In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best riding mowers? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information about the best riding mowers by checking out what the expert review sites say about various models and looking into the actual owner feedback to verify manufacturer’s claims. Thankfully, all the research and product comparisons have led us to the top rating riding mower for sale, the Troy-Bilt 420cc, which is the perfect neighborhood riding lawn mower. Ideal for tackling medium-size landscape with relatively even terrain, this model is easily stored in a shed or garage while being powerful enough to deliver clean performance. Engineered to last, this model has a large 30-inch cutting deck, effectively integrating the size of a wide-cut, walk-behind machine with the clearing power of a typical riding lawn mower, while ensuring operating comfort with the height-adjustable seat and the height-adjustable soft-grip 13-inch wheel and steering column. You can maintain an immaculately manicured property using the mower’s 5-height adjustable blade with manual power take-off for effortless and quick engagement of the blade. If the Troy-Bilt 420cc is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option that is just as good, the Poulan Pro 960420164 PB24VA54.



Comparison Table


Product Power Source  Price Weight Cutting Deck Our Rating Where to buy

Poulan Pro PB195A46LT

Gas $$$ 590 lb 46″ A+ AMAZON

Swisher ZTR2460BS

Gas $$$$$ 616 lb 60″ A+ AMAZON

Husqvarna YTH2042

Gas $$$ 480 lb 42″ B+ AMAZON

Husqvarna TYH21K46

Gas $$$ 439 lb 46″ B+ AMAZON

Husqvarna RZ4621

Gas $$$$ 580 lb 46″ B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


When it comes to riding lawn mowers, homeowners weigh carefully the existing options. Going through the current top10 riding lawn mower models ensures a detailed insight on their functionality. It is important to determine the device’s main cutting power and mowing area. The trick is to know what makes a product efficient.



There are many Americans that care about their garden appearance, trying to find out whats the best product from the many mowers available on the market. A good model should offer users the possibility of easily cutting grass on different types of terrains. Handling parameters is very important while browsing through the most reliable riding lawn mower models. The way the mower handles is the equivalent of high cutting performance. Top models will include rear-drive, front-drive and zero-turn handling. These traits ensure high manoeuvrability on various types of lawns. Furthermore the handling levels need to be adjustable through specific dials, knobs or buttons.


Mowing deck

Finding the best riding lawn mower under $1000 might take some time if people don’t take into account the mowing deck particularities. This component offers a clear insight on the type of lawns the riding mower can handle. For instance: a mowing deck with 30 to 40 inches can be used for 1 ½ acres whereas a model with 40 to 48 inches for 1 ½ to 4 acres. When it comes to bigger lawns (3 acres and more) it is recommended mowing deck of 48 to 61 inches. Furthermore the deck needs to have a solid built and capable of resisting to the virtues of extensive cutting tasks.



Identifying the best rated product from the wide range of riding lawn mowers out there is not difficult. Once people understand more on the important role played by transmission systems, they will know exactly which product to take home. Today’s models come with automatic or hydrostatic transmissions. Both of them are very good in maintaining a constant speed during mowing. Furthermore when there are obstacles on the terrain the transmission system makes it easy for people to slow down or in other cases accelerate. For those that need to cut grass in areas without flower beds we recommend riding mowers with manual transmission.


In conclusion

Everyone wants around the house a product that handles well and delivers precise cuts on short or tall grass. Searching for the highest rated product becomes easier with more information on the key elements that make a mower efficient. It is important to own a riding lawn mower that provides high cutting performance.



Products for specific needs


Best riding lawn mower for 1 acre


Husqvarna YTH2042


When it comes to powerful lawn mowers, Husqvarna products always managed to impress along the years. Regarded by professional gardeners as the best riding lawn mower for 1 acre, the YTH2042 combines performance with comfort. This cutting machine is equipped with 20 HP Briggs and Stratton engine that allows people to enjoy 5.2 MPH forward speed and 2.9 MPH reverse speed.

Due to its durable construction the lawn mower incorporates the exclusive Husqvarna Air Induction mowing technology, which improves grass lift for accurate results. Furthermore, the riding lawn mower includes hydrostatic transmission for easy transit from reverse to variable speed.


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Best riding lawn mower for small yard


Poulan Pro PB155G42


How to identify the best riding lawn mower for small yard represents a dilemma worth solving. People with small front and back yards should take into consideration the PB155G42 lawn tractor from Poulan Pro. This powerful lawn tractor is fitted with 15.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, powerful enough to maintain constant speeds during various mowing actions.

