Most popular wireless gaming headsets in 2019


If you are an avid gamer, the different reviews about the best gaming headphones under $50 have identified some of the products that you can purchase to have a more immersive playing experience. In the rest of this article, some of the best choices for gaming headsets will be identified, with the goal of making it easier for you to come up with the right decision.


What to look for when searching for wireless gaming headsets


In the present there are millions of people that play games for a living. Besides professional gamers there are also amateurs that love to enjoy a good game in order to relax. In order to significantly improve our gaming experience, you need to find a great pair of gaming headsets. As the best wireless gaming headsets reviews pointed out sound quality relates to gamers capacity to respond well during various situations. Players need to hear characters speaking or precisely listen to co-players recommendations or commands. Experienced gamers know just how important it is to have access to a high quality gaming headset, without the presence of wires. Wireless headsets offer players more freedom during game development. During first person shooter games or adventure, it is important to control every moment of the game.

Picking one of the best wireless gaming headsets in 2019 ensures that your gaming precision increases. With more control over all aspects of a game, the better you’ll respond to new developments. Headsets are very practical and offer users the possibility to hear more subtle sounds such as footsteps. Such audio devices are a great addition to anyone that doesn’t want to disturb others with the game’s development. Furthermore a good pair of gaming headset offers a realistic gaming experience. Sounds are significantly amplified and offer a great audio insight. There are a couple of things to take into consideration while browsing for a brand new wireless gaming headset. A good PC headset needs to be comfortable and easy to manage. This is why gamers are very attentive to the headset they tend to opt for.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Platform  Price Battery life Sound Our Rating Where to buy

Sony Playstation Gaming Headset

PlayStation 3 $$ 7 hours 7.1 virtual surround sound A AMAZON

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 $$$$ 15 hours Amplified stereo sound B+ AMAZON

Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

Computers $$$ 10 hours Dolby 7.1 surround sound B+ AMAZON

Corsair Vengeance 2000

Computers $$$$ 10 hours 5.1/7.1 surround sound C+ AMAZON

PDP Afterglow Universal

PC, Mac, Wii, Xbox, PS3 $$ 10 hours Virtual surround sound C+ AMAZON


As the best wireless gaming headsets reviews underline, a great pair needs to offer positional audio immerse. This particularity pinpoints with precision locations of different sound effects. With positional identification, players that use gaming headsets have an advantage over other players. For instance: you will be able to hear footsteps, gunshots and other noises from the game development. You will know where to go or where your opponents are. Another important thing to take into consideration is selecting surround or stereo sound. Each type of headsets offers particular advantages. Headsets with surround sound offer precise positional audio clarity. On the other hand wireless headsets with stereo systems offer high quality sound with no distortion whatsoever.

You will see that some of the best wireless gaming headsets in 2019 come equipped with special microphones. It is essential for your headsets to have microphones because thus you can talk to co-players and organize better during games. Some of the most popular gaming headsets incorporate microphones, for better coordination every time you play. In addition, you should opt for special headsets that come equipped with force feedback. This particularity offers a realistic gaming experience. Such gaming headsets have motors incorporated in the ear cups that safely vibrate, buzz or pulsate within the game development. This is why we are not surprised to see so many professional opt for specially designed wireless headsets, capable of enriching the overall gaming experience.


Sony Playstation Gaming Headset


If you are a fan of the PS3, this surely is the best wireless gaming headset for you. It is designed especially for the latter, which will make it easy to calculate the moves you have to make to be ahead of the competition. It will allow you to communicate with your team in a crystal-clear manner, making it easy to decide what to do. The oversized pads make sure you have a superior audio experience, while still providing the user with comfort.



Designed by Sony especially for the PS3, this headset is one impressive device which will go perfectly with your Sony console.

Its 7.1 virtual surround sound is perfect for users who love shooters and want to always hear what is happening around them.

The built- in rechargeable battery will last for up to 7 hours on a single recharge which is more than enough to complete your campaigns and multiplayer matches.

The 7 hours of battery life are perfectly complemented by these headphones’ comfortable design which allows you to use them for hours and hours because of the oversized breathable ear pads.



The wireless feature of these devices might come into conflict with your internet connection thus making it lose some signal bars.

The battery life could have been better.


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“Whenever I don’t want to bother anyone while I’m playing, I just put my Sony Playstation gaming headset on and concentrate on playing. Besides the top audio quality, the microphone works great as well for when I’m playing online games.” – Rodney Mills


Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Gaming Headset


This unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that can deliver up to 15 hours of continuous gaming. With this headset, you can be assured that there will be no disruption of signal, and hence, being helpful in ending up victorious in every game you are playing. It is also an excellent choice when it comes to customization. It can be modified based on the settings you are most comfortable with. Lastly, it has a feature that will allow you to chat wirelessly with other PS3 and Xbox 360 players.



