What is the best car vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker



Exceptional run time

Comes with car vacuum cleaner accessories

Design and feel

Ideal for quick clean ups



The Black-&-Decker CHV1510 has rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery that takes a long time to charge. The battery can also be prone to fading.

The small dirt bin may need to be emptied frequently due to its limited capacity.

Customer rating –> A


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Benefits Explained

  • Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster reviews cite how the machine offers a remarkable run time of 45 minutes. This is outstanding when considered together with the initial charging time of 24 hours. It employs revolutionary cyclonic action to keep dirt away from the filter opening. This allows it to maintain its suction power even as it fills up.


  • Two attachments come in the package for convenient cleaning: a foldable brush tool and a pullout crevice tool. A pair of rotating nozzles is supplied. You can clean more difficult-to-reach areas with the slim pivoting nozzle that rotates 90 degrees in both directions. The wide-mouth nozzle scoops up larger debris. The unit comes with a wall mount, a charger, as well as a pair of washable filters.


  • The machine uses a simplified version of HEPA filtration that uses a three-stage filtration mechanism to prevent clogging and provide cleaner air exhaust. The first stage of filtration separates fine debris from coarse dirt. The second stage traps fine dust particles. The third and final phase allows dispelling of cleaner air. This machine can be appreciated for its industrial plastic body with compact dimensions. It is really light at three pounds. Absence of dirt bags allow easy viewing of amount of collected debris through the washable translucent dirt collection bowl, which has a generous 20.6-ounce capacity.


  • The 15.6-volt motor offers 25 watts of suction power. Designed to simplify quick debris clean up, you don’t have to plug it in or carry a bulky upright or heavy canister vacuum cleaner. It’s great for spot cleaning on the road or in the home, definitely the best car vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker.


Sometimes, it can seem like the best car vacuum cleaner is beyond reach but thanks to the Black & Decker CHV1510, that is no longer a problem. It comes with super functional attachments, is lightweight and portable. Do quick clean ups of messes while at home or on the go. This sleek machine offers good run time and impressive power to make it possible.


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