Incorporating a durable 6 speed lever driven transmission this cutting tool is fairly easy to control, even on uneven terrains. Furthermore, the lawn tractor comes equipped with 20 inch rear tires for more stable cutting sessions. This device features a 42 inch cutting deck, optimal to cover small yards in record time.


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Best riding lawn mower for steep hills


Troy-Bilt 540cc Intek Automatic


This model comes with most of the features you might want from a lawn mower, although it might be less affordable compared to other choices out there. It’s comfortable and capable of excellent performance, what with it being equipped with a great chair and a 19-HP/540cc engine.

The soft touch steering enabled by the design of the product is another benefit you should consider, as well as the fact that the unit comes with a sizeable 46-inch side discharge mowing deck. As the feedback provided by those who’ve opted for this alternative is mostly favorable, perhaps you should give it a try.


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Best riding lawn mowers reviews in 2019


If you are on the lookout for best lawn tractor under $2500, the rest of this article will prove to be helpful in the provision of insights with regards to the options that can be taken into account. The two models that will be mentioned below will prove to be choices that you will not regret making.



Troy-Bilt 420cc


1.Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV

Combining the advantages of a standard riding lawn mower and the size of a wide cut walk behind mower, the Troy-Bilt 420cc easily stores into a shed or garage. Suitable for handling medium-sized landscape characterized by sufficiently stable terrain, this model has gotten the best reviews of 2019 for how it provides more than enough clearing power and optimal performance to ensure that your property is well kept and nicely maintained at all times.



Equipped with a 30-inch cutting deck, this lawn mower makes short work of your property maintenance needs using its 5-height adjustable blade that is easy to engage using manual power take-off. The machine also ensures your comfort while in operation by being designed with a seat that raises midback to support you well. The steering wheel offer a soft ergonomic grip with its 13-inch size. You can cover your yard easily with the wide cutting swath while ensuring total durability.

This riding mower offers an 18-inch turning radius so you can maneuver it quite easily, for problem-free navigation around your property without having to struggle to get the machine in position every time. The large 16-inch x 6.5-inch rear wheels and the 13-inch x 5-inch front wheels ensure hassle-free mobility over substantially uniform terrain.



The foot rest area is made of plastic, which can become slippery with use. However, you could always use some form of compatible non-skid applique to alter the slippery configuration. The foot rest area is sturdy enough though and comes with a non-skid pattern to handle that small issue.


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Poulan Pro 960420164 PB24VA54


2.Poulan Pro 960420164

Outfitted with a 24 HP V-twin Kohler engine, the Poulan Pro 960420164 PB24VA54 offers fast auto drive transmission with pedal control so you can easily go around your property and ensure reliable clearing operations. Part of the Poulan pro line of equipment, this machine offers the best value on the market according to ratings and reviews in terms of quality, power and durability, with branded parts to assure you of top quality craftsmanship.



Equipped with a large, reinforced 54-inch cutting deck, the Poulan Pro 960420164 features new styling that makes it a fantastic piece of equipment to add to your garden equipment collection. The PB24VA54 is outfitted with 15-inch front tires and 20-inch rear tires that can easily go over irregularities on the terrain for smooth mobility. The 2.5-gallon fuel tank ensures that the machine is always ready to go.

The Poulan Pro 960420164 features a 16-inch turn radius to enable problem-free navigation around your property so you can finish your yard maintenance tasks in no time. The headlights allow you to clear the yard even in poor lighting conditions. The 15-inch high-back seat enables you to sit comfortably while driving the mower so you won’t suffer from back ache or body pain after doing a good job at clearing your yard of tall grass.



The riding mower is designed to take steep hills quite well, but the deck tends to get stuck when the deck and tires are too uneven. That being said, this riding mower should be strong enough to handle relatively uneven terrain so you can go around your property to ensure sufficient clearing coverage.


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Poulan Pro 967330901 P46ZX


3.Poulan Pro 967330901

Outfitted with a strong 22 HP Briggs V-Twin Pro engine, the Poulan Pro 967330901 P46ZX makes short work of grass cutting by cutting a broad swatch with every pass. The electric clutch delivers constant speed with fewer moving parts and ensures greater safety. You’ll love working with this machine to handle backbreaking work such as yard maintenance and trimming.



Equipped with a wide 46-inch reinforced stamped cutting deck, the Poulan Pro 967330901 P46ZX comes with a 3.5-gallon fuel tank to ensure it has enough juice to go around your property. You won’t experience stalling thanks to the smooth hydro-gear EZT transmission. The strong 11-inch front and 18-inch rear tires are able to go over uneven terrain easily.

