Best Board Game from Cards Against Humanity

1.1 Cards Against Humanity

Main advantage

Cards Against Humanity is one of the best adult board games for the money, particularly since it has gathered a wide degree of popularity during the last year. What’s more, it has collected over 25,000 of the best board game reviews on Amazon and other online marketplaces, which is why it’s certainly worth considering if you’re prospecting the market for a new game.


Main disadvantage

Some of the buyers have complained about the high price of this game and have taken the time to review the product even though they had not bought it. Although the vast majority of the reviewers claim that the cards are well-made and durable enough, several individuals chose to avoid buying the full game.


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Main features explained


The right game for adults

One of the first details that are worth mentioning about this board game is that it’s not destined for the use of children or people under the age of eighteen. Some individuals might find it somewhat offensive, although the charm of Cards Against Humanity actually stands in its wicked sense of humor and rather basic game mechanics.

Judging by the reviews we’ve come across and the instructions we’ve gone through online, this product is remarkably easy to learn and utilize. As long as the players aren’t too sensitive about any subject, the game is a quiet enjoyable experience.

1.2 Cards Against Humanity


Easy to use

The stack of cards is composed of ninety black units and four hundred and sixty white ones. Players start with a set of ten white cards and then the fun can begin. The instructions are relatively straightforward, which makes the game remarkably easy to follow by any user, regardless of whether he or she is usually creative. Some have gone as far as state that there’s no requirement for creativity in this game, as it actually hands players unique ideas while they play along. Some of the people who have reviewed the product claim that this is the easiest game they’ve ever tried as it requires absolutely nothing new to learn.


Long-lasting game

The cards in the set are professionally printed and made of a durable material. This feature makes the game one of the most long-lasting ones money can buy. The fact that it’s so entertaining will probably make buyers get an expansion pack and play both sets during a dinner party they risked getting bored at.

Even though there are some people who’ve emphasized they don’t fathom spending around twenty-five dollars on such a game, we’ll say that this price is as affordable as it can be, considering that the product doesn’t get more expensive depending on the online marketplace you choose for your purchase. Since most of the games destined for adults actually cost more than this, it’s safe to say it’s reasonably affordable.



Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular games we’ve found on the market today. Although it might not be for everyone’s sense of humor, it will definitely make you laugh as much as you can if you do have a somewhat sarcastic view on life.


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