Need a device to extend your internet signal but don’t have enough details about the best wireless expander on the market? No need to worry because this short paragraph has all the information you need to know in order to choose wisely.  After carefully reading opinions from experts and owners and looking at the overall brand quality we’ve come to the conclusion that the winner for the best wireless expander is the Securifi Almond ALM-BLK-IN.  We were so impressed with this device because of its unique touchscreen technology that ensures the installation process takes only 3 minutes. Besides, the product can be used as a primary Wi-Fi router or as an access point or wireless extender.  If for some reason the Securifi Almond ALM-BLK-IN is out of stock another great option is the Netgear EX3700-100NAS.  



Buying guide


There are so many options for sale that making the decision of purchasing a reliable wireless extender can become a difficult task. To ease the process, we’ve gathered details from various sources and crafted this useful buying guide.

Compatibility with your router device

The main reason you are willing to invest in a wireless extender is that you probably need extra Wi-Fi connectivity and the existent router can’t manage the signal.  

Therefore, when searching for the best wireless range extender, you should consider if the unit is fully compatible with your router device. This is essential because not all extenders can work as routers or access points, although some products on the market have multiple characteristics that allow them to replace the router if needed.

You can tell if a wireless extender can accommodate the router by looking at the speed power which is displayed in Mbps. For instance, if you’re router operates at a 300 Mbps speed then there’s no point in purchasing a Wi-FI extender that supports a faster speed unless you want to change all the internet devices from your location, including the router itself. Keep in mind that a wireless extender only rebroadcasts the signal it receives.  


Aesthetic design

Besides performance, you buy a wireless expander that has a practical design. This device is not necessarily a hidden one; therefore, it should not interfere with the overall interior look.  

Most expanders come in small plastic blocks that can be easily plugged directly into a power source. In addition, they have LED lights that show you the power and signal strength. You should choose a device that doesn’t have a bulky aspect. Just be careful that the larger an extender is, the more features it incorporates.  

There are also wireless extenders that look quite similar to routers and have aerials and their own power supply. And if you want a device that can be handled without any efforts then one with touchscreen properties will definitely catch your attention.  



You’ll find several models on the market that come with extras that can improve your internet experience to the fullest.  

One common feature that comes in handy is the larger number of Ethernet ports. You’ll be surprised to see that these type of expanders allow you to plug a device that has a wired connection. This way, you get more speed, and you reduce the number of devices that try to connect to your Wi-Fi.  

If you plan on purchasing the best wireless extender for gaming, then you most likely need a unit that provides at least three Ethernet ports. This ensures a proper Internet connection for your TV, game console or tablet. Besides these ports, see if the unit offers audio streaming capabilities. There are many extenders that provide a special port for speakers and headphones connections which allow you to stream music straight from your smartphone or PC.  



Top Rated Wireless Expanders in 2022


We’ve also done a thorough research for you and found some product suggestions that we believe are ideal for increasing the range of your Internet connection.  



Securifi Almond ALM-BLK-IN


If you want to benefit from all the features the modern technology has to offer then the Securifi Almond will give you a boost to your Wi-Fi experience.

The interesting thing about this unit is that it doesn’t look like a router or as an extender but resembles more to a digital alarm clock or photo frame. This means that you can place it conveniently anywhere and still get a stronger Internet signal.

Outfitted with a practical and easy-to-use touchscreen display, the device offers tiles for checking the system status, adding smart home sensors, configuring the Internet settings and running a diagnose if the connection is poor. You might find even more useful the fact that the LCD screen resembles a lot with a computer or tablet interface.  

Aside from changing the basic settings of the router, this wireless extender can replace your Wi-Fi device or work as an access point or a wireless bridge. And you’ll be more than pleased to learn that you don’t have to do the settings via a computer because any network configuration or firmware upgrade can be done directly from its own menu.   

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Netgear EX3700-100NAS


No matter how many devices you own, this Wi-Fi booster from Netgear is extremely effective at distributing the Internet speed evenly.  

Because it supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi devices, it actually increases your wireless power allowing you to benefit from the same speed while using the computer or your smartphone.  

Considered by many reviewers a compact unit, this extender plugs right into the wall without a cord and can be installed easily. The product is ideal for large families that use a lot of bandwidth with their personal devices because it is able to split it and run signals on both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands at the same time.

The extender has its own special feature that shows you where to put it in order to get optimum coverage. It has LED arrows which point out the right distance from the router where the signal strength doesn’t get lost.  

Also, the device operates in two Wi-Fi modes, one as a boost for the existing wireless connection and another one as an access point that allows you to create your own personal hotspot.

The compact size doesn’t occupy much space than an average night light, and the two external antennas are big enough to increase the speed and the Wi-fi coverage.  

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Netgear EX2700-100PAS


This unit from Netgear is an incredibly easy-to-use extender that can bring additional coverage in many areas inside your house.  

Specially designed with a FastLane technology, this device increases the bandwidth speeds and combines them into a stronger, single dual-band, ideal for streaming 4k videos, playing online games or downloading large documents.  

Whenever you buy a new product, there’s always that fear regarding the compatibility with the rest of your personal gadgets. With this wireless extender, you can put your worries aside because it is fully compatible with almost any type of peripheral, computer, smartphone or tablet.  

Besides, this booster is capable of connecting to any 802.11ac Wi-Fi devices, including wireless printers that have the setup protocol protected.  

You can easily convert the device from an extended range to a Wi-Fi access point that needs an Ethernet plug with a toggle switch places on the side.  

Before the setup, you have the possibility to download a special app from Netgear that does a quick scan throughout your entire home and shows you which are the weakest Internet spots. Afterward, you can easily benefit from up to 300 Mbps wireless speed even in the backyard of your house.

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