Having a child is extremely expensive, especially when you have to buy all the requirements at once. Apart from the daily essentials, as well as clothes, and car accessories, one of the most important pieces for your life’s baby in the next couple of years will be the baby’s crib. However, finding the right one within a decent budget seems more of an impossible task. Nevertheless, after reading plenty of online reviews, we have decided that the best baby crib under 100 dollars is the Graco Pack ‘n Play Travel Lite because it is 20% smaller than other regular cribs, it provides all the safeness and comfort required for a good night sleep, and it can easily switch to a portable play yard, according to your needs. If the Graco Pack ‘n Play is not available for purchase, our second best option would be the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite.



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Buying guide


There are many factors that you should give some thought to if you plan to purchase a budget baby crib, and that’s because that whether it is extremely affordable or not, it still has to come with a series of features that ensure the safety of the child.

To make it easier for you to decide on a certain product, we have created a simple guide that can take you through the crucial aspects that you ought to take into account. Read on to make an informed decision.

Select the right type

The broad array of choices you have available these days can leave you feeling a bit baffled as to which crib you should pick. Standard models are equipped with four fixed sides and slats. Most of these units are reasonably sturdy and can last for a good amount of time.

Convertible cribs are a tad more expensive compared to their standard counterparts, and that’s because they can be turned into toddler beds or even a single or twin bed. They are cost-effective as you won’t have to purchase an additional product in the future, but they might cost a pretty penny by comparison with other choices.

A portable crib comes with similar looks when compared to a standard one, but the difference between the two is that the first is usually foldable and is equipped with casters. It goes without saying that this type will offer you fewer choices in terms of design, and you have to store the mattress somewhere after folding up the crib.

Travel cribs are also worth considering if you plan to go visit your family or you’re constantly on the road. They are, however, less comfortable and come with significantly fewer features compared to the other choices that we have described earlier on.


Safety matters most

It stands to reason that you want your baby to be safe at all times, so the last thing that you’d want to do is get a model that cannot ensure this. The first piece of advice that we can give you in this sense is to avoid getting a used model, especially if you don’t know the conditions it has been used in or the person selling it.

The higher the number of moveable parts in a crib, the less safe it is. Standard and convertible alternatives are to be preferred, therefore, as they are far less dangerous compared to travel and portable choices.

If you’re getting a new product, you can be on the lookout for the CPSC certification. Make sure that the model you are eyeing doesn’t boast any decorative cutouts that might endanger your baby. Last, but not least, you should check for any toxic substances and even read some crib reviews while you are at it so that you learn whether the crib has a chemical smell that might require you to leave it out to air for a while.  



While for some parents, this detail might be anything but important, for others it might matter a bit. Just how much do you dislike putting things together? Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy individual who’s handy with several power tools? If you are, you might have nothing against assembling the crib yourself. However, if you are not, you should look for products that can be put together both efficiently and in a timely fashion.

Is the mattress height adjustable?

You probably know that babies tend to grow up fast, so that’s why choosing a product that comes with an adjustable mattress height is a good idea. You will be able to lower it as your baby grows, so as to prevent any mishaps that might result in them endangering themselves.


Some of the top cheap baby cribs under 100 have been showcased below. We’ve noticed that these models have received a good deal of favorable feedback from those who have tried them out, so they might be worth taking a look if you haven’t decided just yet.



Most popular baby cribs under 100 dollars


Not all expensive essentials for babies are of high quality and you may end up paying too much for something which has doubtful capabilities. But if you want to be sure about a crib for example you need to look into its characteristics reading reviews and reports. This way you can find cheap baby cribs under $100 for example so you don’t buy something ridiculously expensive which will be uncomfortable for your little one preventing him from resting properly.



Graco Travel Lite Crib


Cheap baby cribs under $100This crib from Graco can be taken with you anywhere you go so your baby has always a place where he can sleep comfortably in. It also has multiple purposes as well, having a comfortable bassinet for sleeping which then can be removed so you can convert the crib into a portable playard which will bring a smile to your child’s face.

