Top rated compact digital cameras in 2018


One doesn’t buy the best compact digital camera 2018 just for its pocketability alone, just as one wouldn’t purchase a smartphone just for its camera alone. There’s always got to be something about a standalone point-and-shoot than meets the eye (pun intended!). One has to consider a number of elements, with some being more important than all others.


A complete buying guide on compact digital cameras


One can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available just about anywhere. Before making a decision, one has to consider what the camera will be principally for. Will the user need a camera to just shoot photos or make videos? After that is established, it becomes another priority to check out current market prices to be able to compare with how much one is willing to spend. A new compact digital camera should also be affordable, or at least a close approximate to one’s budget. You can’t be looking at products that cost way above your price range if you are just planning to get something that costs a fraction thereof. Either that or you’re setting yourself up for great disappointment!

Some of the most popular compact digital cameras are available for less than $100, with some brands even being sold at deeply discounted rates below $50. It is advisable to check reviews for each camera that falls within your range to ascertain if that product meets your needs well.

Most compacts are fitted with a small optical zoom lens. Remember the two aspects that are most important for checking out lenses: focal length (expressed in millimeters); and aperture. When a lens has the ability to cover multiple focal lengths, it is characterized as a zoom lens. Zoom spec is established by taking the ratio between the longest and the shortest focal length. Thus a 20-100mm lens has a 5x zoom. Generally, zoom lens does not have to go over 20x. If you can score Black Friday deals on compact digital cameras with something in that range, the better it is for you. Additionally, the wider the aperture, the more light the camera allows to enter, giving more control over the area of sharpness in front of and behind the subject. So wider is ultimately better.

Resolution is not considered by experts as an all-important element in determining a great product that can be a great gift for Christmas. Quantified in megapixels, resolution signifies the amount of pixels that the camera employs to come up with an image. Modern cameras are geared with an adequate amount that can be utilized for just about any requirement. There are even ones that are sold at really low prices. In general, such types lack the processing power to deliver larger images, and this can slow such cameras down.

When scouring the market for the best rated product, do take note of image stabilization. This is what keeps captured images from showing blur in camera shake. Optical IS is great for video shooting when combined with fast shutter speed and higher ISO sensitivity. However, such a combination also elevates image noise and performs poorly in low lighting conditions.

The highest rated products have provisions to accommodate memory expansion. While some can store up to 64GB of photos and videos on an SDXC card, there are others that support an SDHC card.


What to look for in one of the best compact digital cameras 2018:

–          Great price, with allowance for other essentials such as a carrying case or a wrist strap, USB cable and lens cover, for greater convenience and value-for-money

–          Zoom lens that is within the 20x range (or higher) plus wide aperture for clear and vivid images

–          Engineered with image stabilization to mitigate camera shake effects

–          Ability for memory expansion to capture every vital event in full glory



Nikon L830COOLPIX CMOS Digital Camera


This camera is engineered around a genuine NIKKOR glass lens, the state-of-the-art optics that has elevated the Nikon Company to legendary status. It carries an impressive 34x optical zoom lens that works great for capturing breathtaking landscapes and photos in wide-angle and close ups in telephoto. It also has Easy Auto Mode that optimizes camera settings to capture each shot perfectly, even when the shooting situation is less than ideal. It allows shooting of stunning video at 1080p, with a large 921,000-dot LCD display that makes it easy to compose shots or monitor video recording. It comes with LC-CP28 Lens Cap, AN-CP21 Strap and UC-E16 USB Cable.

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Canon A2500 PowerShot Digital Camera


Delivers rich and clear details, with textures finely reproduced via the 5x Optical Zoom. The DIGIC 4 Image Processor onboard mobilizes the camera’s advanced systems and features, delivering fast and reliable performance, accelerated processing and premium quality of photos. It also boasts of a Face Detection Self-timer and ability to shoot HD video. A 28mm Wide Angle lens delivers dynamic shots by putting more image in every frame. The camera has gotten top spot in many compact digital camera reviews 2018 thanks to its Smart Auto feature that provides point-and-shoot simplicity by selecting the best shooting settings automatically based on subjects and environmental factors.

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Sony W800/B 20 MP Digital Camera


Combines 10x Clear Image digital zoom with Sony’s professional ZEISS lens and 5x optical zoom to deliver exciting images that leap with captured excitement and life. It enables one to shoot amazing videos and still images with SteadyShot Image Stabilization with Active mode, a patented technology that delivers sharp image quality with minimal blur and low noise even while the user is strolling. It also has onboard Easy Mode that simplifies camera menu by minimizing its layers, making shooting experience easier and more enjoyable. A built-in instruction guide allows easy searching of the camera’s functions according to one’s specific needs wherever they may be.

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Samsung ST150F Smart WiFi Digital Camera


This has always earned a special spot in many compact digital camera reviews 2018 thanks to it s25mm Wide-Angle Lens with 5x Zoom that allows easy frame of the shot and getting close in on the action, when needed. It boasts of a focal length of 25mm and zooms to 125mm for extreme close-ups. Plus, the camera has a maximum F2.5 aperture so one can freeze fast action and take shots even when light is less than ideal. Get more from a high-tech camera built with Wi-Fi Connectivity, allowing for Easy Sharing and Facebook Upload without the need for memory cards or cables, so there’s always space for those all-important memories. This technology allows saving of photos and videos directly to a cloud service or a PC as one shoots images.

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Olympus VG-180 Stylus16-Megapixel Digital Camera


This camera combines all the desired qualities of a compact camera in one easy-to-carry lens. It has faster shutter speeds and high ISO sensitivity to capture camera-shake-free images even when the subject is in motion. Its 5x optical zoom lens is wide enough to allow one to move up close to scenes and people to make capture of detail impressive. Plus, this camera allows one’s creative side to come out via nine different Magic Filters. It empowers one to create incredible VGA video recording in VGA format with audio, at the simple touch of a button. And with Intelligent Auto, who needs a full array of photography devices when one can optimize up to 30 different scene modes including Portrait, Landscape, Night + Portrait, Sports or Macro, which the camera can set automatically?

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