Highest rated rifle scope for deer hunting from BSA



As far as rifle scope accessories are concerned, the BSA 3-9×40 Deer Hunter Rifle Scope is one of the easiest scopes to put on the rifle and begin to use.

The scopes chambers are filled with nitrogen gas and are sealed tightly, providing you with a waterproof and fog proof seal.

As the best rifle scope for deer hunting, this particular scope uses camera quality glass lenses to provide you with crystal clear images.

The easy focus eyepiece allows you to zoom in on your target with just the use of your fingertip.



Some of the BSA Deerhunter DH39x40 reviews state that the scope does not feature a parallax adjustment feature. Because this scope does not have that ability, the field of view is stuck at 100 yards. If you attempt to use the scope at a lower range, you may not be able to have clear focus on the crosshairs or the target. You may be forced to choose between the two.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • As one of the best rifle scopes for deer hunting from BSA, this scope can be used as soon as you take it out of the package. Simply mount the lightweight scope to your rifle and check the crosshairs for a focused and clear view.

  • Since the scope is filled with nitrogen gas and is sealed tightly, you have the ability to use the scope in a multitude of weather conditions. If you are caught in the rain, you never have to worry about water leaking into the scope. Even in humid conditions, the nitrogen filled tube will prevent fog from forming on the lenses, allowing you to see your target in other wise difficult conditions.


  • Part of the reason why hunters can see their targets so clearly with this scope is because it features lenses that are camera quality. These high quality lenses are used to give you clear and undistorted images when looking through them. The multi-coated lens also allows for more light to filter in, thus making the most out of low-light situations.


  • In order to get the best opportunities to focus in on your target, you can utilize the responsive adjustment capabilities of the scope. All you need is a slight touch from your fingertip and you will be able to find your target easily.


No matter the weather condition that you may be venturing out into the wilderness to start your hunt, you can be certain that this BSA rifle scope will be able to withstand the rain or extra dampness. Because of the camera like lens and the responsive adjustment capabilities, you will be able to pin-point your target each and every time.


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