If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best consumer reports point and shoot digital cameras money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best consumer reports point and shoot digital cameras on the market by looking at comments, reviews and ratings from consumers and experts alike. Out of the products we have looked at, the Sony DSCRX100M2/B is the absolute best, now available for sale. Featuring premium quality Zeiss optics, its high performance lens is capable of providing amazing accuracy and perfect zoom capabilities. Its back illuminated CMOS sensor provides the model with high sensitivity and solid noise reduction. The model works great with Wi-Fi, and it connects really easy with your Android tablets and smartphones. By using a simple to download and install app, you will gain instant access to the contents of your camera, via your Android mobile device. If you cannot find the Sony DSCRX100M2/B because it is out of stock, you can always opt for the Nikon COOLPIX L820, as a second best choice.



Comparison Table


Product Resolution Price Optical Zoom Display Our Rating Where to buy

Sony DSC-RX100M II

20.2MP $$$$ 3.6x 3″ LCD A+ AMAZON

Nikon Coolpix L820

16MP $$$ 30x 3″ LCD B+ AMAZON

Olympus TG-820

12MP $$$ 5x LCD A AMAZON

Fujifilm FinePix S4200

14MP $$$ 24x 3″ LCD B AMAZON

Canon PowerShot A2500

16MP $$ 5x 2.7″ LCD C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Photography is an art, loved by millions of people around the world. As a result, a growing number of men and women are using point and shoot digital cameras in order to capture special moments. With the right camera, family moments, special reunions or celebrations can be immortalized in rich and vibrant colours. This is probably why so many people are currently searching for high quality digital cameras, designed with advanced photo functions. Given the wide segment of products available on the market pinpointing the right model for various photographic endeavours becomes an important but exciting task. There are a couple of things to take into account in order to make sure that you get right camera for your particular needs.

Camera setting and features

We understand that not everyone has the time to go through the best point and shoot digital camera reviews. For this reason alone we did the research in order to point out the most important things to look for while browsing for a new camera. Point and shoot digital cameras are easy to use, helping people take great pictures with ease. If you are passionate about photography then you understand that a high point and shoot digital camera will do wonders for each photo. All you have to do is press the shutter when ready and it will automatically adjust the aperture, focus, speed and light sensitivity. The first question that people raise whenever they browse for a new camera is “how many megapixels does it have”. This question pops out in different photographic communities but you should keep in mind that a higher pixel count does not necessarily mean a better photo.


Sensor configuration

In your quest for the best point and shoot digital camera in 2018 you will probably go head to head with different advertising campaigns. One thing is certain: more megapixels don’t necessary mean better photos. Today’s digital cameras include 10 MP and even more, reaching 18 or 26 MP in newer models. The thing that makes a camera great is the sensor size, responsible with the image clarity. Even though digital cameras include smaller sensors than the ones present in DSLR cameras they do perform well in different lighting conditions. Some digital camera offer smooth color gradations, high zoom capabilities and in the process pretty interesting photos. The main advantage of digital cameras is the compact design. These cameras can easily fit in pockets, thus making photography accessible even for people who are always on the move and cannot afford to carry a separate bag for their camera.

Finding best point and shoot digital camera in 2018 ensures access to professional photos, worth sharing with friends and family. An important feature to take to take into account is the zoom capability. A high quality digital camera should offer 20x zoom settings, for up and personal photos of different things. High quality cameras need to come equipped with 28mm telephoto reach or even more. For family pictures we recommend that you use a digital camera with 35mm telephoto function. Now, you have to take into account the camera’s weight for it will improve or not the user’s freedom to take photos.


Things to consider:

–         Zooming capabilities which permits you to take close snapshots of persons and objects

–         Camera weight, offering photographic mobility during each image captured

–         Megapixels, ensures high image resolution

–         Shutter speed that permits you to take fast photos when needed



Top Rated Point and Shoot Cameras in 2018


In the reviews about the best point and shoot camera under $150, it has been noted by many users that while such cameras will prove to be affordable, they are not necessarily the best when it comes to quality. Some models showcased in this article may be slightly more expensive, but you are guaranteed to be compensated with higher quality.



Sony DSC-RX100M2/B


The minimalist look of this camera is one thing that sets it apart from the rest. It has 20.2-megapixel resolution, which makes it one of the best within the products that are mentioned in this article. The 1-inch Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor is another feature that will give you another reason to choose this model above others. This feature leads into low noise and high sensitivity for best shots. Lastly, it can be easily connected to other devices for easy sharing of contents.



