In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best women’s electric shaver for shower use? We have you covered! This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best women’s electric shavers for shower use on the market, by looking at owner feedback, value for money, overall brand quality, and even sales figures. Out of the products we have looked at, the Panasonic ES – ED70-G is the best because it combines both a shaving head and three epilator heads, just to help you get the absolute hair-free body. Anti-allergy materials were used in the blades, as well as for the foil, and the dual speed motor completes this great pack of features. If the Panasonic ES – ED70-G is unavailable, you could also try the Philips SatinShave BRL140/50, as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


Just for those of you having a hard time when it comes to picking the best shower electric shaver, we are going to review the key features you must have in mind when shopping for this type of item.

What kind of technology it uses

Every article out there will tell you there are two main types of shavers: some that use the classic rotary system, and the ones using the more recently developed foil shaving system. While the technical differences between these two might not give you the best representation of their efficiency, what you have to remember is that they each have advantages and disadvantages for a particular group of hair types.

While the rotary shaver will work just right for thick hair, or hair that doesn’t grow straight, the foil shaver will be better for thin hair and will ensure a much closer shave. The differences don’t stop here, but go as far as noise and cleaning: the rotary shaver isn’t really high maintenance, so you can forget about cleaning it after every use.

Moreover, while its performance is appreciated, the foil shaver will also be very noisy, so it might not be a good idea for those of you who often have sleeping babies at home.


What is the power source?

Instead of talking about how far away from the outlet you can use your machine, let’s just think about how long you can use it for. Certainly, a cordless shaver has its advantages, but on the other hand, a battery has a limited runtime, regardless of its quality.

A corded shaver will let you carefully shave all the parts of your body you want without the rush and panic that its engine might stop working after one leg. At the same time, the cord does impose some mobility limits, but nothing that can’t be fixed with the help of an extension cord.

In case you do decide for a cordless appliance, always consider both the battery runtime, and the charging time, as some models need more than just a few hours to charge, and you’ll just be thrown back to the razor era.


What can it do for you?

Many shavers come with additional heads and accessories that can improve your experience and their performance. All-sized combs, pop-up trimmers, epilator heads and protection caps that can reduce pain and irritation, all of these matter when you’re trying to get the best product your money can buy.

Additionally, some models use allergy-free materials and other means of keeping your skin well protected and nurtured. There’s no doubt each woman has her own needs and wishes, but having some extra help never harmed anyone. However, the fact that you’re looking for the best wet dry electric shaver or women’s will send you on a tangled journey if you don’t set your mind beforehand on the specific features you’re going to need.


Top rated women’s electric shavers for shower use in 2021


Unquestionably, basing our choice only on the manufacturer’s guide and sworn product features can lead us into just another marketing trap. The best way we can think to conclude this buying guide is to suggest you leaf through some of the buyer’s reviews in this product category, as it will give you a much clearer idea of the efficiency of the different models on the market.



Panasonic ES-ED70-G


This Panasonic model will completely steal your heart once you’ve taken a look at all its features. Let’s start out by talking about its five different heads, each with its own use: the shaver itself is a foil one that uses hypoallergenic materials and has a pop-up trimmer that will help it capture all the rebel hairs.

Moreover, you can attach the bikini comb over the foil, so you’ll have the perfect trimming on the bikini area. However, if you want to skip the intermediate shaving level and have your body hair-free for a longer time, the Panasonic ES-ED70-G comes with three epilator heads: a classic, full-length cap with two separate discs to make sure no hair gets left behind, a narrow epilating head for the sensitive or difficult to reach areas, and a gentle cap that will allow only one disc to work, for those of you who fear pain.

Furthermore, this Panasonic shaver works with a dual-speed motor, has a LED to guide you in low-light conditions, and you can clean the tool any time under water or using the special brush. Its runtime is only half an hour, but the good news is that it will only take 60 minutes to be fully charged again.

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Philips SatinShave BRL140/50


With a whole hour of runtime, the Philips SatinShave allows you to take your time and get all the stubborn hairs that sometimes get away. In addition, this shaver has an integrated battery level indicator, so you’ll know exactly how much time you’ve got.

This cordless, foil shaver can be used with confidence in both wet and dry environments and comes with three accessories to make shaving even easier. Two pearl-tipped trimmers situated on each side of the foil lift up the hairs and ward off the danger of scratches and cuts.

A trimming comb and two additional caps help you move gently on delicate or sensitive parts of your body. The foil itself is a floating one so that it will stay close to your skin even when you’re gliding it over uneven surfaces, and the handle has an ergonomic design which will make it easy to maneuver.

On the downside, this shaver needs approximately eight hours to recharge, so you must always remember to plug it after you’ve finished the job. Easy to clean under water, the SatinShave offers a great value-for-money ratio, and the majority of reviewers seem to be more than happy with their purchase.

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Remington WDF5030


If you’re searching for a reliable shaver that won’t empty your pockets, you can’t miss with this performant shaver from Remington. A double foil head using a total of four blades will cover even the most difficult and thronged of surfaces. Should you count the dual-sided pearl-tipped trimmer out, the lift-logic foil developed by the manufacturer gets the hairs up and cut in just one move.

While the foils aren’t floating, the head of this shaver is precisely angled to make it cut as close to the skin as possible in those curves and angles of the body that usually take forever to shave. What’s more, if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to nicking and irritation, you can only use the head guard accessory, which will also work great on the bikini area.

Additionally, the shaver has an almond oil strip that will hydrate the skin as you glide the shaver over it, while an antimicrobial finish prevents inflammation and other unpleasant consequences. Combined with the hypoallergenic materials used to create the foil, these features make this shave on of the best women’s electric shaver for shower use. However, the recharging time is almost 20 hours and the runtime of 30 minutes is quite small, by comparison with other models.

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