Top rated wireless headsets in 2018


The market on wireless headsets is flourishing since a growing number of people are trying their best to identify the most efficient model. With the right wireless headset, placing a call won’t require the use of hands. I worked as a cell phone and accessory engineer for over 10 years which makes me qualified to study the mobile section. After two weeks of extensive tests on 35 of the best models available on the market, I managed to draft the best wireless headset reviews, as a guide which you can use to select the ideal product. I selected after great consideration, five wireless headsets that can be used without reservations anytime anywhere.


Plantronics CS530 Wireless headset system


There are many office managers and workers that want to find the best wireless headset in 2018. If you want something special in your possession choose Plantronics CS530 wireless headset system. It was especially designed for office and desk-centric workers that want their hands free while working on different projects. This model has a high quality over-the-ear design, which remains fit and doesn’t disturb you in any way. The headset has a sleek design and special magnetic docking system that can match any style. It delivers stunning audio quality which maintains high definition voice quality during each call placed.

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ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless headset


Most of the best wireless headset reviews underline the efficiency of ASTRO Gaming A50, a very popular device in the United States of America. This advanced headset uses 5.8 GHz wireless technology, operating at a high frequency with smooth audio clarity. With this pair of wireless headset you won’t have to worry about interference or technical interruptions. You should also know that the headset features Dolby Digital 7.1 Plug into system which allows you to use it during gaming sessions. The headset delivers unique audio smoothness, letting you hear every gunshot or footstep. This headset is fully compatible with Xbox 360, PC and PS3!

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Plantronics CS510 Over-the-Head wireless headset system


A good wireless headset can help people to easily place calls or listen to music. Now, you can opt for CS510 headset from Plantronics. This top rated wireless headset in 2018 is comfortable and easy to wear. It incorporates one-touch controls which allow you to answer or end calls with ease. The model offers by up to 9 hours of talk time! You should also know that the headset features DECT 6.0 technology which allows you to talk hands free from an impressive range of 350 feet away from the base transmitter. In addition to the sleek design, the headset has a noise-cancelling microphone.

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Plantronics CS50 900 MHz wireless Office headset system


In the present you have the possibility of choosing the best wireless headset in 2018 from Plantronics, the CS50 model. This headset system allows you to place or end calls without using your hands. It delivers enhanced sound clarity and an impressive signal range of 300 feet. You can charge the headset by placing it in the cradle. This high quality headset is fully compatible with typical office and PBX-based phones. You have the possibility to wear the headset with in-ear or over-the-head mode for enhanced comfort. It offers by up to 8 hours of talk time and in standby mode resists by up to 70 hours.

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround sound


How can you identify the most efficient gaming headset? Well, today’s market is more than willing to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Today, more and more people use G930 gaming headset from Logitech. This stunning headset can enhance your gaming experience and take it to the next level. It offers an impressive 40 feet wireless range, more than enough for your gaming needs. The headset incorporates 3 programmable G-keys, customizable with precise one-touch commands. It uses an immersive 7.1 surround sound system and high quality Dolby technology. You will also love the noise cancelling boom microphone!

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