This new point and shoot digital camera from Sony, the DSC-RX100M II Cyber-Shot incorporates 20.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor which permits photographers to capture life in amazing details

Features large-aperture F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens and Sony imaging technology which offers high photographic performance in any light and weather condition

Includes NFC technology which gives users the chance to transfer images to smartphones and tablets just by touching the camera to these devices

Comes equipped with a large 3.0 inch Xtra Fine monitor which displays every photo made in details



The display is not touchscreen which bumps some people out

Will probably require along the way a memory card with more than 10 GB


“After I read the best point and shoot digital camera reviews, I was absolutely sure the Sony DSC-RX100M was the model for me. The photo quality is out of this world and for such a compact camera, I don’t think it can get any better. I was pleased by its easy to use menu too.” – Steven Chandler


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Nikon Coolpix L820


Aside from the 16-egapixel resolution of this camera, it also has 30x zoom function, which will allow you to clearly capture your subject, even if you are shooting at a distance. When taking videos, you can expect nothing but exceptional output with this model. It has the ability to record videos in 1080p. For many, the ergonomic design of this camera is also a feature that makes it a cut above others. You will surely not feel any discomfort when holding the camera for an extended period, such as when shooting a video.



As one of the most popular point and shoot digital camera models today, the COOLPIX L820 from Nikon can be used in order to capture amazing photos and even record videos in Full high definition 1080p

Incorporates 30x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens which offers photographers access to super-telephoto and wide-angle capabilities

Features a powerful 16.0 MP low-light CMOS image sensor that permits users to take great photos at weddings, family reunions, road trips or any other social event

Can be used to record videos in 1080p full HD while the built-in mic ensures audio stereo recording



Does not offer viewfinder function which some people prefer to use when browsing through photos

The LCD display is pretty hard to see in bright sun but most models have this issue


“I have everything I need from this digital camera from Nikon: a top picture quality, a 30x zoom and Full HD recording capabilities. The price I paid for it was very affordable and I end up by recommending this model to people who want a reliable and cheap camera.” – Michael D. Clark


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Olympus TG-820


This is another model that has received positive feedback in the consumer reports about point and shoot digital cameras. One of the reasons for such is the fact that it is built for people with an active lifestyle. The rugged constriction of the camera makes it withstand long-term and tough use. It is waterproof and will allow you to take pictures to a depth of 33 feet. It can also withstand shock from a drop and is embedded with powerful processor and sensor to make sure of its superior functionality.



As one of the best product for the money available for purchase, the TG820 digital camera from Olympus is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and also crushproof

Features the exclusive TruePic VI Image processor which professionally manages photos and brings out of them sharp details and true-to-life colors

Incorporating a handy 12 MP image sensor and advanced image technology the camera can be used to shoot clear and realistic photos or record videos in 1080p resolution

Offers access to 5x optical zoom and 10x Super-Resolution Zoom for amazing clarity during close-up photos



The camera modes can be pretty confusing but with time they become easier to mange


“I needed a waterproof camera which would allow me to take some excellent photos or videos of me tackling the waves on my surfboard. After doing a bit of research, I settled for this model from Olympus and I am very satisfied with its every feature.” – Jack Rayford


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Fujifilm FinePix S4200


This model has 14-megapixel resolution for taking still images and 720p for taking high definition videos. The Super Electron Beam Coating that is used in the lens of this product is one technology that is worth lighting, which is basically responsible for the reduction of lens flare and ghosting, and hence, being able to take images that are superior in terms of clarity. Lastly, it also has CCD image stabilization that makes sure that blurring of images can be avoided.



As one of the Black Friday deals on top products this year, the S4200 FinePix digital camera from Fujifilm is fitted with 24x Fujinon optical zoom lens for high photographic performance

The digital camera is treated with multilayer Electron Beam Coating which reduces hosting and also lens flare

This point and shoot digital camera for Christmas is a wonderful gift because it offers photographers the flexibility of creative shooting

It features a large and bright 3.0 LCD display that allows users to manage and edit photos at ease



Does not come with viewfinder function but it offers instead a user-friendly interface

Does not include an SD card (this is an optional accessory sold separately)


“For the price range it has, I believe Fujifilm FinePix S4200 is the best point and shoot camera 2018. In my opinion this is because it’s equipped with a powerful lens capable of 24x zoom and it has a 3 inch LCD display. For me, this camera has proven to be very valuable!” – Paul I. Stockstill


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Canon PowerShot A2500


Consumer Reports Point and Shoot Digital CamerasThis camera has a 16-megapixel resolution that will help in the provision of clear and stunning images in a product with compact size. It has 2.7-inch screen that will allow you to see the images and videos that you have taken. The consumer reports point and shoot digital cameras have also revealed that the DIGIC 4 image processor is another defining feature of this small wonder. Because of this processor, you will surely not experience lags when it is used.



Placed among the best rated products in 2018, the A2500 PowerShot from Canon incorporates 16.0  MP sensor and DIGIC 4 Image processor that ensures in every photo high details and natural colors

Offers 5x optical zoom for clear close-ups while the Smart AUTO technology recognizes 32 shooting conditions and sets the right camera settings

It features unique scene modes like toy camera effects, fisheye effect and monochrome in order to add special ways to shoot

Incorporates ECO mode which allows users to take more photos on the existing battery power



Does not come with optical image stabilization but it compensates with digital stabilization

Doesn’t perform great in taking photos in lowlight from a distance


“For my needs this simple point and shoot camera from Canon proves to be excellent. I find the photos or videos taken by it up to high standards and I am pleased with its menu options too. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket, so I have it with me anywhere I go.” – Connie Alexander


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