1.1 Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System ReviewsBenefits

The innovative LED lighting system makes this the best canopy tent for night time activities.

Coleman has designed this tent to be set up in less than three minutes.

The UV Guard technology helps protect users from the sun while also maintaining the tent’s quality.

The tent uses comfort grips on the legs so customers can perform pinch free adjustments.

The price of this tent makes it an incredible value for the quality.



The tent does not come with any sidewalls or other canopy tent accessories. Most of the accessories available for purchase are more luxury items than necessities, however.

This particular tent is not entirely waterproof. Multiple Coleman Instant Canopy Reviews have mentioned that this is an easy fix by purchasing a waterproof spray that is available at most hardware stores.


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Benefits Explained

–> The innovative LED lighting system is obviously the biggest perk of this canopy tent. The lighting can be adjusted depending on the user’s desired power level, providing an extra element of luxury to the tent. It should be noted that the lights do require 4D batteries that are sold separately.

1.2 Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System Reviews

–> Setting up a canopy tent can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, Coleman has helped ease that frustration for users by designing this Instant Canopy tent to be set up in less than three minutes. While it is generally recommended that two people help with setup, it certainly isn’t required. Users should also know that takedown of the tent is just as easy as setup and can also be done in less than three minutes.


–> The UV Guard technology that Coleman has created makes sure that users don’t have to worry about the sun. These sun blocking capabilities can be taken to an even further level if users make the decision to purchase the sidewalls that are sold separately. This UV technology also helps to maintain the quality of the tent and is the main reason why this is the best canopy tent from Coleman in terms of durability.


–> There’s nothing more annoying than trying to adjust your tent’s legs and having them snap down and pinch your fingers. To combat this issue, Coleman has designed comfort grips on their legs that ensure that pinching doesn’t happen when adjustments are being performed.


–> Coleman has always been known as one of the top of the line producers of tents and other camping equipment. Unfortunately that tends to also mean that they’re known for high prices. With this tent, however, customers can get a combination of high quality and low price as the price tag is just over $160.



The LED lighting system and high quality material make this by far the best instant canopy tent on the market for campers. Coleman certainly followed through on their reputation as innovators, and this Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System is one of the most highly reviewed canopy tents on the internet.


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