Because your interest is our business, we have designed this short paragraph to provide enough information for you if you would rather not read our buying guide about the best yoga wheel. By relying on value and quality as points of consideration for product comparison, we have been able to conclude that the UPCIRCLESEVEN Pro Series is a clear favorite for consumers. This innovative tool helps improve your yoga by enabling you to perform yoga poses perfectly. It promotes an increased precision as well as a great deal of balance especially because it serves as an exceptional back stretcher and opener. Undoubtedly strong, this yoga tool can accommodate a substantial 550 pounds compared to inferior quality yoga wheels made from PVC. Designed not to flex even a centimeter, the UPCIRCLESEVEN Pro Series seems to have earned the acclaim of many yoga practitioners, so stocks often run out. Should this be your problem, we suggest getting the second best option, the Reehut Premium Back Roller.



Buying guide


A circular-shaped yoga prop, the yoga wheel rolls out the spine, helps open the front side of the body, and aids in assuming more challenging yoga poses. Aside from being able to massage the full length of the spine, these are what the best wheel for yoga should come with:


Users who have a high level of flexibility will do well to get a large wheel with a diameter of 14 to 15 inches. This type is suitable for users who are 6 feet or taller, or 1.8 to 2 meters and taller. It should easily support around 300 pounds or 137 kgs of weight.

A good yoga wheel for those between 5’4” to 5’10” tall would be a standard wheel, which typically has a diameter of 12 inches. As the most common type of yoga wheel, this size is quite versatile. It can challenge your strength and flexibility, in addition to enhancing your yoga routine. It supports up to 90 kgs or 200 pounds.

A medium wheel is 10 inches in diameter. It is suitable for users 5’3” inches or shorter. Slightly smaller than a standard wheel, a medium wheel is ideal for those with very little flexibility. It can support up to 114 kgs or 250 pounds.

A micro wheel is 6 inches in diameter. It makes a nice add-on wheel to complement the other sizes. Able to help with balance and flexibility, this is a great wheel to get kids started on yoga.

Some popular mini wheels are larger at 10 inches in diameter, like medium ones. This type is ideal for users 4 to 5 feet in height or 1.21 to 1.52 meters tall. It can hold up to 114 kgs or 250 pounds and can be used by children 5 to 13 years old.

You can find travel wheels with 6-inch diameters, which can hold up to 68 kgs or 150 pounds. Ideal for rolling out tension, a travel wheel easily fits in luggage or a backpack if a larger one cannot be accommodated or is not practical to bring along.


Dependable construction

Considering the very nature of the functionality of your yoga wheel, it needs to be strong, sturdy and durable. It should support your balance and flexibility quite well and be able to replace a foam roller easily to soothe sore muscles.

A cheap yoga wheel is just made from PVC, which is not durable and not safe either. Higher quality wheels boast a recycled plastic and glass composite construction, which ensures ample solidity to support a great amount of weight. Cheap wheels also show flex, which can make it difficult to execute postures easily, safely, and with enough support.

Premium quality options come with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) paddings or thermoplastic rubber, which exhibits greater durability, abrasion resistance, and stiffness.


Other features

Look for yoga wheels for sale with finger grooves for the precise placement of your digits. Portability and easy storage are also essential, but micro and mini wheels may just be the answer to those needs. Their lightweight design makes them easy to slip into a gym bag or luggage.

Some good options are even sweat-resistant, so you don’t end up with wet and clammy hands despite a rigorous yoga workout. This will also mean safe use since the wheel will not slip on the floor too easily because it won’t be slick with perspiration.



Top Rated Yoga Wheels in 2021


While we do not claim to be yoga experts, we want to help you determine which ones are stellar in the various yoga wheel reviews and which ones are not. We have showcased some of the market’s top selling options in the next paragraphs.





The UPCIRCLESEVEN Pro Series helps improve your yoga practice by enabling you to perfect even those challenging postures. Providing exceptional balance and a better level of precision, this option provides easy back opening and stretching. It is your ally when exploring new forms and sequences during your yoga routine.

Constructed to be quite strong, this product comes with a bonus PDF Yoga Wheel e-guide so you can make the most of the prop. It is designed to support up to 550 pounds. While some inferior quality yoga wheels are just made of weak polyvinylchloride (PVC), this option ensures durability and safety to deliver lasting use.

You can perform various poses and movements safely, easily, and with a supportive accessory that helps keep your balance. With a reliable quality that you can count on, this yoga wheel features a thick padding that cushions the back, feet, and palms while you move, which guarantees enough comfort.

The superb padding also effectively prevents moisture accumulation to support even the most demanding yoga routines. Neither is odor due to germs a problem.  

This yoga prop aids in enhancing the health benefits of the practice while injecting an element of fun into your yoga routine. It can be used by both beginner and advanced yogis. It helps hone your skills and in achieving deeper postures.

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Reehut Premium Back Roller


The Reehut Premium Back Roller is a 12.6″ x 5″ option designed to be strong and supportive. It increases the depth of your yoga stretches and bends while effectively enhancing your entire yoga routine. It rolls the back and opens up the chest. Work on your core easily with this exceptional yoga prop.

The Hybrid Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) foam construction makes the yoga wheel resistant to sweat. The component also gives the prop a natural resistance to bacteria. The wheel comes with 10mm of extra-thick padding that delivers enough comfort while ensuring a safe grip when doing backbends and stretches.

Able to support up to 440 pounds, the TPE plastic wheel delivers the critical back support needed to enable you to perform spine stretches. You enjoy peace of mind that it will not flex under your weight. Truly a good stretching and fitness tool, this prop helps you achieve perfect yoga poses and backbends. It improves your core strength and makes spinal stretches deeper. Your chest and shoulders are opened up and your balance and flexibility can get improved.  

Easy to bring along for classes or during travel, this option is lightweight and portable at just 2.5 pounds. You can confidently get into handstands and stretch your shoulders, back, abdomen, and chest while melting away muscle tension and stress.

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Providing some extra challenge to your yoga regimen, the 321 STRONG is a durable yoga prop that safely supports up to 500 pounds. This enables you to stand on top of it and also develop your core. The wheel has a lightweight construction that makes it easy to bring along to the studio or for travel.

Ideal for practicing headstands and handstands, this yoga wheel is outfitted with substantial padding that delivers cushioning comfort to the spine. You can easily lay your body over the wheel to make forearm stand scorpion and backbend poses deeper. Explore what you can do with your body using this helpful yoga device.

Your chest, shoulders, and back get opened up easily. The hip flexors and quads get stretched. Find out more ways to improve your balance using the Bonus e-book that comes with the purchase of this option.

This premium quality yoga wheel helps take your meditation to the next level. You can also move into advanced postures with this prop. It serves as a counterbalance with gentle pressing against the head. Maintain your stability while you go through the backbends and stretches, using the 12.5-inch wheel for support.

Inject some form of difficulty along with core strengthening effects to mountain poses and upright balancing.

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