What is the best dog food from Castor & Pollux



US-made product

Contains vitamins and minerals

Gourmet-style pate or loaf serving

USDA certified organic

Specialty food formulated by a team of experts



At least one or two Castor & Pollux Organix reviews bewail the fact that this product is not so affordably priced. The buyers find it a blessing, though, that the investment they make on every can is worth it.

This dog food may require a little transitioning to when your pet has been eating other types of canine formula prior to trying the product.


Costumer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Crafted with conscience and naturally and confidently backed by the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, this product is the best dog food from Castor & Pollux. Formulated and manufactured in the USA, this product comes from a leader in organic and natural pet products. Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks has always been committed to uncompromised quality in all their products.

  • Formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to promote your dog’s health, the Organix Adult Canine Formula keeps your pet healthy, happy and satisfied. With every mouthful of this exceptional dog food, your pet gets all the nutrients it needs to stay strong and active, serving as your true best friend for many years to come.


  • This organic turkey, carrot and potato formula is served pate-style to pique your dog’s curiosity AND taste buds. Your pet gets the taste it craves in a specialty dog food that it is sure to love. Surely, your dog will look forward to every meal once you serve the Organix Adult Canine Formula. The product is good for your dog, in addition to being good for your peace of mind.


  • Created with extraordinary nutrition and quality in mind, this dog food starts with exceptional and safe ingredients, using only the good stuff and keeping out the bad. The dog food uses organic ingredients produced without chemical pesticides, artificial preservatives or synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, or added growth hormones or GMOs. The ingredients and products undergo stringent tests to ensure consistency throughout the production process.


  • Quality, safety and nutrition, those are the Castor & Pollux guarantees. What started out twenty years ago as a simple opportunity for Brian Connolly and Shelley Gunton to make premium pet food for cats and dogs eventually expanded to include an exclusive team of experts in animal nutrition, organic and natural ingredients, veterinary medicine, processing, packaging and distribution.


When you consider your dog an important member of the family, getting the best dog food is always a worthy investment to make. With the all-natural formulation of Castor & Pollux Organix Adult-Canine Formula, you’re assured that you’re giving the best nutrition source there is to your pet. It has a formulation that your dog will truly benefit from, in a nutrient-packed loaf that tastes great for your pet.


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