What’s the best #32 meat grinder from Buffalo Tools


2.#32 Meat Grinder with PulleyBenefits

The meat grinder accessories are included making it an affordable tool for your kitchen.

It features a durable and sturdy construction, and a classic design that is easy to use.

Considered the best #32 meat grinder it can be powered manually or with a small motor.

The versatile meat grinder is easy to clean, and its compact design lets you store it out of the way until you are ready to use it again.



The durable cast iron construction makes it the best meat grinder from Buffalo Tools, but it also means that it is not rated dishwasher safe. To protect the material from rusting it should be washed and dried by hand.

There are small ball bearings included with the meat grinder that can easily rust if not properly dried. A coating of vegetable oil will not only remove any corrosion, it can also help to protect the cast iron from rusting.

When using the grinder manually it can be difficult to cut through tougher, sinewy deer meat, though this is usually not a problem when it is attached to a small motor.


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  • This is the best meat grinder for grinding all types of meat, and you can also use this versatile kitchen tool on other food items. Along with the cutting knife and grinding plate, you also get the benefit of the two included pulleys. Turn the wheeled crank manually for smaller amounts of meat, or use the pulleys to attach a motor to make short work of tougher deer and elk meat.

1.#32 Meat Grinder with Pulley

  • The sturdy cast iron construction is built to last for years, and the classic wheeled crank design looks great in your kitchen. The crank wheel is easy to turn for perfectly ground chicken and beef, and the pulleys simply slide over the wheel before being attached to the motor.


  • You can easily cut small amounts of meat and even produce by hand with the wheeled grinder, and when it is time to tackle larger quantities simply stand back and let the motor do all of the hard work for you. Prevent sore arm and shoulders muscles, and quickly grind all of the meat for a large party.


  • The Buffalo Tools #32 reviews state that the meat grinder is easy to clean and all of the included parts can be stored out of site until you are ready to use it again. To keep the versatile meat grinder functioning perfectly it is recommended that you apply a light coating of vegetable oil to keep it protected from rust and corrosion.


This versatile meat grinder not only features a classic wheeled crank design that looks great sitting on any kitchen counter, it can also be attached to a small motor for grinding larger amounts of meat. Experience the difference freshly prepared meat can make in your recipes, and amaze friends and family with your delicious creations. Not only is it simple to use, the meat grinder is also extremely easy to clean.


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