Best Rated Rifle Scope for Deer Hunting from Bushnell

1.1 Bushnell Banner

Main advantage

The Bushnell banner is a good alternative for people who want to get the best value for the price. On this account, the model has gathered some of the best rifle scope for deer hunting reviews, considering that the vast majority of users find that the clarity and brightness of this scope are satisfactory regardless of the harshness of weather conditions.


Main disadvantage

As previously mentioned, most of the user reviews we came across are positive. Some buyers claim that this unit seems to be a tad to heavy for what they were expecting. However, while this might be a disadvantage for some, it might be the exact thing to look for if the buyer already owns a bigger rifle.


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Main features explained

One of the most esteemed features in this unit seems to be the fact that its lens are multi-coated and thus allow the user to benefit from all the brightness and clarity they might ever require. In itself, it’s an investment for most people who do their hunting in the evening or early morning, as the model has been specially designed for these conditions. What’s more, game tends to come out at dusk or at dawn.

1.2 Bushnell Banner

The unit is packed with a plethora of useful characteristics, ranging from a versatile Multi-X reticle to a 4-inch eye relief piece. This is a low-light product that features a 40mm point lens and has a 3-9X magnification. The entire tube measures 12 inches.

Durability is at the root of this product, as it has been built with the elements in mind. As is the case with many other modern rifle scopes for deer hunting, this one is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. In a nutshell, it’s safe to say that this is the best Bushnell rifle scope if you’re looking for a dependable model that lasts through the years.

A number of benefits come from all the features of the Bushnell Banner, of which we felt compelled to mention a few. For one, fitting the scope is remarkably easy, as it has been underlined by various users who wrote detailed reviews. The zoom adjustment is easy to perform and the model offers enough range.

Versatility is yet another thing to consider when buying rifle scopes, which is why you should take into account the fact that this model fits one of the following weapons: Remington 700, TC Encore, Federal 1338, Winchester Rifle as well as Remington 280. In addition, the scope can be used with Shotgun and Tikka T3Lite. If you’re the owner or user of any of the formerly mentioned weapons, you have the freedom to take advantage of this well-made unit, as it will be a perfect fit for your rifle.



The Bushnell Banner is one of the most acclaimed products we have run into, as it has amazing light gathering and it features good-quality glass. It’s both easy to zoom and clear and poses no problems in terms of usability. Additionally, it offers outstanding value for the price.


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