We truly understand that yogis would rather get to the point and find the best yoga tops quickly without reading our buying guide, so we have created this short paragraph to be just as helpful. We have based our own research on value and quality as critical points of consideration when comparing products. Based on our objective analysis, the RBX ACR3-MESHTANK is a genuinely good find because of its 100 percent polyester construction, which offers the right balance of breathability, comfort, and flexibility to help you achieve picture-perfect yoga poses while practicing proper breathing that can open up your core. By promoting proper air circulation, this top body apparel lets you maximize the benefits of yoga practice. Thanks to the exclusive X Dri technology, sweat is wicked away easily from your body, so you stay dry and able to focus on the entire workout. Due to being a heavy favorite for customers, stocks of the RBX ACR3-MESHTANK tend to run out quickly. However, we are sure there are many reasons the Campeak Professional Sport CA16099 has emerged as a second best option, so it’s worth checking out.



Buying guide

Considering that yoga helps increase your flexibility and strength, you are going to need the best tops for yoga to support that objective. One thing you have to remember is that you simply can’t go for just anything that would feel completely like standard workout clothes. Because yoga practice is different from other fitness exercises, these are what you want to look at in yoga tops.


A cheap yoga top might seem thin enough to enable you to feel cool, but the quality of the material would not be up to par if you consider the intrinsic nature of the exercise. The material has to be flexible without being loose, lightweight without being too flimsy.

The top should offer significant ability to stretch while still keeping a snug fit. This enables an instructor in attendance to be able to check your movements for proper execution. A popular option in this aspect is a combination of cotton and Lycra. Lycra is superbly stretchable while cotton is able to absorb perspiration quite well.

Polyester and spandex also make a good material fusion. The composite blend enables you to bend easily.

Another thing you will need to be vigilant about is the density of the material. It should not stretch too thin, and the material should be of good quality. This prevents a practically see-through top that makes you feel uncomfortable while exercising.

Some moisture-wicking clothing is treated with a chemical finish that enhances their performance. This means they are able to draw moisture away quickly along the non-absorbent fibers then transport it to the exterior of the garment.


Fit and comfort

As with any other performance activewear, a good yoga top should be able to provide a nice and snug fit without being too tight. Neither should it be too loose to hamper free mobility during exercise. The bottom line is a relaxed fit that ensures breathability and adequate air circulation because yoga has an intrinsic focus on proper breathing, in the first place

Look for tops from ecologically-focused brands that uphold yogic principles. After all, yoga is a lifestyle that is designed to permeate daily living. Comfort always goes before fashion. You should also choose tops based on the kind of yoga you intend to do.

The right yoga top also ensures your safety so you can assume even the most advanced poses easily, quickly, and while maintaining your stability.

You want moisture-wicking material that doesn’t leave you dripping with sweat afterward. You should still feel fresh after class.



Tank tops are popular as the best yoga wear since they come in a variety of styles. There are some with built-in bras, so ladies do not have to figure out what sports bra to use for practice. A supportive bra or bra liner also helps with the workout.

Sleeveless or short-sleeved styles are common.  Longer sleeves only become distractions and can get in the way when executing asanas. A sleeveless racer back design also supports a full range of motion. A high-low hemline offers a good coverage at the back.

A sport-bra style should feature adjustable straps for a customized fit  The cups should have a lining to prevent overexposure. The sides and back should ideally have mesh panels that reduce weight and provide extra breathability.



Top Rated Yoga Tops in 2018


There are plenty of yoga tops for sale. While this will mean more choices, it also means narrowing them down will be a tedious process. Let us simplify your search with our review of some top sellers on Amazon.





Made from 100 percent polyester, the RBX ACR3-MESHTANK comes with a relaxed fit that ensures ample room for breathability. It also enables free air circulation, so you don’t end up sweaty and overheated after a session on the mat. The lovely scoop neck design provides a genuinely feminine feel and look. You don’t have to look masculine just to build strength through yoga in the first place.

Thanks to the patented X Dri technology, the tank top material wicks sweat away from the body. This will ensure you stay dry so you can focus on the workout fully. The material will not get heavy with perspiration so it will not become uncomfortable on the body after the workout.

Thanks as well to the hi/low hemline, the tank top provides added coverage in the back. It will not leave your upper body exposed when you have to assume positions with your hands raised high or when you reach to the sides.

Enjoy a full range of motion with the sleeveless racerback design of the top. You can move easily and gracefully during transitions between poses while having problem-free mesh aeration. The relaxed fit will not compress your upper body in any section so you can perform poses easily and quickly.

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Campeak Professional Sport CA16099 


There is so much to love about the Campeak Professional Sport CA16099. The 87 percent nylon and 13 percent spandex material is just the beginning. The exceptional fiber blend delivers flexibility and comfort while ensuring a dependable performance down the line. The quality sports fabric offers comfort and functionality to make a suitable yoga top.

The fabric comes with moisture-wicking capability, so you don’t end up drenched with sweat after your exercise. It also comes treated with anti-bacterial deodorant, so bad odors due to germs in sweat are kept at bay. This quick-drying and breathable sports bra provides high-impact support for the active woman.

Suitable as well for circuit training, kickboxing, and spinning, this sports apparel is made out of sleek and stretchy fabric that is breathable, helping you stay cool and dry during exercise. The air goes through easily so you can also breathe without effort. This is a lightweight, soft, and stretchy yoga top outfitted with a power back to allow optimal freedom of movement.

Thanks to the removable cups, you enjoy extra coverage that prevents overexposure. The sports bra provides ample support when exercising. It helps maintain the strength of the breast wall and also the shape of your breast.

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PODOM Bogoo21167


Made from a combination of spandex and polyester, the PODOM Bogoo21167 comes with a sleeveless tank top design that makes workouts cooler and less sweaty. Available in different colors, this yoga top offers a good coverage of your upper body so you can move from one yoga pose to another without worrying that any part is exposed.

The crisscross back design ensures stability on the body. It provides a secure hold on the shoulders. The criss-cross style also facilitates freedom of movement without slipping down the shoulders periodically. The elegant neck design provides a truly feminine touch. The mesh ensures easy breathability and air circulation. You always feel cool and fresh during exercises.

Suitable for gym and fitness exercises, this sleeveless top also features a feminine fit that emphasizes your natural curves without being too tight or overly loose. It drapes onto your lower body nicely while providing enough coverage so you can stretch and raise your arms without getting overexposed.

There won’t be any pinching on the armhole either so you can move your arms freely. The flat-locked seams will not rub against your skin, which prevents blisters on contact points. You will also appreciate the reinforced seams on the mesh panel that prevent rips and tears.

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