What is the best canopy from Coleman



Easy to set up

State-of-the-art lighting system


Better-than-average measurements



Customers who want a screened system for their canopy may just consider getting the Coleman Hex 12 x 10 Instant Screened Shelter instead.

One of the Coleman Instant Canopy reviews mentions the inability of the product to withstand high wind and rain.

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Benefits Explained


Taking tailgating to a new level, the Coleman Instant Canopy offers an instant/ temporary shelter system that takes little time to set up, specially for those who’ve used such systems before. Two people working together can set up the canopy even when they don’t have expert skills, in just three easy steps. The Coleman Instant Canopy can even be integrated with canopy accessories including a sun wall when you want protection against light wind and rain. The product unfolds effortlessly out of the box, and goes up easily thereafter. The attachment of the lights to the frame is all in one piece. Large straight stakes fit nicely into foot tab holes at the bottom of each pole.


The Coleman Instant Canopy has a revolutionary lighting system that incorporates four built-in extra-bright LED fixtures for reliable nighttime illumination. People have remarked how awesome the lighting is, proof of how the company delivers in this aspect. Dimmer switch offers light level adjustment from low setting to ultra-bright task lighting, ensuring ample illumination for whatever purpose, even beyond the canopy’s space coverage. The illumination system is powered by four easily replaceable D batteries.


Made of UVGuard fabric, this product is one among the many that qualify as the best canopy from Coleman. The nice and thick fabric is treated for 50+ UPF rating to ensure its performance as a great sunshade. The unit comes up as an attractive canopy, with Velcro straps that are well placed and incredibly snug-fitting. The four guy lines and stakes for each line are pretty adequate.


Measuring ten feet by ten feet, the Coleman Instant Canopy has a center height of 9 feet 4 inches. This means ample headroom and shelter from the sun, for which it serves well. You can also spend beautiful summer nights underneath its lovely shade, or drag some patio chairs and a table for interesting conversations with family and friends.


Easy to set up and take down, the Coleman Instant Canopy is  the best canopy you can get at an affordable price. It definitely won’t fail as a sunshade , enabling you to stay underneath its shade when you want to enjoy the beauty of nature during the day or in the evening. It is made from quality materials and comes with a one-year warranty as proof of premium craftsmanship.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($224.7)