Do you want to get the best woodcutting axe available, but you’re too much in a hurry to read everything our researchers put together? This short paragraph offers every bit of essential information you need. We took into account information such as customer reviews, expert opinions, and sales figures, and decided that the recommendation we should give, above all others, is the Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001. This model is engineered to succeed, and its blade geometry ensures that even the toughest logs will not be a match for you. At the same time, you will not have to manage extra stress and vibration on your hands, as the IsoCore system for shock control will prevent that. The model is sold with a lifetime warranty. If you cannot find the Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001 anymore, the second recommendation in line is the Husqvarna 576926501 Wooden Carpenter’s Axe that is almost just as good.



Buying guide


Some people love chopping wood so they can enjoy a warm fire in the middle of the winter, others are not incredibly fond of this activity. What could make the latter category enjoy this exercise more is a good axe for cutting wood. By making things easier, chopping wood becomes more enjoyable, and you don’t have to face the prospect of an entire shed filled with wood waiting to be split with dread in your heart.

How heavy should your woodcutting axe be?

This is the first question you should ask before reaching for your wallet. Many woodcutters will tell you that it is a good idea to purchase a heavier axe because that will cause your swing to be more efficient. When you go down on a tough log, having the extra power to back you up can be a godsend.

However, let’s not forget that the person yielding the axe may not always be able to accommodate a heavier axe. If you find the axe to be impractical, due to its heavy weight, you will not be very eager to start chopping wood as the weather gets bad and the necessity to fill the shed with chopped wood becomes a reality.

The best piece of advice anyone can give you is to find an axe with a comfortable weight for you. Seniors, for instance, do not have the same strength and agility to manipulate a heavier model. A more balanced woodcutting axe would be more of a good option for you if that is the case.


Get a multipurpose axe if you can

Another consideration to bear in mind when you are shopping for an axe is to purchase a model that can carry on multiple tasks. For instance, while the best splitting axe may be excellent at what it does, it doesn’t hurt to get a model that comes with a maul function, as well.

With a maul, you put all your power into chopping tougher logs. Some types of wood do not behave well when you use a splitting axe, and that is when you need a maul, too. Instead of purchase two tools that will take up space in your shed, get one that does both operations with ease. There are models on the market that offer this double functionality.


A few things about the handle

A bit of attention needs to be paid to the handle, its length, and the material it is made of. First, let’s see why the length of the handle is essential. Models with longer handles provide you with the ability to swing the axe and gain more powerful momentum so you can put more force behind its strike.

Still, you may not find such an axe comfortable, and a shorter model would be a better choice for you. As far as the material is concerned, many still prefer wooden handles, just as traditional axes were made with back in the days. Fiberglass is a more modern option. Regardless of material, make sure you have a good grip on the handle, as that is the most important thing.



Top Rated Woodcutting Axes in 2022


You will find the most critically acclaimed models available for sale down below. They all perform beautifully, and they come equipped with all the needed features you would expect in a woodcutting axe.



Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001


Most of the woodcutting axe reviews you can read online will recommend the Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001 as being a top-notch option. This model is both an axe and a maul, which means that you will be able to split wood, and also take care of other operations such as driving wedges. You will get a multipurpose axe that you can use when chopping wood with excellent results.

The blade geometry is slightly different from what you see in traditional axes, and it helps with driving the blade through the wood further. When dealing with tough logs, you will discover this particular model to be quite handy, as it will get through such difficult wood types without a problem.

The attention to detail in this axe is outstanding. The IsoCore system designed to absorb shocks as you chop through logs of wood will enhance the overall comfort for the user. Usually, when hitting a log with an axe, the shock will be transferred from the tool you use to your arm. That will not make for a very comfortable activity.

The insulation sleeve the axe is equipped with makes sure that the strike shocks will not strain your hands. Another good news is that you get a lifetime warranty when purchasing this particular axe.

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Husqvarna 576926501


If what you want most and foremost is to cut precisely every time, the Husqvarna 576926501 Wooden Carpenter’s Axe may be an excellent choice for you. The long edge of the blade, along with its thin design, makes sure that this axe will cut through anything with maximum efficiency. Woodcutters who want the perfect balance between control and stability will find this model ideal for their tasks.

As its name indicates, it is a solid choice for carpentry work. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have to worry about using it for chopping wood. Its outstanding power and efficiency will help you with all the woodwork you might have on your hands.

A nice touch for this product is the leather edge cover. As is the case with any tool with a sharp edge, it needs special protection so that the blade does not become dull or chipped by simply storing it away in improper conditions.

The hickory shaft ensures great balance and also gives a natural feel when you hold this axe in your hands. The connection between the head and the shaft is made with a wooden wedge doubled by a steel wedge for maximum security.

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Fiskars Super Splitting 35014018


The blade of an axe needs to be made from solid materials that are easy to maintain and also don’t become dull, rusted, or corroded fast. The Fiskars Super Splitting 35014018 fits the bill to perfection, as it comes equipped with a carbon steel blade. This material is known to be very durable and also its edge does not need as much re-sharpening as other metals.

You will feel like chopping wood has just become effortless once you grab this axe and start preparing the logs for the winter to come. One of the most critical aspects of this model is that it comes with a fiberglass handle that maintains the overall weight of the axe to a minimum.

Not everybody may appreciate a lightweight axe since it is a common belief that the more weight you put to work when using an axe, the better the results you will obtain. This model is made for people who cannot swing a heavy axe with ease.

What impresses most in this product is its outstanding durability. The handle is made from a material renowned for its resistance. The blade is sharp and will continue to be like this for a long time. Splitting wood has just been made easy.

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