Impressive wireless range and great audio quality with little to no interference regardless of how many gadgets are around you when using this headset.

It uses a special frequency selection method which choses between 2.4 and 5GHz in order to eliminate any other sounds coming from devices which are close by.

It can be paired with two different gadgets thus allowing you to answer your phone while connected to your Xbox 360.

The battery life will go up to 15 hours of continuous use and can be recharged during your gaming sessions.



These are not suited for children as they are considered a bit too large which might make them uncomfortable after a while.

The mic could have been better which determined most of the best wireless gaming headset reviews to say these are not the best choice for hardcore gamers.


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“I’m very serious about my gaming and this is why I invested in top hardware. Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 was bought by me from Amazon and I am extremely pleased with the sound quality. I have everything I need to play online shooters and I even consider it the best wireless gaming headset 2019.” – James Stipe


Logitech G930 Gaming Headset


Best Wireless Gaming HeadsetOne of the most important things that you should consider when selecting of the best wireless gaming headset is the audio quality that is being produced. In this case, this model can prove to be an excellent option because of the immersive 7.1 surround sound, that will make you feel like you are actually in the game’s world. For your comfort, this headset is not short of features as well, specifically with its memory foam headband that offers excellent support and stability.



According to some of the best Logitech wireless gaming headset reviews, these headphones are Logitech’s best-selling headset.

The come with a generous wireless range of up to 40ft. which allow you to use them anywhere around the room.

The Advanced Dolby technology allows you to get lost in the immersive 7.1 surround sound which allows you to hear every single audio detail in every game.

The design is not only comfortable but also useful as it comes with programmable G-keys which even allow voice morphing.

One other thing for which this is considered the best Logitech gaming headset 2019 is the fact that it is compatible with PS4 and Windows 8 downward to Windows Vista.



There might be some interference from your wireless router which could produce a fuzzy noise and also lower the intensity of the internet signal.

The design and the feel of the buttons could have been better.


“I am impressed with the sound quality of the Logitech G930 and I recommend this headset to other gamers. It has great feedback from the best wireless gaming headset reviews and it doesn’t have an expensive price range, either. The immersive surround sound makes the game atmosphere much better than before. I think the most affordable prices for this headset are on Amazon, under $120. If you have a friend who is a gamer this headset can be a great Xmas Present. ”  – Edith Simmons


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Corsair Vengeance 2000 Gaming Headset


This is another model that is a favorite in the marketplace. It is equipped with professional audio technology that can prove to be beneficial in giving you tactical benefit against your enemies, given that they are using a headphone of a different kind. It is also equipped with 50mm drivers that will provide you with detailed audio of the game. Lastly, it is also important to note that it has well-thought design, which will make you feel comfortable even if you have been playing for hours.



This headset is one of the most impressive headsets out there mostly because of the 40feet wireless range and the 10 hour long battery life which are two of the most important things you need in a gaming headset.

These headphones will give you an actual advantage over your adversary who will give away his location seconds earlier than he would if you were using normal headphones.

Regardless if you are into gaming or simply need to watch a movie, this headset produces some very realistic sounds which will allow you to experience a home theatre or a game much more intensely.

The noise canceling technology is impeccable managing to block sounds in order to effortlessly keep in touch with your teammates.



Windows might have trouble recognizing the 7.1 surround sound unless you install additional drivers.

The plastic used to build these headphones could have been a bit more durable.


“I’m training hard to become a professional gamer and for this, I have bought only state-of-the-art gaming hardware. Crosair Vengeance 2000 is what I invested in for my headset and I can’t complain one bit about the audio quality or the comfort level. The highest rated gaming headset reviews are right to praise this top 10 model.” – Shane E Dailey


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PDP Afterglow Universal Gaming Headset


Among other things, the visual appeal of this model is one thing that can be considered as its most significant benefit among others within competition. Aside from the design, another reason on why you should choose this model is that it is universal. It will function at its best regardless of the device that you are using. It is also good that it offers three different audio modes, which will allow you to experience its different functions.



These are one of the few headsets which actually look like they were destined for gaming because of the blue light embedded in their design.

They are compatible with any console or mobile device that has a wireless connection (This includes Mac and regular desktop computers)

The wireless connection is very stable and quite constant when it comes to quality, regardless of the way in which you are using the headphones.

This headset offers you the choice between Pure Audio, Bass Boost and Immersive audio modes.



The microphone has trouble canceling external noise.

The quality of the audio could have been better.


“I must admit, the excellent design made me interested in this headset from PDP and after I bought it I consider myself a satisfied customer. When I’m playing my online RPGs the sound quality is nothing short of perfect and this is why I recommend it to other gamers. While I’m not sure what is the best gaming headset in 2019, I positive this model worth the money I’ve paid for it. Well, I didn’t pay much because I got it discounted on Black Friday.” – Mark F. Duncan


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