Top rated Wireless Speaker Systems in 2019


If you wish to combine your fascination for bluetooth technology with your love for great sound, you have probably checked out the many best wireless speaker system reviews out there like I have. The problem with doing that is that the sheer number of choices can get you deeper into the forest, since individual preferences differ immensely. It is best to simply get down to the basics first, such as mains-powered brands, before tackling the other fancy elements, like I have done. By putting on a more sensible thinking cap and asking the technical geeks I have always trusted, I have whittled down the many products available to these five.


VIZIO S4251w-B4 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


Best Wireless Speaker System ReviewsThis has landed many times in the best wireless speaker system reviews out there. Amplifier distortion has been proven for this product to be of pink or flicker noise, which means it approximates nature-occurring noises. White noise is stronger than this type of noise, which is perfect. You can get top quality audio with DTS Digital Surround technology and Dolby Digital. Post audio processing is through DTS Circle Surround and DTS Tru Volume. This system is engineered to be a full 5.1-channel immersive home theater solution. The sound bar has right, center and left channels plus a set of powerful rear satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer. Bluetooth-enabled devices can be configured to be a good match to this product.

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Yamaha NS-SP1800BL Home Theater Speaker System


This speaker system delivers authentic sound quality minus the wires. Riding on the exceptional Yamaha Active Servo Technology, this product has made a splash as a best wireless speaker system in 2019. It comes with low cost but high benefits for you. The amplifier and speaker work in sync to filter out impedance, which enables the speaker to bring forth perfectly linear audio quality. You can enjoy sound that is as true to form and substance as possible. It has wide-range frequency response so audio is vivid and crisp to the tiniest detail. There is even magnetic shielding at the center and front speakers to minimize unwanted distortion.

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Sony SRSBTX300 Portable Wireless Speaker System


Your listening experience will never be on the dull side with this product. It is completely portable so you can bring it almost anywhere. It has one-touch capability for bluetooth pairing with NFC, which means you can enjoy audio streaming via bluetooth at your most convenient. It has speakerphone functionality so you can answer calls even when you are immersed in the sound. It delivers 20 watts of speaker power. The passive radiator this has been outfitted with can help you find pleasure in warm, dynamic audio. The speaker system can play tirelessly with approximately eight hours of life in the battery.

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C2G/Cables-to-Go Audio Unlimited Premium Speaker System


This product has been said to be the top rated wireless speaker system in 2019. It prides itself in being technically geared to support phase loop lock circuitry of 900 megahertz, which proves more-than-adequate when you want your audio signals firm and sturdy even with a range exceeding 100 feet. There are no limitations to line-of-sight with this system, for sure. Whether you want to maximize your MP3 players, iPods, computers, iPhones, RCA inputs of your home theater receiver or iPads, it’s not a problem. The best come-on for this item is it can go outdoors to the patio, the spa or pool, the office, near your BBQ pit, garden or garage so you can have maximum music enjoyment when you want to.

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LG Electronics BH6830SW Home Theater System


You can use your WiFi-enabled device to stream content instantly from Vudu, Netflix, YouTube and Netflix straight to your TV. You can enjoy both 2D and 3D DVD and Blu-Ray movies to the fullest with this product. This is the best wireless speaker system in 2019 for many factors. It allows you to send audio via wireless from the television to your smartphone so you don’t disturb others around you. The wireless rear speakers reduce clutter in your living area. This also makes installation effortless. Any available WiFi source within its range can enable WiFi connectivity.

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