The slanted leg design helps to block the sun for anyone hanging out underneath the canopy.

The instant design makes it easy to set up in as little as three minutes.

Packing up this canopy tent is just as easy as putting it up.

This is one of the better values on the market as the price is exceptionally low for a tent of this quality.



The slanted legs can make it difficult to use in a farmers market or other type of selling environment where you might have neighbors directly next to you. This generally isn’t a huge deal but it can certainly become one if the merchants next to you are overly anal about their space.

If you plan on using this wide base canopy in winds exceeding 15-20 MPH you’ll want to be sure that you have access to canopy tent accessories like stakes or other equipment that can better hold the tent down. While many Coleman Instant Wide Base Canopy reviews did say that the product was great for windy areas like the beach, they also mentioned that users should be sure that it is properly held down in windy situations.


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Benefits Explained

The ability of a canopy to block the sun is one of its most essential traits and this Coleman Instant Wide Base Canopy has the ability to do just that. The slanted leg design forces the roof of the canopy to stretch out and down in a way that makes it optimal for protecting the eyes of anyone underneath its roof. This ability makes it perfect for anything from tailgates to sporting events to backyard BBQs.


It is becoming increasingly more popular for brands to design their tents and canopies around their ease of setup. With this instant wide base canopy from Coleman, users can have it up and ready to go in as little as three minutes. The ability to set this canopy up quickly and efficiently makes this the best canopy tent from Coleman for ease of setup.

The frame of the tent is made to be almost like an accordion and, because of this, packing it up is as easy as bringing the legs together to meet in the middle. This is undoubtedly the best 12 x 12 canopy tent for packing up and storing on camping trips or for sporting events.


Value is a big deal to every customer, no matter what you’re buying. Fortunately, this Coleman Instant Wide Base Canopy is the best canopy tent on the market for the price. With a price just over $100, you really can’t go wrong with a canopy tent with this type of durability.



The combination of price, durability, and quality make this one of the better investments you’ll ever make when it comes to purchasing a canopy tent. Coleman also delivers one of the easiest to use canopy tents you’ll find, allowing users to perform setup and takedown in under three minutes each. Anyone looking for a high quality canopy tent at a solid price would be doing himself or herself a huge favor by purchasing this Coleman Instant Wide Base Canopy.


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