Children up to 35 pounds can play in the playard and babies weighing at most 15 pounds can sleep in the bassinet. It also has a reputation as one of the top rated baby cribs in 2022.



Given that this alternative weighs in at under twenty pounds, you will have no trouble carrying it with you whether you plan to spend some time at your family’s home or you’re a frequent traveler.

The product comes with a canopy with soft toys, so you can rest assured that you are getting the right value for the money.

The infant bassinet provided in the package can be removed with ease, which is why you can use the unit as a nice playard from time to time.

Since the Graco Travel Lite has managed to gather over four hundred favorable consumer reports, it seems to be worth its weight in gold.



Something that has to be added in relation to this product is that the pad is not waterproof.

Other owners have reported that the color isn’t particularly exact, in that they ordered a red crib and ended up receiving a pink one.


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Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite


This item is definitely one of the best on the market if you’re looking for an affordable, yet useful baby crib. We love that it is everything you need, including extremely portable, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go. You will provide all the necessary comfort for your child thanks to this 3-in-1 wonderful item.

The Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite turns into a day & night full play yard, a diaper changing board, as well as a night sleeping crib. It comes with an included padded mattress that is easily foldable and provides the necessary support for your child during playing time or sleeping hours.



You can purchase the item for an extremely affordable price.

You can customize it the way you want, as well as choose between three different color schemes, depending on your preferences.

The diaper changing table is extremely useful whenever you are on the run and need to keep your baby’s tush clean.



Some of the clients who purchased the product claimed it takes you a lot of time and strength to fold the item and place it in your car for easy traveling. In addition, the overall construction is a bit chunky, meaning you will require plenty of space to actually store and use the product.


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Chicco Lullago Travel


If you buy this product, you will benefit from the internationally renowned quality of this baby brand. The Chicco crib can be purchased for a very reasonable price and will become your favorite traveling accessory whenever taking your infant with you. What we also like about this particular product is that all its fabric parts are detachable, and can be easily washed and cleaned.

It also comes equipped with a generous carrying bag for easy storage and travel. This means you can easily set the item into the back of your car, or install it in just a matter of minutes when you arrived at your destination.



The brushed mattress pad, as well as the mesh windows,  provide a comfortable and soothing environment for the baby, helping it calm down and fall asleep easily.

The anti-slip feet allow you to place the bassinet on all surfaces, without worrying about the product’s stability.

All the fabric parts of this item can be detached and cleaned properly in the washing machine.



Some of the customers were not pleased with the quality of the legs on this product, claiming they cannot sustain the crib’s and the baby’s weight properly. In other


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Delta Children’s Potable


The whole wooden construction of the Delta mini crib while it is light is also sturdy so your child is nice and safe while in it. If you want to travel then you can take it with you as well because it folds flat easily and you can fit it in the trunk of your car.

The front and back rails are stationary for extra safety to make sure there is no chance for your little one to jump over them. You can get it in 3 different colors making it one of the best cheap baby cribs under $100.



This mini crib is a foldable alternative, which is why you have the freedom to carry it with ease especially if you plan to travel or would appreciate a model that you can store conveniently.

The product is mostly made out of wood, so it is safe to use, doesn’t come with any chemical or potentially dangerous additions, even integrates perfectly into a classic nursery design.

The height of the mattress that you will use with this model can be adjusted into two positions.

One of the most notable advantages offered by this choice is that it meets all the safety standards imposed by the ASTM and CPSC.



Unfortunately, judging by the reviews acquired by the Delta Children Portable, it appears that it is anything but easy to assemble, especially by single moms who are still waiting for their babies to be born. As such, the unit is recommended for people who are quite tech-savvy.


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Storkcraft Rosland 3-in-1


Even though it is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market, this Storkcraft choice is totally worthy of your consideration. It is a 3-in-1 crib, which means that as your baby grows, you will be able to utilize it as a toddler and later on, daybed.

The model boasts a 3-position adjustable mattress and has been constructed using pine wood and composite. All of the finishes that have been used in this product are non-toxic, so they do not pose any threat to the health of the baby.

As is the case with many other quality cribs out there, this one comes with the certification of the ASTM, JPMA, and CPSC.



