Top rated wireless subwoofers in 2019


The search for the perfect sound during songs or movies is ongoing and thousands of Americans are part of it. Creating the proper sound clarity requires the presence of a high quality speaker system and powerful subwoofer. Fortunately there are many wireless subwoofers which people can choose from. Narrowing the search down to one or two products requires patience! We tested with pleasure 30 of the best models available on the market in order to help any music lover identify the right product for his home. We drafted the best wireless subwoofer reviews on five special models that offered impressive sound quality during each phase of the tests.


Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer


Best wireless subwoofer reviewsFor those people searching for a unique subwoofer that hits all notes in the right places we recommend Sonos SUB Wireless model. This powerful subwoofer is a breath of fresh air in the home of anyone that loves true bass and clear sounds. Every home will be filled with thick and clear layers of bottomless sound! Those present will hear every kick, chord and roll of the song. It can be combined with speakers in order to create an amazing 5.1 home theater surround sound system with breathtaking sounds at every turn. Due to its beautiful design this subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room.

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Creative ZiiSoundDSx Wireless Subwoofer


The current best wireless subwoofer reviews underline the impressive sound clarity and force of the Creative ZiiSoundDSx. This exclusive wireless subwoofer adds outstanding bass enhancement to the speaker configuration. It uses signature SLAM (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) system in order to deliver powerful output from 3 drives incorporated in the casing. Every party gets a new pulse once this subwoofer is turned on. It can stream music from supported speakers from a distance of 30 meters. Furthermore the subwoofer is great while watching movies or favourite TV shows. With a sleek design, the subwoofer can be installed in any room.

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Yamaha YST-FSW050BL2 Subwoofer


When it comes to the best wireless subwoofer in 2019 the YST-FSW050BL2 from Yamaha represents a more than worthy candidate for the title. What makes this particular subwoofer so special? Well, it features Yamaha unique sound technology Advanced YST II, down-firing Active and Linear Port for an amazing musical experience. This subwoofer can deliver distortion free bass, respecting the sound line of music or movies. It is a great addition for surround-sound bar systems, enhanced their capacity to stream ultra-clear sound clarity. With a slim design this subwoofer fits in a rack and matches very well to a room’s contemporary theme.

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Insignia Rocketboost Wired/Wireless Subwoofer


Finding a decent subwoofer that can render an amazing bass and smooth sound clarity can take some time. This is why most music lovers invest a lot of their time in learning about quality models. A top rated wireless subwoofer in 2019 comes from Insignia, the Rocketboost subwoofer, a model very popular among young musicians. This stunning subwoofer offers unmatched clear sounds if connected to Vizio sound bars. Easy to install and manage, the subwoofer can render great source and smooth clarity during each song played. The full blast is absolutely breathtaking! It measures 14 x 14 x 14 inches and weighs only 13.2 pounds.

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Velodyne WiConnect-10 Wireless Subwoofer


One of the best wireless subwoofer in 2019 is the WiConnect-10 Wireless Subwooder from Velodyne. This powerful audio device comes with a stylish design which makes it easy to install in any room. It renders an impressive 200W dynamic power with 125 W RMS, more than enough to cover the musical needs of a party. This subwoofer is backed by a unique 2.4 GHz transmitter that offers users the possibility to stream music from a distance of 50 meters. It also offers true low bass that can be extended down to 33 Hz for a comprehensive music experience during each song played.