forth between the hospital and your home you will need to invest in a secure car seat which will take good care of your loved one. We’ve analyzed most convertible car seat reviews 2019 and we’ve also sorted through dozens of pages containing user feedback. All that work will hopefully come in handy for those who have a hard time deciding on a single product best suited for their needs.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Model Price Weight limit (lbs) Now model available Our Rating Where to buy

Britax Marathon G4

Onyx $$$$$ 65 YES A+ AMAZON

Chicco NextFit

Mystique $$$ 65 No A AMAZON

Recaro ProRIDE

Blue opal $$$ 65 No B+ AMAZON

Symphony DLX

Porter $$ 110 No B AMAZON

The First Years True Fit SI C680

Abstract O’s $$$$ 65 No C AMAZON



Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat


Convertible car seat reviews 2019According to several convertible car seat reviews 2019, Britax are currently producing some of the safest care seats on the market. All of their products come with safecells embedded throughout the entire structure of the seat. This innovative concept will allow far better reactions to a possible impact. The center of gravity will shift because of the safecells, which means your baby will be kept safe even during the more severe accidents. Side protection is also one of the G4’s strongpoints. The EPP foam incorporated in the headrest area will shield the most important parts of the body in order to avoid injury as much as possible.

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Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat


When browsing through the best convertible car seats 2016, you will surely notice the frequent mention of Chicco’sNextFit Convertible car seat. This product is affordable, adaptable and very comfortable. These are secondary features to what really matters when it comes to the safety of your child. Safety is the most important thing this company has focused on. This convertible car seat will keep your baby secure even in the most unpleasant of situation. It uses the LATCH strap system and it indicates the correct seat angle for both forward and rear-facing modes.

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Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat


Recaro are well-known for their very popular racing seats. It seems that they took all that experience and directed it towards their convertible car seat division. The ProRIDE is an award-winning product which has received a lot of positive feedback from parents who have had the misfortune of crashing their cars while with a baby on board. Fortunately their loved ones stayed safe because of this chair which has great side impact protection and also focuses on key areas of the body. It order to avoid torso or spine injuries it will deflect impact force throughout its entire body.

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Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat


The Symphony by DLX is an affordable choice to make. Even so it is still packed with safety features which will make sure your baby is as well-protected as possible. Just like most of the other car seats, it uses shock-absorbing design features to lower impact force. It is easy to set up because of its LATCH system and it makes sure your baby is always strapped in properly. It is comfortable for your loved one and it is easy to adjust. It comes in two different color schemes and it not only feels safe but also looks the same as well.

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The First Years True Fit SI C680 Car Seat


When on the market for the best convertible car seats 2019, shopping should be done online. The main reason behind that recommendation lies in the stores’ inability to hold as many options as you generally need to make the proper decision. The True Fit SI C680 Car Seat is a great example of how a great product can be left behind in terms of units sold because of its absence from stores. Despite being one very safe and versatile convertible seat, it is less popular than several more poorly constructed products. It offers great value for money and it represents a great choice to make for both you and your baby.

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