Top rated wireless grill thermometers in 2021


If you like to be in charge of the grilled food and you don’t like to go wrong with the results then you need a trusty helper and there is none better than the wireless grill thermometer. The wireless feature means that you have the chance to leave the grill’s side for some moments and the thermometer will immediately signal to you when your meat is done. Go through the best wireless grill thermometers reviews and find out which model is the one for you.


Pro buying guide on grill thermometers


In order to successfully host an outdoor party with friends and family you have to prepare delicious grilled food. During long summer days a good barbecue will definitely delight everyone. Now, the secret behind preparing tasty stakes, hamburgers, chicken and other grilled dishes resides in temperature control. This is where a professional wireless grill thermometer will help out a lot! Well, choosing a reliable grill thermometer takes a bit of time, especially if you want to truly manage different grilled food development. At the end of this buying guide you will know how to distinguish the best models from the ones that will simply waste your time and money. There are a couple of important things to take into account while browsing through the best grill thermometers with wireless technology.

We decided to test 20 top rated grill thermometers for one week straight. When the test results came through we were able to draft the best wireless grill thermometer reviews, worth consulting with attention before opting for one particular product. You have to make sure that the grill thermometer will help people easily monitor the temperature of the meat. During the cooking process it is important to use a thermometer that ensures you won’t eat overcooked meat. You have to make sure that the thermometer is resistant to water exposure. The growing interest for wireless grill thermometers is not surprising. Powered by “AA” or “AAA” batteries wireless thermometers provide proper cooking data even at a distance. Cooks need to control every moment of the grilling process in order to prepare delicious takes, burgers, fish and many more.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Max Temperature  Price Batteries Display Our Rating Where to buy

Ivation Thermometer Set

572 F $$$ 4 AA LCD A+ AMAZON

Maverick ET372

572 F $$$ 4 AA LCD B+ AMAZON

Ivation Digital Thermometer

212 F $$ 1 AAA LCD B+ AMAZON

Oregon Scientific AW131


Polder Digital Cooking Thermometer



How to find the best wireless grill thermometer 2021? You have to take into account the thermometer’s capacity to monitor temperature levels. The device will measure barbecues and also open-flame cooking, offering you the chance to calibrate the grill’s burners until the proper temperatures are set. Another thing to take into account is the quality of the probes. We recommend a thermometer that includes long probes which can be safely inserted in the meat. Now, you should also know that the thermometer takes 10 to 20 seconds in order to collect the meat’s temperature. Make sure that the wireless thermometer is backed by an exclusive manufacturer warranty! This particularity will come in handy after a couple of months of use!

Picking out the best wireless grill thermometer 2021 is very hard, given the multitude of products available on the market. You have to use a professional meat thermometer during various cooking projects. Casual cooks could opt without reservations for digital thermometers, ideal to use during barbecue season. Most barbecue specialists recommend the use of 2 digital thermometers; one with wired probes and the other one with wireless capabilities. The combination of the two will help you manage easier every phase of the cooking process.


What to look for in a wireless grill thermometer:

  • User-friendly cooking interface
  • Water resistant housing
  • Powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Should include long probes
  • Fast reading time (10 to 20 seconds)


Ivation Long Range Wireless Smoker Meat Thermometer Set


Best Wireless Grill thermometers reviewsFor precise readings and accurate grilling programs you should invest in one of the best wireless grill thermometers in 2021, this Ivation model. Whenever the temperature of the grill goes above or below the pre set value the receiver of the thermometer will beep and flash its lights in order to get your attention and let you know something is wrong and it needs to be corrected. You can even use this thermometer at night thanks to the black light it is equipped with.



This stunning smoker barbecue thermometer offers an impressive range of 300 feet and resists to temperatures up to 716 degrees F, helping cooks keep better track of the food development

Regarded as the best dual temp wireless grill thermometer 2021, the IVA-WLTHERM accurately monitors internal meat temperature and provides fast data to the cook

Powered by 4 “AA” batteries the thermometer includes specially designed probe wires which can be inserted 6” into meat and resist temperatures up to 572 degrees F

Due to its multi-functional design the product can be used in smoker and oven too for enhanced culinary assistance



It requires a bit of research before first use (consult the user manual with attention for optimal results)


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Maverick ET372 Wireless Dual 2 Probe Meat Thermometer Set


The Maverick ET372 Dual 2 Probe thermometer set has all the requirements to make sure you are in full control of your grilled meat so it turns out to be perfectly cooked. The controls are very simple and you will be able to program everything to your likely without any problems. Even its design is sleek and makes it look very high-tech. This thermometer goes beyond most other ones measuring the temperature of the actual meat as well.



