Most popular garage door opener from Chamberlain



For whisper-quiet and smooth operation, this garage door by Chamberlain features a motor vibration isolation system.

Instead of getting frustrated over hard to understand instructions and difficult to assemble pieces, this opener includes easy to read instructions.

Homeowners can leave their home feeling confident that their home is protected against theft.

The product features safety features that prevent against accidental closures.



While reading through the Chamberlain WD822KD reviews,there are several different but rare complaints. These complaints include a leaking battery pack that caused damage to the hood of one customer’s vehicle.

Another customer had a situation where the garage door would not work at all. The unit was newly purchased and installed. When the customer reached out to customer service, they issued a new circuit board, which did not fix the problem. The company then shipped out a whole new unit.

Of the 367 reviews available, there were a small handful of complaints that consumers had regarding this product. These complaints are in regards to the door opening and closing on its own. Some consumers reported that the door would close, even when they were backing out of the garage. This is a problem because someone could get seriously hurt.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • For home owners who have a living space above the garage, this is one of the best garage door openers from Chamberlain because the unit operates whisper-quiet and smoothly, thanks to the motor vibration isolation system. You will not hear grating, squeaking, grinding, or jarring mechanical noises when the door is in use.

  • The system arrives with three railing sections that are combined into one long piece. Unlike other garage door opener manuals, this manual is easy to read which guides you through the entire process. The unit is so easy to assemble, the company boasts a 60-second assembly period.


  • Consumers can leave their home feeling protected against theft because this unit is equipped with Security+, an anti-burglary technology that sends a new code every time the remote control is used. It also features PosiLock theft protection. This protection ensures that when the door is closed, it stays locked until you unlock it.


  • If you have small children or animals, this product features a small beam of invisible light that detects any interference. If something crosses the light’s beam while the door is closing, the door will automatically go back up.


As far as the best garage door openers go, this opener features similar garage door accessories as the competitors. You receive two remote controls, a wall control with soft glow in the dark keypad, and a keyless entry pad.


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