What is the best golf club set from Callaway



Callaway clubs have been designed to create maximum performance directly out of the box.

As one of the best golf club sets from Callaway, this set features a 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, five irons and a putter.

The Strata set provides golfers with an excellent combination of control and forgiveness.

Golfers can appreciate the lightweight and durable stand bag that is shipped with the set.



When reading the Callaway Strata reviews, there are several complaints worth mentioningin regards to the durability and construction of the clubs. Some consumers have experienced an array of cosmetic deformities on the clubs straight out of the box. These deformities include dents, dings, and scratches—almost like they have been sent second-hand clubs.

Other concerns include the quality of the clubs. Although these instances are rare, one consumer has experienced the head of a 6 iron completely broke off after playing a few holes. Another consumer experienced a similar situation with the driver which broke in the center within two months of purchase.


Customer rating –> B




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Benefits Explained

  • These clubs feature steel and graphite construction, which makes them a durable set, even for heavy usage. The regular flex shafts of the clubs are easily adaptable for most skill levels and strengths. Because of this, these clubs are considered to be one of the best golf club sets available for beginners.

  • The Callaway Strata 13-piece golf club set comes with all the clubs you would need to begin your foray into the game of golf. The 460cc driver has a large sweet spot and is very forgiving. The Fairway Wood #3 club is also forgiving and features an aerodynamic head that provides long and high-flying shots. The hybrids 4h and 5h are excellent alternatives for difficult long irons, giving you more confidence on numerous shots. The stainless steel irons provide you with an excellent combination of forgiveness and control.


  • The common theme of the clubs in the Strata set is optimal control and forgiveness for the beginner. This is because the regular flex of the clubs is accommodating to the needs of a beginner golfer.


  • The Callaway Stata club set is shipped with a lightweight and durable stand bag. The bag is equipped with four pockets that can easily hold all of your golf accessories. The bag also features two mesh tee holders, a rain hood, and padded dual carry straps.


Whether you are purchasing a beginner set of clubs for yourself or someone else, the Callaway Strata set is an excellent option. As a new golfer, it can be difficult to decide which clubs and accessories you need in your bag; but with this set, everything you need is delivered to you—taking much of the guess work out of it!



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