Top rated women’s hats in 2019


There are thousands of women searching for good looking hats to wear whenever they go out in public. Finding the ideal fashion accessory is very important for some women that are very attentive with every detail. Now, the market offers different types of hats, with interesting designs and colourful linings. We attentively studied over 40 top rated hats for women in order to make shopping fairly easy for interested parties. After 70 hours of quality tests we managed to draft the best women’s hat reviews on five special products that are absolutely amazing. The hats we selected have fashion endorsements from thousands of satisfied customers.


Scala Women’s Cotton Big Brim Ultraviolet Protection Hat


Every woman knows that Scala fashion accessories are absolutely stunning. From small pieces to more imposing ones, women have always found what they wanted from Scala. From their unique hat department we recommend Collezione Big Brim hat. This beautiful hat is perfect for days out in the sun because it includes a special UPF rating of +50. The hat is stylish and practical, great for different fun moments at the beach. Made of 100% cotton, this protective hat includes a 3” brim with a unique turned-up at the edges. This hat is available in a wide range of colours, for more interesting outfits.

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San Diego Hat Company UPF 50+ Roll Up wide Brim


The current best women’s hat reviews underline the sublime design of San Diego Hat Company Roll Up model. Made of 75% paper and 25% polyester, the hat is a great addition to women that love to look great whenever they go out to the beach with family members. This special hat contains a special Velcro strip which can be used to adjust for proper size fit. Furthermore the hat has a wide brim which is perfect for protecting the head, face and neck area from the sun rays. It delivers enhanced UPF 50+ which comes in handy during long hours spent at the beach.

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SakkasWomens Vintage Style Wool Cloche Bucket Winter hat


When it comes to stylish hats that women can wear during social events, Sakkas always managed to release stupendous products. A top rated women’s hat in 2019 from Sakkas is the Vintage Style Cloche winter hat. This particular model comes with the following dimensions 22” circumference x 5” deep crown and 2” front brim x 1” back brim. Usually these measurements are great for any woman’s head. Made of 100% wool the hat is very comfortable and fits very well! This beautiful hat has unique flower accents and also a superb satin headband! One thing is certain, with this hat on any woman stand out in a crowd.

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SakkasWomens UPF +50 100% Paper Straw Flower


Usually fashion creativity comes at a high price. This is not the case with Sakkas Women’s Paper straw flower hat. Designed with elegance and comfort in mind, this hat is a great addition to any woman that wants enhanced style. It measures 22.5” circumference x 5” Deep crown and x 5.5” brim, the ideal fit for most women. Regarded as the best women’s hat in 2019 this hat is made of 100% paper straw. Furthermore it’s good to know that the hat has been rated UPF +50. It includes a hidden elastic sweatband for proper fit any time of day!

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Headsweats Race Performance Running/Outdoor Sports Hat


How to spot the best women’s hat in 2019? Well, thousands of women already own Headsweats Race Performance Running sports hat. Joggers will absolutely adore this sporty looking hat! It is ideal for everyday use or even running during hot summer days. The hat has a special classic design which manages to keep the sun negative rays away. Because it weighs only 2 ounces the hat is fairly easy to wear. It is made of moisture CoolMax fabrics which allow the head to breathe. The model includes a unique CoolMax terry headband that limits the amount of perspiration dripping in the eyes.

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