Receiving high marks of efficiency and quality from the current best dual temp wireless grill thermometer reviews the ET732 offers an impressive 300 feet range and safely withstands temperatures up to 716 degrees F

Features an advanced heat monitoring system, ideal to use on different types of meat and even vegetables thus making the cooking process easier

It includes a special wireless receiver with LCD screen which beeps and flashes when the meat temperatures goes way over the pre-programmed temperature

Operating on 4 “AA” batteries the wireless grill thermometer can be used in ovens and smokers without any problems whatsoever



The batteries needed to power up the thermometer are not included (this power accessory is sold separately)


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Ivation Digital Programmable Grilling Probe Thermometer


You don’t have to pay much for this probe thermometer from Ivation which will prove very valuable when doing grilled meat. This model can measure temperatures from 32 to 212 degrees F so you will always grill your meat at the right temperature without any slip ups. There are 15 different programmed temperature settings for all types of meat making you a master of grilling. Also the receiver will alarm you when the temperature is not the recommended one.



This advanced thermometer features 15 carefully designed temperature settings which helps cooks easily prepare food on grills whenever they want

It features a special magnetic back and folding design which allows users to safely store the device after each use on a kitchen counter or near the grill

The thermometer offers access to the following pre-preprogramed temperatures for veal, beef, lamb, pork, ribs, turkey, duck, ham, ground chicken, ground veal, ground lamb and ground turkey

Fully customizable and affordable this digital thermometer accurately measures temperatures from 32 degrees F to 212 degrees F



Does not include a secondary probe cable in case the original one runs bad for various reasons (this is an optional accessory)


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Oregon Scientific AW131 Wireless BBQ Thermometer


The best wireless grill thermometers reviews have been quite impressed with the performance rating of the Oregon Scientific wireless model which has received top customer reports as well, because the grilled results have been perfect. This model offers you so many choices when it comes to pre set programs for all kinds of meat. Also know that you will have with it a range of up to 330 feet in every direction, so you can do other things as well while you grill. A low battery indicator will make sure you always get a heads up to change the batteries.



Equipped with a user-friendly digital LCD screen and easy to use remote wireless probe, this amazing wireless BBQ thermometer can be used to safely monitor internal meat temperatures from 330 feet away

The thermometer uses advanced sensors, embedded in the 6-inch stainless steel probe, which register temperatures that range from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit

It offers cooks the chance to choose from 8 food programs that include the following beef, lamb, pork, hamburger, turkey, chicken and also veal

Incorporating highly responsive 3 audio and 2 verbal alerts which denote the food stare (ready, almost ready and overcooked)



The verbal alerts are programmed only in English, German, Spanish, Danish and French


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Polder Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer


Time your grilling to perfection and also control the temperature to the ideal level with the aid of this thermometer/timer from Polder which has some of the top rated wireless grill thermometers reviews. An alarm can be set so you know when it is time to turn the meat or when the grilling needs to be finished in order to get only the right results which everyone will enjoy. For powering this device you only need an AAA battery which you won’t have to change that often either. Also it comes at a very affordable price so everyone can get it.



Features high quality pre-programmed temperatures settings which range from 32 to 392 degrees F, suitable for cooking projects that involve pork, lamb, turkey, chicken or veal

It comes with a special alarm which goes off when the meat reaches the temperature cooks set out at first

The thermometer includes an advanced probe wire (43 inches long) which can be inserted 6 inch deep in the meat for proper data collection

Requiring only 1 “AAA” battery in order to run this high quality timer and thermometer features an exclusive memory system which register the user’s most used temperature settings



Does not include a special washing cloth (this is an optional accessory mostly used by experienced cooks)


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