Is time simply not enough for you to go over our in-depth buying guide and product recommendations? Don’t worry, this short paragraph should satisfy your need for ample information about the best yoga socks on the market. In order for us to provide an objective comparison of some of the popular products in this category, we rated according to quality and value. Based on our findings, the Tucketts Womens Allegro Style is undeniably a good choice considering it is made of 70 percent cotton, 29 percent nylon, and 1 percent spandex. This means the option offers a nice fusion of comfort, functionality, and flexibility. This machine-washable pair comes with a patent-pending toe-less design that promotes the freedom of movement when executing barefoot exercises. Consumers seem to prefer it so much the Tucketts Womens Allegro Style can easily run out of stock but there’s still the market’s second best option, the Goodwyn Multipack Original Style.



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Keeping your feet and toes clean, snug, warm, and secure is something the best socks for yoga are particularly designed for. Because of this special functionality, you ought to get a good pair and not just any regular pair of socks for athletic and sports applications. Be sure to check out these aspects when in the market for this kind of yoga gear.

Design and material

You can get a pair of good yoga socks with a full-sock design or toe-free models. With a full-sock pair, your entire foot is completely covered. A toe-free design, on the other hand, provides extra grip on the floor and allows freedom of movement, especially when doing barefoot exercises.

The material in yoga socks varies from one manufacturer to another. Some feature a towel-like bottom and leverage a high-thread knitting technique that offers comfort. For toeless models, look for a stitched heel and soft strap that prevent the socks from slipping off.

Others are made from a combination of recycled cotton, nylon, and spandex, for comfort, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties. In keeping with an eco-friendly design, some socks use organic cotton blended with spandex.



If you take a look at the different products described in the yoga socks reviews, you will notice that those given high ratings offer a comfortable experience when doing Pilates, yoga, barre, and similar exercises. They are soft and snuggly to keep foot fatigue away. They also keep the feet clean and dry and hug them like a glove.

Some are even ideal for use during travel, maternity, and recovery after surgery such as C-sections. You still want to be able to wiggle your toes well without any compression on any part of the feet.

Toe-free models should not pinch your feet where the straps and elastic bands are. Any stitching should be executed seamlessly so as not to rub against the skin of the foot and cause irritation or chafing. The last thing you need after a full session is blisters and calluses on the feet because of fluff in the socks. Seams should be smooth and flat.


Safety and ease of use

Be wary of cheap yoga socks that resemble regular socks. Yoga socks should offer a good grip on the floor if you are to ensure non-slip traction on the surface. Some options feature silicon dots on the sole that stay on and keep you from slipping. Remember that you can get the floor wet with your sweat so you cannot afford to slip on your own perspiration.

Grippy yoga socks allow you freedom of movement and help retain the barefoot sensation with ample stability. You want any grippy system on the socks to stay on even when washed many times. The system should really keep you connected to the mat, floor, or exercise machine. Despite a barely-there texture, the socks should keep your feet from germs and dirt as well.

Machine-washable socks are great. Some even come with a mesh bag to facilitate machine laundering.



Top Rated Yoga Socks in 2018


You can find a variety of yoga socks for sale on the market. To help consumers find a great pair, we have featured some of the favorites on Amazon in the next paragraphs. We hope they can help you get the ideal pair for your own needs.



Tucketts Womens Allegro Style


Made from 70% recycled cotton, 29% nylon, and 1% spandex, the Tucketts Womens Allegro Style offers yoga practitioners a patent-pending toeless design that allows freedom of motion when doing barefoot exercises. You can enjoy a barefoot sensation while enjoying the stability of a pair of grippy fitness socks.

The material is machine-washable for easy care and maintenance. The stitched heel and soft strap ensure the socks stay securely on the feet while staying comfortable. While wearing this pair, you can perform barre, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, dance, and gymnastics exercises and also ensure your feet stay free from dirt and germs.

The grips are guaranteed to stay stuck even after multiple washing. These socks enable you to keep connected to the floor, fitness machine, or mat.

Made out of eco-friendly material, the socks also wick away sweat and are soft. This ensures a comfortable exercise experience every time. Enjoy balance with these high-performance grip socks that ensure your toes maintain a full sensory contact with the surface. They help strengthen the critical muscles of your feet and keep you stable and grounded during exercise.  

A mesh bag is supplied in the package for easy and convenient storage, transport, and washing. You will know which sock goes onto which foot with the visible L and R indicators on the socks.

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Goodwyn Multipack Original Style


Designed in the USA, the Goodwyn Multipack Original Style features a towel-like bottom and utilizes a high-thread knitting technique to deliver a non-slip option for fitness exercises. The full-foot design ensures coverage from end to end, so your feet stay warm, clean, and dry when doing yoga and other exercises.

Suitable for Pilates, barre, and yoga exercises, the socks are soft, snuggly, and sturdy. They provide ample grip on the floor, so you stay stable during exercises. This pair is also suitable for travel, maternity, and recovery after having a C-section.

The grippy silicon dots stay in place even after multiple washing, so you are kept from slipping during daily use. The socks also stay stable on the feet thanks to the extra elastic bands in the middle. They won’t roll off the feet easily. The socks can be used by men and women of most sizes, 4 to 8 and 5 to 9, respectively.

Feel safe and stable when doing your exercises. Another primary selling point is how this option comes as a three-pair set, giving you genuine value for the money. The socks do not get deformed or stretched out of shape or size even when used daily.  Customers are happy that the socks come true to size.

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ToeSox Women’s Bellarina


Doing yoga and other fitness exercises should not cause pain in the feet. This is what the ToeSox Women’s Bellarina is designed for. Comfortable and stretchy, the socks keep your feet from dirt and germs on the floor during exercise. Made out of organic cotton, spandex, and other fibers, the socks are suitable for barre, yoga, dance, Pilates, and fitness exercises.

The heel tab protects the Achilles tendon and also provides added comfort.  The arch band delivers a graceful support and lift. The exclusive ToeSox grip ensures a non-slip traction on the floor while also contributing to the secure placement of the foot when performing barefoot indoor fitness activities.

The five-toe design allows the toes to move freely and also to spread out naturally, with no pinching or compression. To eliminate twisting and bunching, the socks also feature a fitted heel. An arch band delivers a gentle yet adequate pressure to support and lift the foot. The open-foot design makes the socks feel like you are hardly wearing any.

Made from 90 percent certified organic cotton, 8 percent elastane, and 2 percent other fiber, the socks provide a protective, hygienic barrier from germs and dirt on the floor. They can also be washed inside-out on gentle cycle, then dried in low heat or simply air dried.

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