This mower comes with a digital hour meter that allows you to plan servicing intervals for the engine. The high-back seat allows you to sit up comfortably while mowing your lawn, so you won’t suffer from the typically backbreaking work associated with maintaining your yard. The zero turn mower features two control levers instead of a steering wheel and helps save time because it is easy to handle, constantly in action and extremely maneuverable. It allows you to cut closely around obstacles such as flowerbeds and bushes, so there’s no need to trim using a weed whacker.



Since the unit comes with handles instead of steering wheels, those handles need to be attached properly. The accompanying instructions do not say hex wrenches are needed to install the handles, as mentioned in one of the product reviews on Amazon.


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Husqvarna Z246


4.Husqvarna Z246

The Husqvarna Z246 comes with a cutting-edge design plus proven performance and new innovative features so lawn maintenance becomes less of a chore. Powered by Kawasaki, this riding mower boasts hydrostatic transmission. Grass lift is improved while the machine delivers a clean, even cut thanks to how air is drawn from the top and bottom of the deck.




The zero turn mower enables independent control of each wheel, allowing you to go forward, backward, left or right by simply moving your arms backward and forward. This also cuts your mowing time in half by letting you easily move around obstacles such as trees and bushes and change directions more effortlessly. The zero turn mower also allows you to cut closer to objects in the yard so you won’t need to use a push mower or trimmer to finish up on the edges just to achieve a clean look.

Unlike regular mowers, this zero turn mower won’t entail long working of your engine, so there is less wear on the motor. The spring assisted deck lift system ensures easy use while being located within easy reach for problem-free operation. The ergonomic control panel is within easy access while the removable foot pan on the tube style chassis is easy to grab at a moment’s notice.



One user has noted that this mower works best for a relatively flat and even terrain and is not exactly designed to navigate overly hilly surfaces. The configuration of this mower clearly shows that it is only meant for even terrain. When used properly, it will deliver reliable performance for the long term.


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Swisher ZTR2460BS Response ZTR


This is truly a professional riding lawn mower with a huge cutting deck and an extremely powerful engine. With a cutting deck of 60 inches the Swisher Response capable of getting the job done quicker than almost any other lawn mower in the market. Although quite a heavy machine, weighing over 600 lbs, this model has one of the fastest response control systems of any riding mower. The key to its impressive functionality is the immensely powerful 24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine which is fitted with a top notch Hydro Gear 2800 transmission. The only drawback that our experts have come across is its rather expensive price.



Able to groom large swaths of lawn thanks to its being a zero-turn mower, which also makes it the best riding lawn mower for the money

Has 360-degree turning radius, enabling it to spin on a central axis so handling obstacles and edges such as garden plots or trees is quick and easy

One of the largest deck widths among lawn machines in existence, requiring  fewer passes in less time to complete mowing jobs easily

Fabricated cutting depth provides exceptional long term durability compared to machines with stamped cutting decks



Machine comes with a large body, which requires a larger storage area or corresponding transport mechanisms

Grass clippings management via discharge back to the lawn, which may or not be an issue depending on the user’s priority


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Products that are currently unavailable



Poulan Pro PB195A46LT


Our experts consider the Poulan Pro PB195A46LT to be the best riding lawn mower in 2019. This model is fitted with a powerful 19.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine which proves to be extremely reliable with its hydrostatic transmission. The large 1,5 gallon tank will make sure you have enough gas for completing even the  most dawning of tasks. Its seat is fully padded to ensure a high level of comfort for the user. Another excellent feature is the wide 46 inch cutting deck, which will guarantee that cutting the lawn will take a lot less than before. Furthermore, this model is not too expensive and won’t prove to be too difficult to afford.



Lawn tractor looks comfortable, with a cushioned seat to shield the rider when terrain is uneven and a decent steering wheel with ergonomic design for easy handling

Hydrostatic transmission ensures longer durability of the 9.5-horsepower engine, with manual gears so the user can customize the lawn mower’s driving power

Wide 46-inch wide cutting swath enables quick  completion of lawn mowing tasks, so there is relatively less usage of fuel

Engine carries legendary Briggs-and-Stratton quality that ensures efficient use of fuel with higher work output



Machine cannot get into tight corners due to its powerfully large build

Requires gasoline, which users who seek more sustainable fuel may consider an issue



Husqvarna YTH2042


The Husqvarna YTH2042 has all the features necessary to be considered one of the best riding lawn mowers in 2019. The 20 HP Briggs & Stratton engine is a testimony of its reliability, being praised by this model’s customer reports. The speed and direction of the mower is easily controlled by a fender-mounted lever, making it very maneuverable despite its size. The 42 inch cutting deck will trim your lawn down to size. You also have the option of collecting, mulching or side ejecting the lawn. The 2,5 gallon gas tank is huge and is another reason why you should invest in this model.



