Top rated wireless charger pads in 2019


Technological advancements are continuously changing the world around us and brings us a lot of new benefits. A charger pad proves to be the best surface where you charge your smart phone without any special requirements. But there are chargers which are better and some which don’t have the best capabilities. To make sure you only get high quality you need to take a moment and start reading the best wireless charger pads reviews and through them you will make the correct choice.



Panasonic QE-TM101-K


Best Wireless charger pads reviewsThe Panasonic QE-TM101-K wireless charger pad is just the thing to have in order to charge Qi devices quickly while just placing them on the surface of the pad. One of the advantages of this charger pads is the fact that you can place your Qi device wherever you want and it will still charge properly. This is mainly due to the fact that it is equipped with a moving coil that is placed within its base and it slides perfectly for charging every time you place something on its surface.


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RAVPower Qi-Enabled


With this wireless charger pad you are able to charge a wide variety of different smart phones and you will be able to have it for a very low price. You even have a choice about its color, is it going to be white or it is going to be black. It is even fitted with a LED light display which will give you a heads up about the charging status of your smart phone. The surface will not allow your phone to slip and all its features are praised by the best wireless charger pads reviews.



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Choe Upgraded Qi


Buying this charger pad will give you a lot of options when it comes to charging different smart phones without using any wires, just using wireless technology. When the charging process has started and is ongoing a blue light will appear so you are aware of it. There are a huge number of smart phones which can be charger by it, form iPhones models to Samsung Galaxy ones. The compact size means you will easily find a place for it and the top rated wireless charger pads reviews approve it 100%.


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Koolpad Qi


The Kooppad Qi wireless charger pad has an excellent quality to price ratio which recommends it as one of the best wireless charger pads in 2019. Charge all sorts of smart phones on it plus a wide array of tablets as well without using wires which can prove to be a nuisance sometimes. Plug it via USB in any device that is running and you will instantly have the option of charging a device of your choosing. It doesn’t matter how you place your smart phone it will still be charged properly.


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Lerway Wireless Qi


If you want to avoid charging your phone or tablet via a power or USB cable then you can opt for a wireless charge pad like this one from Lerway. One of the main advantages of this charger pad is its excellent quality to price ration which surpasses most other models. You will know the status of the charging process for your device thanks to the light indicators which prove to be very helpful. It doesn’t get simpler than this to charge a phone.



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