One of the first advantages ensured by this crib is that it is perfectly safe to utilize, what with it having received the certifications by the ASTM, CPSC, and JPMA.

All of the materials that have been utilized in the construction of this alternative are non-toxic, and that includes the wood and composite employed for the frame, as well as the finishes.

Since the Rosland is a 3-in-1 crib, you will encounter no issue later on when you will want to use it as a daybed or toddler bed.

Given that the height of the mattress is adjustable, you can customize it depending on the needs of your child as he or she grows.

Assembling the unit takes about forty-five minutes, based on what owners say about it.



The model has not been outfitted with wheels, which is why it might be less easy to move once you have set it up.


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Dream On Me Synergy 5-in-1 


Even though it usually costs more than one hundred dollars, this choice has made our list because it’s often available for sale. The versatility provided by the design of this crib cannot be denied as it can be turned into a full-size bed, a daybed, and a toddler bed.

Besides the height of the mattress can be adjusted into four positions, which is an advantage that is worth noting. Something that should be added in relation to this product, however, is that it does not come with a bed frame or mattress, so you will have to purchase those separately, especially if you plan to use it as a full-size bed later on.



If you decide to buy several accessories, you can make the most of this product as it is a 5-in-1 alternative and can, therefore, serve as many purposes as possible.

All of the tools you will require in order to set up the crib are provided by the manufacturing brand, which is why you won’t need any extra ones.

The neat thing about this choice is that it comes with a four-position mattress support system, thus giving you the freedom to customize it as your baby grows.

This product is in compliance with the safety standards imposed by both the ASTM and CPSC. There have been no toxic substances used in its construction.



It isn’t a portable alternative, so it hasn’t been outfitted with casters, nor is it foldable. Nonetheless, this might be an inconvenience solely for prospective buyers who are looking for these specific features.


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Dream On Me Classic


This side crib from Dream On will be with your baby for a long time because it will be first its normal crib and then it will transform itself into a toddler bed as he grows up. It is even viewed by parents as one of the best baby cribs under $100.

The mattress can also be supported by it in 2 different positions so you get the best comfort level for your little one. Assembling it won’t prove too difficult and all the tools you need will come in its package.


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Dream On Me Elora Collection


If you want your little toddler to sleep well then you should get him this bed from Dream On. Nothing toxic is used into its design so it has no way it can harm your little one. The safety of your little one is also taken into account with the bed being fitted with side rails.

The wood design makes it sturdy so it can take the full weight of your toddler without any problem until he outgrows it. And the price of the bed is easily affordable for any family.


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Unavailable products



Dream On Me Ashton 5-in-1


The Ashton is another model that you ought to take into account, particularly if you’re looking for one designed and manufactured by a well-known brand such as Dream On Me. Both the solid wood finish and the 4-position mattress adjustment system boasted by this choice should convince you.

Besides, one thing that you never have to forget about when you are in the market for such a product is whether it is safe to use or not. The fact is that the Ashton poses no threat to the health of your child as it is a quality crib that has been built without the use of lead, BPA, or phthalates.



No harmful substances have been utilized in the development of this product, and its construction is an indication of the value it can offer to both parents and their babies.

The product boasts a 5-in-1 design, which is why you will be able to turn it into a daybed, a full-size bed, as well as one destined for the use of a toddler. Extras for this purpose are available from the same brand.

The height of the mattress can be adjusted conveniently, so you will be able to customize the crib as per the size of your child as he or she grows.

The eye-catching design of this product is another advantage as it can easily tie any room together.



As is the case with other choices, this one might not have the right color. There have been owners who have ordered the white crib and have ended up being delivered a cream one.



Dream On Me Cumberland


You can also buy the Dream On Cumberland which can allow your child to play safely inside and also to take a nice and comfy nap inside. You even have the option to get it in 4 different colors: white, natural, espresso or cherry, which one suits your child more. When your baby outgrows it you can easily transform it into a toddler bed.

The casters also allow you to move it without any problems from one room the next. These are some of the reasons why it is viewed as one of the best baby cribs under $100.