We know very well that time is of the essence when searching for the best yoga blocks and this is why we designed this short paragraph to be as informative as possible while being quick to read. Using value and quality as the basis for our product comparisons, we evaluated some of the popular products out there. According to what we found out, the Gaiam 05-62333 Combo makes an ideal choice, especially for yoga enthusiasts who are also serious budget seekers. This combo pack comprises a yoga block and strap, so you have what you need to get started on being a yoga practitioner. The difficult yoga poses become more accessible thanks to how the block supports your body when executing them. For flawless flexibility, the supplied strap increases your range of motion. There can be no limit to what you can achieve at yoga with those two components used together. You can also modify and support your poses while guaranteeing safety for your body because the two tools promote customized performance needs with a suitable level of flexibility. Because the Gaiam 05-62333 Combo is a regular buyer preference, it tends to run out of stock quickly. However, why not give the Gaiam 05-52214 a try so you can see why it is the second best option?



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A yoga block is the most common prop used in yoga class. The body is supported by it to enable the alignment of the yoga pose to find a more transcendent expression. Most often used as an extension of the hands, good yoga blocks also support the hips, back, and head. To ensure you have the ideal prop that can help you get into those challenging poses, take a long look at these essential points.


If you check out the various options in the yoga blocks reviews, you will notice most of them follow the ideal size of 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches. That said, it is not rare to find either a smaller or larger size than that. The size of your hands, as well as your flexibility level, will have a bit of influence on the size of the yoga block you choose.

If you are quite flexible and have small hands, a smaller one should suffice. On the other hand, those with larger hands but are less flexible should go for a larger block. Apparently, as with most things, size is not everything in yoga blocks. Although standard dimensions have been established, the most critical element is how the prop really feels for you.

You can find a large number of yoga blocks measuring 9 x 6 x 4 inches. The range of sizes also varies from one brand to another. You will also need to consider if you intend to use the block just to rest on or for gripping.

Weight is also an aspect to look into in terms of size. This is where yoga blocks are greatly differentiated. The weight of the block provides a general idea of its density as well as its firmness. That said, you can find yoga blocks with ample solidity despite having a very light build.



Yoga blocks for sale made out of foam are the lightest, typically weighing between 3 and 12 ounces. Yoga blocks made from cork weigh from 1 to 2 pounds. Wood and bamboo options are the heaviest at 1.5 to 2.5 pounds hefty. There was a time when yoga blocks were made from wood, but foam and cork eventually overtook their popularity.

This is doubtlessly due to the difference the two latter materials could make inside a yoga bag. You can find hollow wooden ones constructed from balsa, bamboo, birch, poplar, and maple. The harder the wood, the tougher the yoga block is. Those made from softer woods are naturally lighter.

You can depend on wooden yoga blocks when it comes to sturdiness, aesthetic value, and long life. That said, they are pricey, tend to slide around on the hardwood floor, can turn slippery when touched with sweaty hands, and are not that easy to stack together.

Cork blocks are softer, lighter, and more eco-friendly than wooden ones. Storage through stacking is not a problem. However, the material absorbs perspiration and odors, which can make a cork block smell bad and become dented or crumbly with continued use.

Less expensive than the other two materials, foam is also lightweight and extremely soft. Foam ones make cheap yoga blocks that are easy to clean and durable as well. They do tend to wear easily and accumulate dirt quite fast. Foam blocks tend to turn less stable and are flimsy especially when used for support, aside from being less eco-friendly compared to either cork or wood ones.



Like any other consumer product, yoga blocks are an investment you have to make if you want to optimize the practice. You can rest assured that Amazon has plenty of options available in this category, with some of the most popular being the best Gaiam blocks on the market.

However, the brand does not really hold a monopoly because you can also find others from different manufacturers offering premium quality as well. You can opt to get more than one yoga block for support to both hands. They will also enable you to assume more difficult poses where support from multiple sides is needed.



Top Rated Yoga Blocks in 2021


We may not be expert yoga practitioners, but we would still be happy to help you find good props like yoga blocks. We have showcased some of them in the following paragraphs.



Gaiam 05-62333 Combo


Helping make the more challenging yoga poses become more accessible, the Gaiam 05-62333 Combo also delivers genuine value for the money. You get two yoga props in one, so you have more opportunities to try a variety of yoga poses to enhance your yoga practice and the results.

