Find the Best Electric Bidet from Bidet4me


1b.Bidet4me E-200A Electric Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer, WhiteBenefits

Many of the Bidet4me E-200a reviews say that this unit is quick and easy to install and set up.

The Bidet4me E-200A is engineered to provide both a heated seat and heated water.

Full-featured and engineered for luxury, the Bidet4me E-200A provides adjustability for its most essential features.

The bidet toilet seat also offers extras such as self-cleaning features.

The unit also saves on electricity.



One of the reviews says that the bidet4me E200A is a small seat, so it may make your toilet look smaller. The user says it may not work for someone with a bigger bottom, but most users do not consider this an issue.

The seat is made of plastic, which may turn some people off.

The instruction manual needs to be seriously upgraded so it can be more comprehensible.


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Benefits Explained

Designed for use in North America, the Bidet4me E200A ships with all the needed toilet seat accessories so you can install it immediately. Assembly and set up takes from 30 to 45 minutes for most people. It has a built in water filter to help the heating system do its job most efficiently. The installed thermostat ensures delivery of heated water when needed. The supplied T-valve enables connection to the water pipe and the inlet. The base plate enables easy installation of the seat to the toilet. The 6-foot power cord facilitates connection to a GFI outlet.

1a.Bidet4me E-200A Electric Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer, White

The Bidet4me E200A is the best toilet seat for those with certain genitourinary health issues such as hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease. Seniors, people who’ve had surgery, individuals with limited dexterity or mobility, new mothers and women with their monthly period will appreciate how the Bidet4me E200A provides warm water to wash with. The heated seat ensures no cold toilet seat shocks especially when the days are chilly. With front and rear warm water cleansing, the bidet cycle streams aerated water for genuinely unparalleled cleaning.


Built with a contemporary look, the Bidet4me E200A has control features for water and seat temperature and water pressure. You can adjust the position of the gentle aerated stream for a thorough cleansing according to your preference. The warm water cleansing offers a wide clean function. Cleansing is followed by a hands-free mild warm air dry function that can be activated at the touch of a button and is adjustable to three settings. You can control the temperature of the heated seat. You can adjust the setting of the warm air dry feature, plus you can also modify the settings of the water massage to your preference.


The fully automated self cleaning nozzle ensures hygienic cleansing every time. The heated soft closing seat offers relaxation and comfort. The Bidet4me toilet seat has Female, Kid, Auto and Turbo Wash features for customized cleaning. The seat sensor activates the features only when someone is seated. The bidet toilet seat is also bamboo charcoal deodorized to ensure elimination of bad odors right at the source.

Built with good quality and great value for money, this product is the best bidet seat from Bidet4me, as it comes with intelligent power saving features including power off flushing to reduce energy costs. You won’t use wasteful toilet paper, making the bidet toilet seat more eco friendly.



Easy to install, the Bidet4me E200A offers a hygienic, comfortable and convenient way to get rectal and genital cleansing especially for people with certain health concerns and limitations. It has all of the features that high-end models are built with while saving on energy costs. The Bidet4me E200A is an environment-friendly alternative to wasteful toilet paper usage.

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