Top rated Womens Cologne in 2019


Scent is the one thing that people remember about a woman. If you’re a woman who values their every encounter with other people as a way to leave a lingering impression, you have probably already read hundreds of best Womens cologne reviews. Your choice of eau de cologne or simply cologne evokes emotional memories from other people. Experts say no two women ever wear the same cologne the same way, as women always incorporate their personal signature into every scent they use. Described in the following paragraphs are colognes that can help you leave an unforgettable impression every time.


Five Star Fragrance Royal Secret


With top notes of citrus, middle notes of rose and jasmine and bottom notes of musk, sandalwood and myrrh, the Five Star Fragrance Co. Royal Secret is the most unique scent a woman can ever wear. Originally introduced in Paris by Monteil in 1935, Royal Secret has a delightful chypre floral heart that encapsulates a long-lost fragrance. The rich scent fills the senses with a heady intensity that is genuinely fresh yet captivating for evening use. Royal Secret is truly a favorite in many top Womens cologne reviews because of the way it enchants the senses.

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Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au-the-Blanc Cologne


Indulge in the rejuvenating essence of white tea. Wear the Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au-the-Blanc Eau de Cologne, everybody’s choice for the best Womens cologne 2019. This is a unisex scent made for the modern man and woman. Not too sweet nor too strong, Bvlgari Eau Parfumee lets you experience an elegant and generous expression of one delicate scent comprising of woody, floral and musk notes that form a heady bond with white tea. It captures the deep tones of what has been considered as an elixir of youth in the Orient.

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Dolce-&-Gabbana Light Blue Women’s Eau-De-Toilette


Introduced in 2001, the Dolce-&-Gabbana 120682 Light Blue is the answer to the clamor for a casual fragrance that is not too overpowering nor too sweet. Composed of fragrance notes that include apple, jasmine, musk and rose, D & G Light Blue rides on your mood and personal body chemistry to release a special bouquet of scent that lingers on the senses. Unforgettable and enchanting, Light Blue lets you enjoy the carefree attitude of being young and unfettered by the cares of the world. Live free, live young, love Light Blue!

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Revlon Enjoli Women’s Cologne Spray


Launched by prestigious design house Revlon back in 1978, Revlon Enjoli ENJ11W Women’s Cologne Spray has a flowery middle note that powers it from the very core. This expressive feminine scent is an intimate combination of citrus, green scent, florals and patchouli, all encapsulated in the warmness of musk and amber tones. Made especially for romantic wear, Revlon ENJ11W Enjoli strongly embraces the profundity of love and the promise of everlasting devotion. Capture the senses and indulge in a silky, sensuous fragrance meant never to grow old. Best Womens cologne 2019? Found it!

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Christian Dior J’adore L’eau Cologne


Designed as a casual scent by one of the world’s top fashion  companies, the Christian Dior 183570 J’adore L’eau Cologne is an elegant floral-based perfume that’s been a regular in the best Womens cologne reviews since its introduction in 2009. With notes comprised of ylang-ylang, woody notes, bergamot, neroli and magnolia, J’adore L’eau Cologne is romantic without being too heavy. Perfect for a summer or spring day, J’adore lets people know how much you love life and value your romantic encounters. The bottle fits perfectly into a purse for quick touch ups.

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