With the purchase of this option, you get not just the 9 by 6 by 4-inch yoga block but also a 6-foot yoga strap. While the block supports your body during the execution of challenging poses, the yoga strap enables you to elevate the range of your motion, thereby increasing your overall flexibility.

This option features a foam yoga block that is lightweight and safe to use. It ensures stability on the floor and can help you transition from one pose to the next while having enough support for your hands and body.

With this innovative yoga prop combo, you enjoy safe support along with the easy modification of poses to optimize your yoga practice every time. You can perform more challenging poses with confidence that the block can support your body while doing so. Best of all, the combo comes with a pocket-friendly price, so you get more for what you pay for.

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Gaiam 05-52214


Made from durable, supportive foam, the Gaiam 05-52214 is a solid option for those who want a yoga prop that can help them with support when executing more difficult yoga poses. This yoga block delivers balance and stability so you can achieve proper alignment of all body parts involved when performing deeper poses. It also ensures you can do challenging poses with increased strength.

Made large enough to sit on with comfort, this option measures 9 by 6 by 4 inches. Spot cleaning it is easy using a mild detergent. It can be air dried or towel dried afterward. Available in different colors, the yoga block enables you to achieve a good flow when transitioning or modifying yoga poses.

This yoga prop helps you make the most of every practice session so you can become your better self. It supports your stretch and provides stability while being a lightweight device. It is easy to carry and store in your yoga bag. It can be placed under your hands, seat, or feet.

Safely assisting in making stretches deeper, this yoga block prevents injury by loosening up your body. It stays stable with its non-slip surface. The durable foam is sure to last a long time. Get the full benefits of yoga with added height and support from this foam prop.

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AmazonBasics Set


This high-quality set of two Yoga blocks promote better balance and proper alignment and also help you execute complicated poses without breaking your back or straining your muscles. They are designed by experts and made of durable, high-density foam, a choice that offers reliable support and long-lasting performance.

The model comes with slip-resistant surfaces on all sides that help ensure a secure hold on any type of flooring, including wood, vinyl and tile, and the round edges make sure you can grab the blocks quickly and that there are no sharp corners which could hurt you.

Moreover, the set is lightweight and modular – you can use the blocks separately, or you can stack them together in a variety of configurations. They are also highly portable, meaning you can even take them as you’re camping or traveling across the country so you can practice even there.

The sturdy blocks also offer a lot of versatility because they are large enough that you can sit on them without fearing you will fall. You can choose between a few very attractive and modern colors, and the high-density foam has a nice texture so that the units will be inviting and stimulating, which will ultimately lead you to practice Yoga more.

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REEHUT High Density


The product emphasizes safety, which is what you want a block to do. It is crafted from 100% non-toxic materials and is entirely eco-friendly, which is ideal if you aspire to invest in both your health and the environment. Moreover, this doesn’t mean the model lacks in quality, as it is sturdy and durable.

Reehut has created an excellent product. The blocks can be bought together or separately, and they come in many different colors, meaning you can opt for one or all the colors that match your style the most. Moreover, the design is improved to be non-slip and moisture-proof to keep harmful factors like bacteria away.

One block measures 9″x6″x3″ inches and reviewers praise the model for being lightweight. The high-density foam used for the build adds long-lasting durability and makes this product ideal for a wide range of activities. Another great addition is the beveled edge design which provides a soft grip.

The model deepens and elongates your stretches, and more importantly, it aligns your posture perfectly so you can become an expert at Yoga in no time. The block is excellent for use at home or in a studio as well, and it will help double the benefits of practicing Yoga.

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Peace Yoga® Set of 2 – Not available


The Peace Yoga® Set of 2 is a good option for those who want optimal support from both sides during their yoga sessions. It comes as a set of two yoga blocks made from cork wood, which offers stability. Tougher than a foam yoga block, the two units in this option are fully resistant to slipping and sliding, enabling you to enjoy peace of mind when transitioning to the deeper and more complicated yoga poses.

Made from high-density cork material, each block in the set is designed with long-lasting durability. Both blocks help make your stretches deeper and elongate them as well so you can easily open up your core and leverage the benefits of the practice.  You can establish a safe and comfortable foundation when executing the more challenging yoga poses with ample support from two sides.

The blocks are ideal for use in the studio, on the go, and at home. Use just one or both blocks as needed. The cork material ensures durability for long life. You can stack them together to save on storage space.

You will surely love using these yoga blocks because of the safe and supportive performance they can provide. You can make the most of every session with the blocks in the set.