How to choose a new wireless bomboox


People always love to have fun in unusual places. And where there’s fun, music is present to spice things up. Looking at the current online surveys it appears that more and more Americans prefer boomboxes whenever they go on the road. This electronic device is the perfect music source while going to the beach, camping, picnics or even barbecues. Finding the best boombox ever made can be pretty challenging. Yet, with the right guide the selection process becomes easier to manage. It is important to know what to look for in a brand new boombox and thus make a smart purchase. Here are two major features of a good boombox:

Power flexibility

Taking into account that boomboxes are usually used to render music for hours, power represents a significant issue. Today’s models come equipped with batteries or require a power outlet in order to run. There are also boomboxes that combine the two power features. Still, recent statistics show that more and more people prefer models powered by batteries. It is easy to understand why. At the beach or in the middle of nature (mountains or near lakes) there are no power outlets to power up the unit. We recommend boomboxes that incorporate powerful batteries which can provide long hours of use.


Sound clarity

As it goes with most electronic devices that have to stream music, quality sounds are mandatory. This is probably why manufacturers spend a lot of time in developing unique stereo systems for their boomboxes. Given that these units are meant to be mobile, it is important for the sounds not to be distorted by environmental noises. The new audio technologies behind the best boombox 2022 will impress even sceptics. Most of the top boomboxes include advanced stereo speakers which produce rich and clear sounds during each song played. On a related note, boomboxes with more watts and bass-boosting system will do great at parties.


Sony ZSBTG900 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Boombox


Searching for the best wireless boombox can often leave people wanting for more. There is a growing demand for professional boomboxes with the capacity to produce clear sounds during various outdoor activities. For a complete audio experience we recommend a special model from Sony, the ZSBTG900 NFC boombox. What makes this particular model so appreciated among music lovers? Well, this boombox offers a front RMS power of 3.5 + 35. W, which is more for picnics, small reunions or camping trips. The sound is processed at 4.6 Ohms and with a frequency recognition pattern from 200 to 10000 Hz.

Portability and audio power set the ZSBTG900 apart from other models. It features a powerful subwoofer with 12 RMS W that improves audio performance. The model includes a special preset equalizer with 6 unique modes: rock, flat, pop, electronica, hip-hop and also regueton. With these options in mind people will be able to safely play all their favourite songs in optimal sound parameters. This boombox from Sony comes with a built-in AM ferrite bar antenna and for FM a telescopic antenna. As a result no matter where people are they will be able to catch a signal and listen to their favourite songs and radio stations.



Features a wide 200 to 10.000 Hz frequency response system which maintains sounds clear of distortion and optimal for playtime

It can support CD, MP3, WMA-CD and also Bluetooth audio streaming for a connection to quality music like never before

This boombox has a useful preset equalizer with different modes and also a powerful amplifier function (CD) with access to functions like repeat track, shuffle or repeat tracks

The model needs 6 “D” batteries in order to operate at full potential



Does not come with batteries which are sold separately (for optimal performance we recommend Sony alkaline batteries)


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Sony ZSBTY50 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Boombox


Browsing through the best boombox models in 2022 will definitely include learning more about the ZSBTY50 model from Sony. When it comes to professional boomboxes that produce quality sounds, Sony products always managed to impress. This is also the case with the ZSBTY50, a model very popular among people that love playing music whenever they go to the beach or host outdoor events. The boombox offers an impressive audio force, packing a front 1.5W + 1.5W RMS at both speakers. All sounds emitted by the unit are processed at 3 Ohms in a frequency range of 150 to 10000 Hz.

What makes the ZSBTY50 boombox from Sony so popular? Well, this unit can be used to play songs from MP3 players or stream AM/FM radio programs. People will be able to stay connected to all their favourite songs and shows with no problems whatsoever. It can also support Bluetooth audio streaming which comes in handy if users want to play songs from their smartphones or tablets. Due to its portable design anyone can carry it around (6 lbs and 6 oz). It doesn’t weigh too much and looks great in the hands of girls and boys.



Supports Bluetooth technology at 2.4 GHz band which means more audio sources and implicitly thousands of songs or audio shows to play

Features NFC (Near Field Communications) systems that allows people with Sony smartphones to stream quality music whenever they desire

This sleek boombox includes the exclusive MEGA Bass sound enhancer which comes in handy during outdoor parties

It comes equipped with a stylish LCD display that shows the name and artist of each song



Does not include a protective cover which can be purchased as an accessory separately

The batteries are sold separately but they are pretty affordable


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