Top rated wireless dog fences in 2022


A pet is great for any home and if you have a dog you must have a lot of space in your yard where he can run around and be happy all the time. But there must be an area where your pet can not go and normally you should fence it, but technological advancements have gone one step further and have created un invisible barrier for your dog which he can’ t pass. The best wireless dog fence reviews will show you which models to get for your dog.


Learn how to buy a top wireless dog fence


6Owning a dog comes with specific particularities regarding its movement freedom around the house. More and more people resort to wireless dog fences in order to keep their dogs away from neighbours’ yard. The training systems are designed by dog trainers that know how to carefully limit the pets’ movement to a specific area. How do such devices work? Wireless dog fences use a special transmitter which sends a particular signal to underground wires. These wires activate a solid boundary, invisible to the naked eye which the pet feels. Due to the collar present on dog’s neck, an alarm goes off whenever the animal is near the invisible boundary. If for any reason the pet steps over the line, it will receive a mild static correction.

As the best wireless dog fence reviews underlined the training process is humane and within a short period of time offers first results. If you are currently searching for a reliable product to use on your little furry friend then the following rows will act as a professional guide. We managed to go through reviews and detailed user testimonials on some of the best dog fences in order to offer people a helping hand during the selection process. Today’s wireless dog fences are highly advanced, designed to train dogs with minimal pain infliction. Since dog persons care a whole lot about the wellbeing of their pets it was normal for manufacturers to release attentive products. It is important to know that the invisible boundaries prevent dogs from digging their way out. Still, before you opt for a particular product you should consult a veterinarian. Why? Well, you need to find out whether or not your dog should be subjected to a wireless fence.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dog Type Price Voltage Compatibility Perimeter Our Rating Where to buy

PetSafe SDF-100A

Over 10 lb $$$ 110/220V 1000 ft A AMAZON

PetSafe PIF00-12917

Over 5 lb $$$$ 110/220V 27- ft B+ AMAZON

PetSafe PIF-300

Over 8 lb $$$ 110/220V 180 ft B AMAZON

DogTek EF-4000

Over 8 lb $$ 110/220V 500 ft B+ AMAZON

Innotek SD-2000

Over 5 lb $$ 110/220V 120 ft B AMAZON


The best wireless dog fence in 2022 is designed with unique features which protect the pet from experiencing trauma. Most veterinarians offer their input when it comes to the development of such fences. You should also pre-plot the yard’s perimeter in order to safely install the wires. Once you determine the how to approach the installation process, when the gear comes it won’t take long to put it all together. If you can’t manage the whole thing, call a professional. It is important for the wires to be placed with attention in the right lane of work. Furthermore make sure that the transmitters can cover your whole yard. As so many dog trainers pointed out, you have to test the dog fence. You have to make sure that it works.

In most cases veterinarians sign off on the best wireless dog fence in 2022, especially after putting it through a special line of tests. Once you install the fence in your yard invest at least 48 hours in training the dog. Together with your pet, you have to set simultaneous learning parameters. On this note, you might want to flag some areas near the boundary in order to set visible marks for the dog to see.


In order to buy the best wireless dog fence in 2022, you need to look for:

–         Veterinarian approval seal, which means the model is safe to use on any dog

–         Transmitters with long ranges that cover the whole yard

–         Durable batteries on the dog’s collar for longer lifespan

–         Soft static correction technology which safely notifies the dog that he is near the boundary



PetSafe SDF-100A Sport Dog Fence System


The top rated wireless dog fence reviews recommend getting the PetSafe SDF-100A system if you want to have a security area for your dog where he is safe. This system will include 1000 meters of wires which you have to burry underground and also numerous flags. The collar for the dog is comfortable for him and also has 4 levels of correction through static energy which will keep him in the protected area. The collar is waterproof and durable so it will last a very long time.