20-horsepower engine from Briggs and Stratton ensures quality performance and superior pulling power unlike any other machine on the market

Large 42-inch cutting width ensures cutting more lawn area using less time, to give the user more time to do more jobs in the house

Hydrostatic transmission protects the engine from stressing brought about by rapid starts, ensuring longevity of the engine and less maintenance in the long run

Cutting height adjustment is fender mounted to enable convenient and easy selection while mowing, so the user always obtains customized levels of cutting



Powerful engine requires more fuel consumption, which may be an issue for those seeking a more sustainable fuel for their lawn grooming  machines



Husqvarna TYH21K46


Are you looking for a reliable riding lawn mower? Our experts recommend investing in the Husqvarna TYH21K46 because it has a premium performance which produces quality results. It weighs less than other models, making it extremely maneuverable. Even though it has a compact size, it still has a large 46 inch cutting deck to reduce the time it takes you to cut the lawn. Its seat is adjustable to provide a maximum comfort level for its user. Other features included in the design of the TYH21K46 are: 597cc Kohler Engine, hydrostatic transmission and a 3 gallon gas tank.



Large 46-inch cutting depth ensures faster completion of lawn grooming jobs, with fewer passes in less time to help the user do more than just mow the lawn

Powerful yet quiet Kohler engine with 597 cc capacity made fuel efficient while ensuring that the lawn mowing job gets completed in less time

Smooth variable forward and reverse speeds attainable via the efficient hydrostatic transmission, which also ensure longer life for the machine and fewer maintenance problems

Machine available at a great price so happy buyers consider it the best riding lawn mower for the money



Pedal-operated speed and direction may be an issue for users who want everything at their fingertips



Husqvarna RZ4621


This riding lawn mower from Husqvarna can help you cut your lawn in less time and with a minimum amount of effort. It’s fitted with a reliable 21 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance engine and Dual Hydro-Gear EZT Drive System, guaranteeing a long lifespan without any major mechanical issues. The 46 inch cutting deck is stamped, while its gas tank is huge, having a 3-1/2 gallon capacity. Also, you can choose between mulching, collecting or side ejecting the freshly cut lawn. While not the best riding lawn mower in 2019, the Husqvarna RZ4621 can still prove to be a top choice.



Smooth power output from gas-powered Briggs-and-Stratton engine ensures outstanding durability coupled with quiet operation, with a 3.5-gallon fuel tank and full-pressure lubrication system to ensure consistent pulling and cutting power

Exclusive Hydro Gear EZT Hydrostatic Transmission employs fan-cooled 10cc pumps and wheel motors on the drive wheels, for longer life and less maintenance

Finish large swaths in less time with the 46-Inch Reinforced Stamped Steel Mower Deck that comes with two mower blades, a deck washout port plus spindles that can be lubricated

Comfortable machine operation thanks to the convenient spring suspension on the seat slide, plus a cup holder and hour meter



Heavy machine may have poor traction on slopes but handles mostly uneven terrain with ease



Weed Eater WE-ONE


One of the features of this product that makes it a favorite amongst the cheap riding lawn mowers is its powerful engine. The latter is one of the things that will be indicative of the superior performance of the options within this product category. It has 190CC engine from Briggs & Stratton, which makes it reliable. Aside from its engine, it is also important to mention that it has a 26-inch cutting deck that tackles a wide array of mowing tasks.

In addition, there were also many people who have expressed their satisfaction over the compact size of this product. Because of such, you will surely find it a snap to have it maneuvered all over the lawn, without exerting too much effort. It has a width of only 36 inches, which makes it able to work effectively, even in lawns with limited spaces.

When it comes to ease of use, there is another reason for you to consider this model amongst other choices. Many of those who have used this model have revealed that they did not encounter any difficult in its use. It has an intuitive pedal. As the operator, you will not need to exert too much effort in having it controlled on the direction that is desired. With these features, you will surely not feel tired or body pains once you are finished with the mowing task.

“I couldn’t make up my mind, which riding lawn mower to get. I thought of a strategy, to compare all the top models which were analyzed by the best riding lawn mower reviews. Finally, I decided to invest in the Weed Eater WE-ONE because it had an affordable price and it had positive customer reports. As soon as I received it, I put it to the test, to see if the reviews were accurate.