Comes with 1000 feet of wire to cover a fairly large area and includes 100 flags that help train pets to use a wireless in-ground containment system

Waterproof collar receiver with anti-linger features prevents a pet from running the battery down, ensuring that the pet  stays within the containment perimeter at all times

Expandable to any number of dogs when additional SDF-R receiver is purchased, with adjustable correction from four level selections

Tone and vibration levels are also selectable, so a dog can get used to its new boundaries and trained to stay safely within its owner’s yard



May not be the best wireless dog fence for the money but certainly makes a good alternative for people who need a good containment system for dogs over 10 pounds

Can’t be used with 220V international voltage rating


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PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Pet Containment System


Best Wireless dog fence reviewsPets weighing at least 8 pounds will be contained to a certain area with this simple to set up wireless pet fence. A diameter of 180 feet will be covered by it so your dog has a large areA when he can run around and play. The receiver collar the pet wears will give him a static correction when he will be in the warring zone so in time he will know not to go near it. Also the collar is waterproof and is able to resist to cold conditions making it a serious candidate for the best wireless dog fence in 2022.



Helps pet owners create a dog park right in their own backyard by wirelessly containing their beloved dog in an adjustable ¾ acre circular boundary

Rechargeable system takes as little as an hour to a couple of hours to set-up, as it configures a circular perimeter that can be adjusted conveniently anywhere the pet owner goes

No wires to be buried due to the portable wireless transmitter that’s also lightweight, with a rechargeable receiver collar that is ergonomically designed for comfortable use for the pet

Provides five static correction levels that also come with a tone-only mode, for dogs to be trained that weigh over five pounds and with neck sizes ranging between 6 to 23 inches



Is easily the best wireless dog fence for small dogs fo ruse in a yard without a steep or hilly grade


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PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence


No wires will be useD in the operation of this pet fence so it is very comfortable for you to install so you keep the dog from entering certain areas of your property. The collar is lightweight and will prove to be very comfortable for your dog to wear not taking away its happiness and playing energy. There are 5 levels of static correction to make sure you get the message across to him that certain areas are off-limits.



Made to bethe best wireless dog fence for large dogs thanks to being a wireless radio-fence containment system that trains pets weighing 8 pounds or more

Covers an adjustable circular area of up to  0.5 acre or a 180-foot diameter, so pet owners are assured that their dog plays in safety every time

Safe static correction delivered through the waterproof electronic receiver when pet strays into warning zone, so it does not get overly traumatized

Transmitter emits a constant radio signal from an adjustable range of up to 90 feet going  around in all  directions, with full set-up in less than an hour



Not designed to be used with 220V international AC rating

Pet containment area can’t be altered into a square or rectangular space


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DogTek Electronic Dog Fence System


The DogTek Electronic Dog Fence is perfect for making a safe area for your pet in which he can’t get himself hurt. The system consists of over 500 feet of wire, 50 flags and a waterproof collar. The battery which powers the system will run for 6 months until you have to charge it again. Because it is fitted with 8 different levels of static correction you will surely be able to find a reasonable one so you don’t cause too much pain for the dog.



Provides 2 adjustable zones for containment of a pet, allowing alteration of correction distance and warning distance independently of each other

8 levels of static correction offered by the revolutionary fully waterproof receiver collar that works well alongside the state-of-the-art Transmitter

Supplied with 500 feet of perimeter wire plus 50 flags, which help train a dog to use the containment system and can be reduced in number or removed once dog is completely trained

Also includes Energizer CR2 battery that offers 6 months battery life, plus two pairs of contact points, long for pets with thick and long hair and short for pets with normal hair length



Terrain, metal objects, topography and other factors can affect operating range

A high jumping dog might receive no shock


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Innotek SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System


This pet fencing system from Innotek has some excellent capabilities and has an affordable price range making the best wireless dog fence reviews recommend it. An area of 1/3 acres will be covered by this system so dogs of all breeds and sizes are kept safe. In its package you will receive perimeter wire, multiple flags, contact points, the collar and the actual receiver, plus as a special treat, you will get a training DVD as well, which will prove to be extremely helpful.



Do-it-yourself pet containment system covers up to 5 acres of property, effectively training a pet dog to stay within the boundaries set by its owner

Works with pets five pounds and up, building an invisible fence that works with multiple pets when supplemented by additional collars

Boundary flags initially create a fence that the pet can see, training it not to overstep the set borders with the help of the transmitter that uses harmless but firm static correction

Eventually, no flags are needed and the fence just enables the dog to enjoy its freedom as it plays within the owner’s set boundary or property



Buckle can be detached easily by smart dogs

Static correction level is not adjustable


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