The large area which I need to trim is no longer a burden for me because the riding mower has a 26 inch cutting deck. The steering system was surprisingly easy to operate and I can take tight corners without any hassle. This allows me to cut every inch of my lawn down to size and thus I always do a complete job. From my experience with it, I even consider it the best riding lawn mower 2019.” – Bryan J. Washington



Yard Machines 13AC762F000


The 344 CC 12.5 HP engine from Briggs & Stratton that is found in this unit is one thing that makes it one of the cheap riding lawn mowers. Like in any other lawn mowers, the engine should be powerful to make it possible to be reliable in different tasks.

In addition, the durability of this model is another thing that is worth noting. This means that you will be able to get the best value for your money since you can be assured of its extended functional life. This will also provide you with the guarantee that the same level of high quality will be maintained through time, even with regular use.

In terms of flexibility, there is also a good reason for you to trust this model. You can choose from seven variable speeds, depending on what you assume is needed for the job that is to be brought into completion.

Given the features that have been mentioned above, while this model is not necessarily the best within the market, it is definitely something that can provide the best bang for the buck. Given its price point, it is safe to say that choosing such will not bring you any regrets and that it will not punch holes on your pocket.

“I couldn’t make up my mind, which riding lawn mower to get. I thought of a strategy, to compare all the top models which were analyzed by the best riding lawn mower reviews. Finally, I decided to invest in the Weed Eater WE-ONE because it had an affordable price and it had positive customer reports. As soon as I received it, I put it to the test, to see if the reviews were accurate.

The large area which I need to trim is no longer a burden for me because the riding mower has a 26 inch cutting deck. The steering system was surprisingly easy to operate and I can take tight corners without any hassle. This allows me to cut every inch of my lawn down to size and thus I always do a complete job. From my experience with it, I even consider it the best riding lawn mower 2019.” – Bryan J. Washington



Swisher ZTR2460BS Response


High mobility and cutting freedom is essential while cutting on uneven terrains. As a result finding the best riding lawn mower for steep hills is synonym with smooth lawns. For precise results and no headaches in the process, we recommend the ZTR2460BS Response lawn mower from Swisher. Manufactured in the

United States of America this professional mower incorporates a powerful 24 HP Briggs and Stratton engine which offers around 8 MPH speed in forward and reverse mode. This riding lawn mower features the exclusive Hydro Gear 2800 transmission which renders smooth transitions from one type of terrain to another.



Riding lawn mowers – What to look for:

Responsible Americans love to have their front or back yards carefully trimmed. It is important to take better care of any type of lawn with minimal effort. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use lawn mowers in order to handle even the most rebellious grass. Today’s market on lawn mowers is pretty impressive, offering new models worth considering. Purchasing a brand new model requires time and access to professional information. It is important to invest in a reliable riding lawn mower that feels right and covers every inch of the yard. There are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a brand new lawn mower. You need to think of size of the mower, type of the terrain, presence of various obstacles like bushes, trees or flower beds.

It can pretty challenging to choose a professional lawn mower since there are so many models available for purchase. Now, we took the liberty of testing 30 top rated lawn mowers for 80 hours straight. After carefully structured tests and research programs on each model we were able to draft the best cheap riding lawn mower reviews. After going through reliable information you will be able to know exactly what to look for in a great mower. A good riding lawn mower needs to offer an amazing riding experience without compromising in any way cutting grass. One of the most important things to take into account is the way the mower handles. The lawn mower should offer different configurations in order to handle easier various types of terrains. Most of the current riding mowers have rear-drive, front-drive or even zero-turn handling systems.

Price is very important during the selection process. Now, finding a cheap riding lawn mower in 2019 takes more time than you might first anticipate. Speed is essential to quality mowing. A high quality riding lawn mower will deliver quality cuts, especially while setting the right riding speed. Still, technicians recommend people to opt for lawn mowers equipped with multi-speed systems. There are many advantages to mowers with multi-speed option. Such mowers have the capacity to safely slow down around bushes and trees. Furthermore mowers can speed through dry grass with minimal effort. In addition, shifting from one speed to another allows people to cover different areas of the yard with ease. Powerful riding lawn mowers include a wide variety of cutting paths.

With the best cheap riding lawn mower in 2019 anyone will be able to trim down different areas of the yard with minimal effort. The current cutting paths present in the most modern riding lawn mowers are as follow: 40 to 40 inch mowing deck, 40 to 48 inch mowing deck and 48 to 61 inch mowing decks. More and more consumers use lawn mowers in order to get the job done faster. You should also opt for mowers that include special cutting accessories which make every cutting job easier than ever. A powerful riding lawn mower won’t disappoint!